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Misdiagnosis of a Blighted Ovum: A Firsthand Account

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My name is Kay. I've been managing The Misdiagnosed Miscarriage for more than a decade and have learned quite a bit about progesterone.

Is your blighted ovum a misdiagnosis? Here's my story.

Is your blighted ovum a misdiagnosis? Here's my story.

My Misdiagnosed Blighted Ovum

Hi. My name is Kay, and I am the mother of a beautiful, not-so-blighted ovum. Yes, I had a misdiagnosed miscarriage.

During my last pregnancy, I was told at my 5 1/2- and 6-week ultrasounds that I most likely had a blighted ovum. After my 7- and 8-week ultrasounds, my doctor strongly recommended a D&C due to an empty gestational sac, which meant there was no hope for a viable pregnancy.

Thankfully, I refused the procedure. I say thankfully because, at nearly nine weeks, we saw my baby for the first time on the ultrasound, beating heart and all!

In this article, I hope to provide you with more information so you can determine if your "blighted ovum" is, in fact, actually blighted—or if you may have received a misdiagnosis.

I believe every woman deserves to have no doubt before having her pregnancy ended.

I also believe a blighted ovum should not be diagnosed before nine weeks.

My beautiful, not-so-blighted ovum.

My beautiful, not-so-blighted ovum.

My Misdiagnosed Blighted Ovum Story

I've been sharing my story for several years online. If you're researching blighted ovum information, you may have already come across my story. For those who have not, let me tell you the tale of my own little misdiagnosed blighted ovum.

Hey, I'm Pregnant!

Back in September 2002, I found out I was pregnant. Because there was only one possible date of conception, I knew exactly how far along I was. At 5 1/2 weeks, my ob-gyn wanted to do an ultrasound because I had been at high risk during my first pregnancy. Well, the tech kept looking and looking, commenting on my tilted uterus several times, but she could only find the sac. The sac looked much smaller than it should have by that point.

I was not concerned because that happened during my first pregnancy, as well—and that doctor had not been concerned. Well, apparently, this doctor was concerned, because when he came in he started discussing the possibility of a blighted ovum. He said I needed to come back in a few days when I was 6 weeks to check again. He said we'd know more then.

In the meantime, they took my hCG levels, and the nurse called me later to tell me they should be higher. This didn't sound very good, but I was not panicked yet. I must admit that I was a bit worried, though.

6-Week Exam

At my 6-week exam, my doctor did not sound optimistic about my hCG levels, even though I had looked online and learned that they fell within the normal range. He came in for the ultrasound. Again, he had to contort a bit for the transvaginal ultrasound because of my tilted uterus.

The sac was growing appropriately—but no baby. My doctor believed this was a blighted ovum. He explained that hCG levels can and will rise with a blighted ovum and that the gestational sac will grow, as well. He again raised the possibility of my not being as far along as I thought, but I reminded him that was impossible. My husband and I were in different states the day after I conceived (thanks to Uncle Sam).

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The doctor said he was concerned because the sac looked a week and a half behind. I told him that the same thing had happened during my first pregnancy; i.e., I had looked two weeks behind during the first trimester. I also emphasized that my first doctor had not been concerned at all. This doctor, however, was very worried. And because I was pregnant and hormonal, I began to get very worried, as well.

I spent the next week scouring the web looking for anyone who had experienced the same thing. The women I found online were very kind but didn't give me much hope. I had already begun to experience pregnancy symptoms, but they were beginning to fade. Even my tummy, which had seemed a little harder, suddenly seemed soft again.

Hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all... As long as matters are really hopeful, hope is mere flattery or platitude; it is only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to be a strength.

— G. K. Chesterton

7-Week Exam

At my 7-week appointment, long story short, my hCG levels had risen and the gestational sac had also grown appropriately. However, I still looked a week and a half behind. Again, I explained to the doctor that I knew the conception date with certainty.

Again, there was no baby and no heartbeat. Not even a yolk sac to give us hope.

Because my hCG levels were much higher at this point, in the tens of thousands, a baby should have been visible according to the ultrasound literature. According to the same literature, my gestational sac was large enough that a baby, or at the very least, a yolk sac should have been visible. When I told my doctor about my loss of pregnancy symptoms, that seemed to cinch it for him. He diagnosed a blighted ovum and strongly recommended a D&C, or dilation and curettage.

I have a fear of D&Cs, and maybe this fear is a good thing because I just absolutely refused. I begged for any sort of hope, and he very skeptically but kindly gave me a 95% chance of miscarriage at this point. I grabbed onto that 5% chance. By this time, I was an emotional wreck.

During the next week, I continued to rip apart the web looking for hopeful stories. Women on the pregnancy and miscarriage sites I visited very kindly told me I needed to accept my loss and should have the D&C in order to move on and heal.

I suspect that if I hadn't had such a fear of D&Cs (due largely to two women I know who had serious complications from the procedure), I would have considered it. I was an absolute wreck. I spent much of that week in tears.

8-Week Exam

By week 8, my physician was pretty much just monitoring me to see if I was about to miscarry. Again, the ultrasound showed a larger gestational sac that was growing appropriately, but it was still small for 8 weeks. And still no baby.

The tech did say she thought she saw something unusual in the sac, but after searching and searching, she could not find what she thought she'd seen. My doctor again tried to convince me to have a D&C due to the risk of infection and all sorts of complications—but I couldn't do it. At this point, I was so upset I was beginning to feel numb.

By this time, I'd found two women online who were kind enough to email me. They encouraged me not to give up entirely. If I was going to miscarry, so be it—but I could deal with that grief when it happened. For the time being, they told me to hold on to faith and hope. Because of these women, I began reaching out to other women later, but that is another story for another time.

Ultrasound Just Before 9 Weeks

At almost 9 weeks, my doctor was stunned when the tech found my baby with a very strong heartbeat. We'd completely skipped over the yolk sac and fetal pole and went straight to a wonderfully formed, if not small looking, one-and-a-half-weeks-behind baby!

To say my doctor was stunned was an understatement. He began to say again that I must have conceived later, but when I reminded him (again!) about how I knew the exact date of conception, he said that maybe the sperm were just really slow. He did not even want to consider that according to his dating, I had turned up positive on a home pregnancy test a day or so after conception. Now, you know that is impossible. I know that is impossible, but try telling that to the doctor who uses the ultrasound literature as his guide. By those guidelines, my baby is officially a "blighted ovum" baby.

I'll leave my story at that for now. I will just say that I had one more ultrasound somewhere around 20 weeks, and my dates were more accurate by that point. Interesting to note that the tilted uterus was no longer an issue either, but I'll discuss that in more detail later.

Today my "blighted ovum" is a happy, healthy four-year-old girl. She's bright and feisty and loves life. Thankfully, a D&C did not change that.

Thank you for reading. No matter what, if you are going through this same scare, I hope you can find some comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Have You Been Misdiagnosed?

Misdiagnosed miscarriages are not as uncommon as you might be led to believe. It is not unusual for me to receive several emails each week from women who are misdiagnosed. Often, they had been told by their doctor there was no hope, and they had been advised to have a D&C. Each and every misdiagnosed story provides comfort to women who are going through their own miscarriage scare. Please consider taking the time to share your story in the comments section below.

Important New Guidelines for Diagnosing a Miscarriage

The UK is the first country to acknowledge that misdiagnosed miscarriages are indeed a problem. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has revised its guidelines. If your gestational sac is more than 25mm, and/or the CRL is 7mm or more, you should wait a week to verify (if there are no complications). If the measurements are less, you are too early to diagnose. For more information (and something to take to your doctor), please see my article: New Blighted Ovum Guidelines! You ARE Being Diagnosed Too Soon!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Need to Talk? You Are Not Alone

Nina on July 14, 2020:

Today I went to the hospital due to cramping, during my ultrasound the tech mentioned that I was having twins I knew it my heart that I was have multiples but the doctor said there is only one fetus and the yolk sac or fetal pole wasn’t showing up in sac A at 12mm, they also found small complicated cyst I have a tilted uterus and this gives me hope but I don’t know how this will effect baby B

Jackie0490 on May 24, 2020:

I had a positive pregnancy test at home on the 22/04 went in for hcg blood test on the 29/04 and 30/04 resulting in readings of 300 and 575 which put me around 3-4 weeks to pregnant. Had a scan booked on the 11/05 which showed an empty sac measuring 9mm around 5 weeks pregnant, so they said too early to see anything and to come back in 10 days. I then went back on the 22/05 and sac had grown to 21mm but still came up empty with no yolk, fetal pole or heart beat. I have been sent to have blood work done again and should have results tomorrow to see if there dropping as they have said most likely blighted ovum and would need to schedule a d&c.

Is there still any chance I could be pregnant I feel pregnant and have all the symptoms including morning sickness, sore breasts, cravings and strong sense of smell.

Please give me hope

Jennifer Steiner on March 23, 2020:

My husband and I had went to the Er around 3/3 bc I was having pains. I am a CNA and lift patients. So maybe it was from that. They did a ultra sound transvaginal. The girl said the machine was measuring me at 5 weeks 4 days which I should have been 7 weeks 2 days based off my LMP. 1/11 however, we did insemination on 1/27. I followed a app and did temps and I ovulated that day says app. Well The Er doc came in and said I think I seen a yolk sac not sure. So that to me meant maybe he couldn’t read these things very well and said I was measuring behind. Well we went on 3/16 to see my OB and he said he thinks it was a blighted ovum. Didn’t say anything else but that he did see a yolk sack and no fetal pole. Well I work at the hospital and I can read my own chart, I check both from 3/3 Er visit and 3/16, Er says possible yolk sac with the picture and the other 3/16 he says he sees yolk sac and possible fetal pole. I didn’t look at the measurements. Well being in the Er my chart said I have cysts in my ovaries which they never mentioned and that could have explained the pain. Well our ob sent us to a ultra sound tech, just to make sure. He said they are specialists at this and all. So great more hope but he said he was for sure that it was a blighted ovum. 2 days later 3/18 we go in and the lady was sweet she checked around and all and she told us that she seen what seemed to her the baby but there was no heart beat yet and that it’s bc the baby measured 6 weeks. I started to cry bc I know that the baby should have grown more. She asked us our story and we told her Date if insemination and all. She said Er docs don’t know what they are looking for bc they specialize in internal meds and quick answers. However, she also said your doctor must have sent you bc he wasn’t sure himself. She said I see this everyday I know what to look for. She said that when I went to the Er if they go by my date of insemination I would have only be about 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant and not enough to see on there. Then coming to see her we did have growth within 2 days. I think the doc said 1.0mm of something and then seeing her 2 days later it was 1.36mm. She said that I needed to ask for hcg levels. Well we go back the next day 3/19 and the doc comes in and says I’m sorry for your loss. I said what are you talking about . He said it’s a blighted ovum. He refused to really hear our side of the story and we wanted to wait for another week or 2, bc the tech gave us so much hope. I’m not bleeding and I have small pains but nothing ever so severe. And they come and go. He also refused to check hcg levels, he said those won’t tells us anything. So I searched and search and found your story and I’m hoping that we have a outcome like yours. Idk if I should ask about a tilted uterus but it’s something to consider. We go back 4/3 and the doc said in the meantime look out for blood. He said again walking out the door he was sorry for our loss. I want to find another doc but we are waiting for our next ultra sound and I think I’m going to ask them to check from the outside of my stomach as well. Hoping to see a baby by then with a strong heart beat. I still feel sick and all the pregnancy stuff. I just feel as if I’m expecting he worse now.

onlyrafin on January 18, 2020:

My wife has a blighted ovum and she is 10 weeks 3 days. Is there any hope? There is no sign of miscarriage though. We are so upset.

Summer on January 16, 2020:

I was given a blighted ovum dx on Monday (Jan 13) after some light spotting on Sunday evening. There was very mild cramping. Pretty sure conception was on Oct 21, which would put me at 14 weeks exactly for the sono (transabdominal). Gestational sac measured 15.20mm, no fetal pole, no yolk, no heartbeat, tear-shaped sac. Had some even lighter spotting and a lot of mucus since then, now it's Thursday and nothing. I decided to wait it out, but now I'm wondering if I should go back for another US? Not sure if I have a tilted uterus - my cervix is very far back, so that my midwife can't check dilation until just before I give birth. This is baby #5, no issues with previous pregnancies.

Please advise.

Girasol on August 13, 2019:

When you say that you shouldn't be diagnosed before 9 weeks, do you mean 9 weeks according to the gestational sac measurement or using LMP?? According to my LMP they said I was 9w1d at my last (and 3rd Ultrasound) and the sac measured 2.2cm which is 7w1d, am I being diagnosed with blighted ovum too soon? I don't have any cramping or bleeding, the first two ultrasounds each a week apart showed no embryo, but the gestational sac continues to grow. My beta hcg levels done in between the 1st and 2nd ultrasound were in range, and increased, but they did not double. Should I ask for another scan?

Lilibet on August 12, 2019:

my hcg at 12 days post ivf was 33; 14 day was66; 16 day is 73 Any hope?

Hopingx on August 06, 2019:

Had a private scan 2 weeks ago and saw a tiny gestation sac, from my dates she estimated 5-6 weeks. Went back 3 days ago and the Dr who did my scan was a consultant from the maternity hospital. He asked how far along I was, I said 7-8 weeks (from what the lady at the first scan had told me).

After less than 2 minutes scanning my stomach he told ne he was very sorry but he had bad news, I had an empty sac and most probably a missed miscarriage. He stroked my arm and said he was so sorry to give me such sad news.

Today I went for an internal scan, and the midwife said that what she could see was a very early pregnancy, but if the consultant had said it was a likely miscarriage then she could not say that the 'blob' she could see on the scan was not a blood clot.

The pregnancy sac was measuring 19mm.

As I have been breastfeeding and not had a proper period I have no idea of how far gone I am. I spent my birthday yesterday crying my eyes out in the kitchen hiding my tears from my 3 little girls aged 4,2 and 11 months.

I had already told my parents and my other halfs parents we were expecting so had to give them the bad news too as I was very emotional at my birthday meal.

I have to go back next week and thought there was no hope but now after reading this I don't know what to think! I am scared to hope but with no blood loss, or cramping I am just praying that the consultant made a mistake at the private scan.

I have a scan booked in 8 days I will report back.

Miaaarfanisyiah on August 04, 2019:

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm pregnant with my 1st child at age 37. Went for my 1st check up last friday st 8weeks but was told it's an empty sac. Went for blood test and was told to come in for another scanning yesterday due to my HCG very high at 53000++. I read online it seems about right for 8weeks but I'm not sure if Its because in Asia it's different thing??

Anyways, its still an empty sac with no yolk nor fetal pole. But they discovered i had fibroids instead which is not dangerous. They suspected its failure pregnancy or miscarriage so I lost all hope thinking i need to go for D&C. But doc told us not to gv up and to scan again in 2weeks time when BB is almost 10 weeks. Do u really think it is possible to see my baby and its really hiding?? I've been feeling negative the past 3days and had been crying. I wonder how to get through the next 2weeks while working..

HHud on July 25, 2019:

I just received the diagnosis of a blighted ovum. We did IVF so I have exact dates and my hcg has looked completely normal and still does. We went for my first ultrasound on Monday and they saw the gestational sac but nothing else. We even heard a heartbeat of 105. I went back today for a follow up and they saw an enlarged yolk sac this time but still no fetal pole. They didn’t bother to check for the heartbeat again. I go back once more on Monday to confirm the diagnosis. My husband and I are absolutely heartbroken. Everything has seemed so normal with this pregnancy thus far, much like my last healthy pregnancy. But there doesn’t appear to be a baby. I’m so confused why there was a heartbeat but it is still being called a blighted ovum. I’ve been given about a 20% chance at this point. We are just praying this little baby shows up on Monday. Your story does give me some hope. Thank you for sharing!

yaya2017 on July 24, 2019:

My daughter went to the OBGYN 1 1/2 weeks ago for her first prenatal visit. This is her second pregnancy, Cole just turned 2. She has a tilted uterus and It was hard to find the fetal pole when she had her first ultrasound with Cole. When they did her ultrasound the other day at the doctors office there were 2 gestational sacs, 2 yolk sacs, but only one fetal pole visible. The woman doing the ultrasound was not an ultrasound tech, she was an NP. The ultrasound lasted all of 5 minutes and the only thing she measured was the fetal pole in the one sac...which measured 7w 4d. She did a quick wave of the transducer wand through the other sac and turned to my daughter and said "it looks like you will probably have a vanishing twin since I don't see the fetal pole in the other sac" She didn't spend any time trying to find the fetal pole. My question is...Is it possible that due to my daughters tilted uterus could she just have missed the fetal pole in the one sac? My daughter is scheduled for another ultrasound on monday. She has been so sick and exhausted. Just looking for any feedback. Thanks

Meixie on July 22, 2019:


I just wanted to say thank you for this article. My only hope at this point is God. I have never experienced this before. God bless everyone that is experiencing this. I am so scared. I will wait unti 08/15/2019 to decide.

Bh on July 05, 2019: my wife started showing signs of miscarriage and ultrasound at the hospital showed no fetal heartbeat and gestational sac smaller and hcg levels low

Bh on July 04, 2019:

My wife and i are currently going through this. She had postive pregnancy test at home. Went to see her primary care dr (who has been questionable at best) and the pregnancy was confirmed. She referred us to another what we thought was dr office close by. We went in for first visit and she looked my wife over and said come back thurs for ultrasound. We came back and lady did transvaginal ultrasound at what we had figured 5 weeks. She said my wife measured 6 weeks but there looked to be a problem. No baby. Ultrasound tech brought up non viable pregnancy and said we'll check again in a week. My wife and i were devastated. Waiting for the next week was horrible. We went back and now she said she measures 8 weeks. No baby. Told us she should do d and c or take pill. Which they had already brought up at first visit. Feeling pressured we left and said we needed to think about it. No signs of miscarriage whatsoever. I went home that night and started researching blighted ovum. I found your story. We decided we will wait and see how her body deals with it. Then i did more research only to find that our obgyn is not an obgyn and not a dr! She is a midwife directing us to abort her pregnancy at 6 weeks. I even brought up before 9 weeks being too soon and she pretty much blew it off. We are holding on to hope. We have not been back there and will noot go back. We are currently waiting to get in to see a real dr. Still no signs of miscarriage.

Lazad on June 27, 2019:

Hi Kay, I have just read your story and it gave a little hope. I am 8 weeks long pregnant today and had done my first ultrasound yesterday and diagnosed with blighted ovum. I still have strong pregnancy symptoms ( sore boobs, morning sickness and very tired). My doctor told me to wait for my body to naturally pass it out. I am feeling terribly emotional and am very worried because I had a miscarriage 7 months ago which resulted to D&C and it was a horrible experience. I am praying that it is a misdiagnosed. Thanks for sharing your story

Ty on June 16, 2019:

Diagnosed with blighted ovum 7 to 8 weeks pregnant sore boobs and nauseous with upset stomach that come and go.... ultrasound shows a embryo that’s about 0.30cm and a enlarged yolk sac no heartbeat so doctor wanna do a D&C but I don’t believe doctor is right.... I’m fighting and praying for a healthy pregnancy

Fitmama94 on June 14, 2019:

Hi kay!

I went in on Wednesday and I was told I measured 7 weeks. He didn’t see baby or heartbeat. He took my blood test. The first time I went in I was 5 weeks and my HCG levels were 1700. I got back the HCG levels yesterday and they went up to 50,044. He was worried on weds but seeing my HCG levels going up he feels better about it. I am still nervous that it’s a blighted ovum. I have morning sickness pretty bad and light cramping. No bleeding. Just want to vent. Can’t get it off my head just nervous to go in on Monday to see what happens.

Ariane Carreon on June 08, 2019:

Hi everyone. I am experiencing it right now. I just got home from a doctors appt and i am at 9 weeks now, still no yolk sac and embryo. My ob gyne gave me another week, but she said the chances are low. She gave me another chance because i dont have any signs of miscarriage not even bleeding. I just want to know if there is still any hope for me or i should wait for 2 weeks more to see if there is a baby inside. I am hanging in a small of hope here. This is my first pregnancy and I really wanted this. My husband and I still hopes for the best. Hoping for any good advice

Kay (author) on June 01, 2019:

Huge hug. I am so sorry :(

Carlough on May 03, 2019:

It’s so crap isn’t it , the waiting, well I had my follow up and they told me what I don’t want to hear, it’s another missed miscarriage, they could c sac yolk sac and fetal pole but not growing and not heartbeat I’m 9 weeks today, I am booked for dnc Tuesday :( x

Brittany on May 01, 2019:

Update.... Last week I was only measuring 5 weeks 1 days when in reality I was 6 weeks 2 days with an HCG of aroun 7400 and mean sac diameter of 1cm. No visible yolk sac.

Today i went in and the mean diameter was up to 1.7cm and my hcg was 24000. They did see a yolk sac that measured .2cm but could not find any heartbeat or fetal pole. I am still measuring a week behind. I did ivf so I know exactly how far along I should be. My clinic is telling me its a blighted ovum and I should go have a D&C done.

Alex limon on April 26, 2019:

Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for your story. You have given me hope!!

On Tuesday, I went in for my 8th week checkup. When the tech did my u/s she found no baby just a sac. The tech said to me “ it’s just a sac with nothing in it” and I was puzzled I never heard of this before So i stayed quiet. The tech said “how did you know you were pregnant” I said well I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. She said well I’ll get the Dr now. I was so devastated already by the techs comments. I never had a tech tell me my u/s results and I never heard of this diagnosis either.

The dr came in and proceeded to tell me it was blight ovum and told me about my options. She said I measured over 20 mm. Well after my appointment I researched like crazy and I called the Dr office to get the exact measurement. I was told I was 19.5 mm. The dr never took my blood, and the dr told me she was very sure of my diagnosis. After I came across your article I became hopeful because maybe my weeks were off and I wasn’t really 8 weeks yet. The first day of my last period was feb 28 and I started thinking maybe I conceived a week or two later.

Update: I called to cancel my appointment and found a new Dr. in hopes to get a second opinion. Do you have any suggestions Kay?

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am trying to keep the faith.

Thank you,


Kay (author) on April 26, 2019:

Quite a few women measure one to two weeks behind. Really, if the gestational sac is growing, a blighted ovum should not be diagnosed before the sac is more than 25mm. Stay closely monitored in the meantime.

Kay (author) on April 26, 2019:

Progesterone can cause spotting. Not sure what is happening but please stay closely monitored.

Kay (author) on April 26, 2019:

Congratulations! This is such good news.

Kay (author) on April 26, 2019:

II am so sorry you are going through this scare. This is too early to diagnose though. Hope you've stayed closely monitored.

Brittany on April 25, 2019:

Yesterday I had an ultrasound done and bloodwork. I am 6 weeks and 2 days. This is accurate as I did IVF with a 3 day frozen embryo. The ultrasound report shows that I am only measuring at 5 weeks and 1 day. Only saw the gestational sac, no yolk or fetal pole. Sac measured at 1.00cm (10.00mm). The nurse told me its a very good chance its a blighted ovum due to the fact that im measuring so far behind. My HCG level though was a 7400. From the beginning of my IVF journey i have always been told I have a retroverted uterus. I go back in 1 week to have another scan at 7 weeks 2 days. Based on all these stories im hoping blighted ovum is not the case.

Kp04 on April 21, 2019:

Hi I had my ultrasound four days ago. I was convince I was 8.5 weeks pregnant but all my doc saw on u/s was an empty sac (no embryo or HB). I’ve been having my hcg levels drawn every two days. My first lab was 47,000 two days later my labs dropped t 45,800. Is there still hope? My doc believes I’m miscarrying.

Kaitlyn on April 18, 2019:

Hi Kay,

I went for my first Ultrasound 2 days ago. I knew something was wrong when they wouldn't let me see anything and didn't call in my boyfriend as they said they would. Later that evening my midwife called me saying that it was an empty gestational sac that measured at 8 weeks. She told me I would naturally miscarry in two weeks and that was that. No follow up ultrasound. I havent had any blood work done since finding out I was pregnant. Plus they only did the abdominal ultrasound and not the transvaginal ultrasound. I feel like I have just been dismissed and don't know if I should just wait to see if I bleed in two weeks or if I should go get a second opinion. They seemed pretty confident that because the sac measured at 8 weeks that it is for sure a miscarriage.

Jenny Smith on April 17, 2019:

Hi Kay,

Do you have pictures of your early ultrasounds? Would love to compare to see if this could be a possibility for me.

Kateisa Engram on April 17, 2019:

Hello. I just had an Ultrasound done Monday and there was a small gestational sac but no fetal pole or yolk sac. I was also told it is measuring behind my exact dates of conception. I know because we used an OPK. My progesterone was 16 April 3rd and dropped to 4. But my hcg is still high. The doctor also mentioned my gestational sac is abnormal shaped (tear drop). However, she put me on progesterone yesterday. I am 6 weeks 3 days today and I was 6 weeks 1 day the day of my ultrasound. I was told this could possibly be a blighted Ovum. I started spotting brownish this past weekend and had a more dark red light bleed Monday morning. However since then, no bleeding and just small dots of brownish discharge. I just had a miscarriage due to low progesterone in January and I’m already trying to prepare myself for another loss. However, I’m confused with the addition of progesterone and now reading it may be too soon to diagnose a blighted ovum. There was a very small gestational sac but no fetal pole or yolk sac so she said it didn’t look like a good pregnancy. I’m just holding on to hope after seeing this site. I’m hoping my hcg starts rising more and the progesterone helps.

Aaliyah on April 17, 2019:

I've had two scans both showing empty sacs one measured 5 weeks and just yesterday measuring 7 weeks. Doctor was already telling me to consider D&C in the next week. But I said No .. I've had no spotting/bleeding or cramping pains so i am staying hopeful. If I was really going to Miscarry I would let it happen naturally. I'm staying positive although it's really stressfull while everyone around me has been telling me to Move on and "try again". I'll be paying for my own ultrasound in 2 weeks and hoping for a miracle

Carlough on April 15, 2019:

Had my scan today, and they confirmed a baby and a heartbeat the scan was an abdominal scan, this is only 3’days after other scan, so I’m so shocked and relieved.

Carlough on April 13, 2019:

I had a scan yesterday, I think I am just 6 weeks 1 day, last period 1-3-19 they say was empty sac, have to go back in 2 weeks, my uterus is tilted back, as know from previous, my last pregnancy was a missed miscarriage where was a fetal pole but no heartbeat, really hoping this is not an empty sac and there is something in there, but not feeling very hopeful, a lot of back ache and lower tummy ache, but I know can be normal, they did not blood tes me but my own hpt hAve got the darkest of lines that come up right away. Nice to know I’m not alone , every hour seems like a week

Kay (author) on April 09, 2019:

This is still pretty early. Please stay monitored.

Kay (author) on April 09, 2019:

Congratulations! I hope you share your story on the Misdiagnosed site :)

Danna on April 08, 2019:

Hi I just want to give an update, got my Ultrasound today, and we can see everything and also heartbeat. Doctor was quite impressed, it stated that I am 6W6D based on the Sac etc. :)

Rabbit on April 08, 2019:

Scan at 6w3d shows empty sac

Danna on April 07, 2019:

Hi, I went for an Ultrasound on April 1st, I know my conception date which is March 1st, there was only sac with nothing instead. Based on the conception date, I was probably around 6 weeks pregnant when I had that Ultrasound. My doctor told me to wait another week and if there is still nothing, she would recommend D&C. The thing that concerned me, she only measure the diameter of the sac by taking the longest part of the sac (1.83cm) and didn't even measure the hight nor the width. I have all the pregnancy symptoms and never had any spot or bleeding. I will have another Ultrasound tomorrow. I really hope that we will see something tomorrow. It has been a hard week so far.

Pierra Martin on April 07, 2019:

I went for my 8week U/s at 7weeks and 6 days about a week and a half ago then I was told I had an empty sac and was highly suggested to get a D&C the next day but I refused but I’m scheduled to get one tomorrow afternoon but I’m going to request another U/S. The doctor was so rude and and said it with no emotion like yea you’ll get over it. I was broken crying my eyes out and he just walked out with out saying a word and sent a nurse in to schedule my D&C. I’m not having any symptoms at all no bleeding sometimes I feel cramps but noting serious to have me in pain I feel bloated my breast still feel a little heavy. My nausea went away for maybe 2 or 3 day but it seems like it came back but I can eat a little better than I could from about 3 weeks ago I’m scared and confused and I’ve been looking up everything I could think of about a missed miscarriage and D&C

Susan may on April 05, 2019:

I am trilled by your testimony. I am 10weeks pregnant no baby in sac, sac of 50mm... D difference i have with ur is dat am spotting with no pain. Like i really need to talk. D emotional trauma is eating me up. Thanks

Kay (author) on March 30, 2019:

Hi JG. I think your doctor is doing the right thing. If there are any problems, be seen right away but really, time is the only true test of a blighted ovum. Huge hugs!

Kay (author) on March 30, 2019:

Hi Picolina, I do hope you have an answer now. It really is important that they find the gestational sac. Ectopic pregnancies need to be closely monitored. Hugs!

Kay (author) on March 30, 2019:

Oh Gracie, big hug for you. Please keep us updated.

JG on March 30, 2019:

Thank you for sharing your story! I had my 7 week ultrasound a couple of days ago and the ultrasound tech could not find anything. Just an empty sac that she was was measuring about 5.5-6 weeks in size. She made what seemed to be like constant comments about how my uterus “was really in there” as she tried and tried to find something. I believe I was told by my old OB many year ago I had a tilted uterus (I was young and in my 20s, not even close to thinking about pregnancy so didn’t really care much at the time).

When I met with the doctor after the doctor advised me to wait 2 weeks for another ultrasound (I’ll be just at 9 weeks)... if I don’t miscarry before then. She did not request blood work. I wish I pushed for it because that might help to see what my numbers are doing.

Like you, I know I am not off on my dates either. I cried and cried so hard, not wanting this to be true. I had pregnancy symptoms right up until the day of my ultrasound and then the day after they seemed to nearly dissipate. Now today they seem like they might be back again. It’s a cruel joke to have symptoms if this is not a healthy pregnancy.

Anyway, I decided today I would start seeking out some positive stories to give me hope because I already know ALL the negative ones. This was exactly what I needed to read. Regardless of what my outcome is, I can tell you that this will help keep my spirits up over the next two weeks while I wait for my next scan.

Kay (author) on March 08, 2019:

Hi Pico. Stay closely monitored until they figure out what is happening. Not sure what is going on but please keep us updated.

picolina on March 08, 2019:

Hi Kay, Thank you for your article. Your story, and those on misdiagnosed miscarriages, give me hope.

I had a 5dt of two FETs on 2/15/19. My betas have been low, but increasing: 9dp5dt - 21, 11dp5dt - 30, 13dp5dt - 57, 15dp5dt - 121, 21dp5dt - 849.

Today’s (21dp5dt/5 weeks 6 days) vaginal US showed no gestational sac. I have another appointment in a week at 6 weeks 6 days. Do you think that will be too early, and that I should wait until at least 8 weeks? Is 5 weeks 6 days really late to not see a gestational sac? Should I put more weight in the calendar or my beta results?

I had a drop in my estrogen during my tww from above 800 to 143. My doctor said that drop was caused by abnormal gestation. I’m wondering if my 2 frozen embryos could have just implanted late and been affected by the estrogen drop. Have you heard of anything like this? Do you think I may just have a late growing gestational sac?

Thank you in advance! Pico

Laura on March 08, 2019:

I have been going early for scans as I have had miscarriages in the past.

At 5 weeks 6 days all my hormone levels are doubling normally and the sac is growing as it should, just a week behind (I could have ovulated a week later as my periods have been off). Doctor went straight to blighted Ovum diagnosis. But is possibly 4 weeks 6 days....

So im feeling very ill, emotionally and physically. But also wondering, is there some incentive for these doctor's to perform d and c's? Why so quick to tell a mother to be that is not happening when its TOO SOON to know either way?

I have hope that at 7 weeks (6 weeks) we see something as my last very quick flash around ultrasound wasn't positive.

Gracie Walu on March 07, 2019:

I tested positive on a pregnancy test the hospital ordered for me just 2weeks after I had my IUD copper T birth control device removed. at about 4weeks I begun to bleed and have cramps, rushed to the hospital where my gyneacologist ordered an ultrasound that showed an irregular shaped gestation sac and no fetal pole which made her very sure I was miscarrying and that the embryo had stopped growing weeks before. she recommended I have a D & C done but my heart refused, I asked her if we cud wait a while and she gave me an appointment for 10days later, but she was sure I was miscarrying. the bleeding stopped by then I only bled for a few hours then started having dark brown discharge from my vagina that lasted a week, 4days after the ultrasound that showed an irregular shaped gestation sac and no york sac or any hope, I got seriously sick that I asked my husband to take me back to the hospital, but before we left, I said these words to him "I know what the doctor has said, I have seen what the ultrasound had to show and I have seen the bleeding and I have felt the pain as I bleed, but something in me refuses to give up my faith, even now, there is a believer inside me that believes God can still work in this situation. so I asked him to take me to a different hospital for a second opinion, at the second hospital the doctor ordered an ultrasound and was told the pregnancy was just fine and they cud see not just one regularly shaped gestation sac but two with two foetal poles in each sac...i was having twins! I was so overwhelmed, my husband cudnt believe it.

well our joy was short lived as I started bleeding again a few days later and started coming out big blood clots and had strong cramps, did an ultrasound a week later and was told one baby was ok but the other was an oblight ovum, the ultrasound measured the sacs at 10weeks 6days old but I knew my conception date, I had my IUD copper T removed on the 24th of December, my ovulation day was 26 December. so I cud have only gotten pregnant from the 25th to the 27th of December, I tested positive two weeks later. so according to my calculations, I was about 8weeks at the time of the last ultrasound but the ultrasound measured the sacs at 10weeks and one as being oblight. But I am still trusting God that both babies will be ok, I searched the internet for any story to give me hope for the oblight sac and reading your story and seeing your little girl up there gives me hope in God that both babies will be ok. This is my 3rd pregnancy, I have two other kids 5 and 4. when was told one of the sacs was empty, something in me died, it was like being told one of my older kids had died, I was an emotional wretch for 2weeks, cried myself to sleep, got angry at God for allowing one of my babies to die but as I reconciled myself to my faith and to God, I realise that it's not God's doing, it's the devil who comes to steal my joy, kill my baby and destroy my hope, so now I'm trusting God anew for a miracle, I really want both babies to be ok. I have and will continue to pray many prayers over this pregnancy until I push out two healthy babies in August. is there anything too hard for our God? I chose to trust Him, I pray I'll come back here with a great Testimony like yours Kay. Thank u for sharing your story and for helping to give hope to mothers who have received the Oblight ovum bomb.

Kay (author) on March 04, 2019:

Wow! Congratulations! You are not the first to find your baby after nine weeks. It is rare but has happened. Thank you so much for sharing your story :)

ACC on March 04, 2019:

I went in for an ultrasound at 10 weeks and my midwife could not find a baby though she could see the placenta. She told me that we should see a baby at this point and I had a miscarriage. I went home and did some research. It didn't seem like there was much hope. I read about misdiagnosed miscarriage earlier in pregnancy but not at 10 weeks. I had pretty much given up hope that we could have a healthy baby. However, I just felt a need for confirmation of the miscarriage so I went back a week and two days later. Miraculously there was a baby that measured 11 weeks. The Midwife said she had never seen this. I was shocked. I wanted to share my story because it seems there are the outliers that do not follow the standards. Also, I was able to see my first two babies easily in first trimester ultrasounds ealier than 10 weeks. On another note, I read this article before we found out we did not have a miscarriage and it gave me something to hold onto because your story did not match the standards.

Kay (author) on February 26, 2019:

When the hCG is less than five, you are either VERY early in the pregnancy or not pregnant. Please, stay monitored.

Kay (author) on February 26, 2019:

Hi Dana. Do you know the measurement of the gestational sac? If the gestational sac is still growing and more than 25mm, it is very likely a miscarriage. If it is growing and not yet 25mm, it may be too early. Stay closely monitored. (((hugs)))

Victoria on February 26, 2019:

Hi so i had went to the emergancy room 2days ago im only from my lmp 4 weeks 4days at that point they took a urine test positive. My blood test was less then=5. Witch made me negative. In the ultrasound he said was a sac no baby. I still have hope.. Still scary to hear this...witch told me blighten ovum..

Forza0904 on February 25, 2019:

Hi Kay- Did IVF and at 5.5 weeks saw gest sac, 6.5 weeks saw yolk sac but no heartbeat 7.5 weeks saw embryo, still no heartbeat and baby was measureing 6.1 weeks. HCG was constantly doubling and really good and progesterone was 37 and today 8.4 weeks had transUS and no growth and no heartbeat doc recommend d&c? Or assisted miscarry, not sure what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


Christie3 on February 04, 2019:

Hi Kay, I went for 8 week ultrasound yesterday. Diagnosed with blighted ovum. Measured 7 weeks and right on 25mm. There was a yolk sac as well. Do you think it's worth waiting for another scan?

Kay (author) on February 01, 2019:

Hi Lynn. Do you have an update? Seven weeks is just too early to know for certain. (((hugs)))

MarthaNMcC on January 21, 2019:

I tested positive on December 10th of 2018 which should make me 9 weeks. I went to the Er as my insurance won’t let me get in to an ob until at least 2/1. I had an ultrasound & it does not look good. They found a 22.5mm gestational sac but no fetal pole, saying it measured at 7 weeks 1 day. They told me that It’s a blighted ovum and that I should come back in 3 days to test my hcg and see if there’s hope, it’s currently a little above 40,000. He said there is a slight chance baby is just behind and too small to see, but that he was pretty confident it would end up as a non viable pregnancy. I am so scared!! Is there really hope at this point or am I crazy to not just accept it? I have endometriosis and have had two surgeries in there, no mention of a tilted uterus or anything. I just don’t know what to think because by 7 weeks there should be at least a fetal pole visible, right?

Lynntrawer on January 12, 2019:

Thank for sharing your stories. I was diagnosed with Blighted ovum yesterday at 7 weeks 0 days after IVF DE.

My Fertility doctor did not tell me if a yolk existed or the size of ges sac. Now I know to find that out to assess further.

She told me to stop my Progesterone/Estradiol/Crinone immediately. And that in a few days to week I should start bleeding and cramping to naturally pass. She did write labs for HCG check again in 7 days but said it was definitely Blighted ovum.

I am going to make an urgent appointment with my OB gYN to double check with another US.

Should I really stop taking the meds mentioned above?

I don’t want to hurt the baby just in case there is the remotest chance that this could be a misdiagnosis. Thoughts please?

Gen on November 25, 2018:

LMP 9/25

Ovulated 10/5

HPT positive 12dpo on 10/17

Went for first abdo US yest at 8w4d and have 29mm GS, yolk sac, no embryo.

Still strong HPT and pregnancy symptoms.

So sad. Awaiting docs advice what to do now.

Jan on September 24, 2018:

I wrote earlier.

My story:

I too know my dates. I went in for u/s on 8weeks 2 days. I could be 3-4 days off. The ultrasound showed gestational sac and yolk sac at 6w 5 days. No fetal pole.

I had my bloodwork done and hcg was 85,000. 1.5 days later it was 89,000. Nurse called to tell me late Friday that it was not a viable pregnancy and to come in Monday. I questioned her based on I know hcg does not contine to rise at the same rate when it is high. She insisted it needed to double. Ok.

Today I went in for u/s. It dated me 7weeks 4 days just 5 days after the first one. We could definitely see a small fetal pole. The edge of the yolk sac was thickened. Tech said several times it was small but she could definitely see something.

Met with doctor who was LOVELY and kept talking about miracles and how he has seem way more extreme ones happen so he wants to wait it out. U/s is for 8 days away. I have intense pregnancy symptoms as I do with all my healthy pregnancies. His fear is blighted ovum. Especially with my high hcg and intense nausea despite seeing no heart beat yet. We will see what the next ultrasound shows. I also have very tilted uterus however I have seen heartbeat on u/s at 6.5-8 wk with my other babies no problem.

Anxiously Waiting on September 21, 2018:

Yesterday I went to my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. The tech found a gestational sac and “possibly” a yolk sac but no baby. I lost all hope that this could still end with a take home baby but now, after reading your story, I’ll hold onto hope a little longer. I don’t know how big the sac measured but I will be sure to find out. I’m not sure if I have a tilted uterus either but will ask that as well. Basically the tech told me it looks like I’m in early pregnancy, too early to have a fetal pole yet but it’s just not possible. Like you, if I was truly not as far along as I should be, then I’d have conceived the day of or after I got my first bfp and that’s just impossible. I’m 39 so I’m very likely getting ready to miscarry but I will not give up so soon until I have another scan in 1-2 weeks. Here’s to prayers coming true!

Kate Jakeman on August 17, 2018:


I went for an early scan a few days ago at 6 weeks 5 days after a very small brownish bleed (IVF) and was told that the sac was present but that they couldn’t see the things that they should be able to see at this point within the sac (I can’t really remember exactly what she they said as I was in a bit of shock). I do remember that the sonographer said she could see ‘stuff’ in the sac but that it was broken down and not as it should be. I went to see a doc after who said I needed to wait a week and have another scan and if it shows the same, I would need to have a D and C. Having read the comments on this page (even if the results show the same next week) I feel like I may want to suggest leaving it a little longer? When you think about how early on I actually am (my egg collection was on 13th July so although I’m 7ish weeks as per their calculations, I only had the embryo put in on 18th July and it’s 17th Aug now). I know that the chances of misdiagnosis are slim but I guess it’s better to have a little hope than none at all? Also, I’d feel weird about going for a D and C if there’s even a .0001% chance they could be wrong?

It’d be good to get some feedback re my situation and any advice you may have for me would be great. Also, they didn’t actually say ‘blighted ovum’ to me, they didn’t really give me any diagnosis, only that the sac was there but the contents weren’t as they should be, and there was some old blood around the sac.

Anyway, wishing you all luck and love on your journeys x

Kay (author) on August 13, 2018:

You are still early. Hang in there. If the sac keeps growing and is over 25mm with nothing seen, you'll have your answer but if it is not yet 25mm, it is still early :)

Lauren on August 11, 2018:

Sorry meant to say “tilted” uterus not “tutored next”

Lauren on August 11, 2018:

Hi Kay. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I’d feel a little better if I knew I had a tutored next uterus but I don’t believe that to be the case. I’m a little over 7 weeks. I went to the ER tonight because my blood type is O- and I had the tiniest bit of pink discharge when I wiped today. My doc told me I needed to go get the Rhogam shot right away. While at the hospital the ER doc wanted to do an ultrasound and bloodwork as well. I felt it was unnecessary, (I have my ultrasound scheduled with my own doctor on Tuesday) but I said okay. This was my 3rd ultrasound (I had 2 previously to make sure it wasn’t another ectopic pregnancy as I had one last summer- the last ultrasound a couple weeks ago showed a ges sac in the uterus but no yolk sac which worried me a little but I was only around 5.4 weeks so I didn’t freak). The ultrasound tonight showed a bigger ges sac but nothing else in it. They took my blood and my HCG levels came back at 74,000. This hospital didn’t have an OBGYN special unit, but I saw the ultrasound myself, so unless their equipment is from the 90’s, it can’t be so far off. Feeling pretty discouraged. Waiting to call my doctor on Monday and follow up. I have no symptoms of miscarriage but this sounds a lot like a blighted ovum. I feel like it’s a lost cause, but there’s always that little hope we cling to...I really appreciate your advice during this waiting time. Thank you!

Sandy on August 09, 2018:

I had an empty sac diagnosis yesterday and feel devastated.

Blight on August 08, 2018:

Sorry ladies, wish that it isn’t true but I waited 10 weeks and sac was 25mm to be sure and it ended being a blighted ovum. It’s def not easy going thru this, I hope to have a rainbow baby soon and baby dust to u all!

Kimberly Brosig on June 25, 2018:

Hi Kay ,

I have been searching for ways to get out of my funk and your story has been so hopeful , so I'm 29 and had mirena for the past 7 years took it out mid Nov and my last period was April 15 ,found out on may 17 I was pregnant came back very light but positive so I was told at the doctor office , June 4 was my first appt had a transvaginal ultrasound nothing but a baby sac ,June 19 went for second ultrasound same thing but baby sac grew from 8 to 10 I believe now June 26 I will be going to a diagnostics clinic to do a full ultrasound haven't been bleeding ,had cramps but very lightly back pain comes and goes but nothing major ,I'm so tired and so emotional from waiting I contact my doctor for my levels and nobody ever calls me so I'm just basically over thinking everything

Kay (author) on June 18, 2018:

I am so sorry you are going through this. I think you might seek out a second opinion just for your own peace of mind. (((Hugs)))

Kay (author) on June 18, 2018:

A second ultrasound sounds like a good idea. You just want to make sure the gestational sac is growing and, if growing and if there are no complications, that the sac is more than 25mm before being diagnosed. (((hugs)))

Journey22 on June 15, 2018:

Hi Kay and all,

This is my story.

On May 5th I got my BFP (irregular period but LMP 6 April that only lasted 2 days), I immediately scheduled a doctor's appointment I got one for May 9th. When the doctor was checking he told me he cannot see anything yet not even a sac, he asked me how was the line on the hpt and I told him it was faint but I took a digital and it said "pregnant". He advised me to come back on the following Friday which was the 18th to rule out an etopic pregnancy. I did so and immediately he saw the sac but told me it was empty, he said he shouldve seen more based on my last period (I did tell him I was irregular after removing my IUD back in November) He also said he believes I was about 5 weeks. He later told me that it may or may not be a viable pregnancy and I started to cry as I asked God so much for this baby and now he is taking it away (so I felt). He later explained about chromosomes and if the sperm and egg is not compatible it can happen. He doesn't understand why I was crying and torturing myself, if this happens at lease I know I can get pregnant. He did not order any blood work or measured the sac. He said to come back the following friday the 25th but I didnt go. I decided to go to another doctor on June 1st and he checked me ans told me the sac was empty. He measured the sac at 18 mm and said he is very pessimistic and he is sure I will miscarry because it was a missed abortion. He told me to come in 10 days and if I see any blood or experience any cramping not to be surprised. My appointment came but I did not go because I refused to hear any news that I did not want to hear. I was later called from their office to reschedule for yesterday Thursday and I accepted and went. After weeks of reading on your site Misdiagnosed Miscarriages I received a lot information and also hope. The first thing I told him was that I read online that a tilted uterus can cause you not to see anything and he laughed at my comment and told me to get undressed and so I did. He inserted the device in my vagina and in less than 2 minutes he said yes its empty he looked for my ovaries. I asked him to measure the sac and he said it doesnt make sense because he is sure I am 100% miscarried. I told him to do it because I want to know and he said it did not grow in 13 days it went from 18 mm to 18.3 mm (just googled the conversion as the first time I saw the measurements in mm and now it was cm). While he was taking out the device I asked him if I had a tilted uterus and he thought for about a sec or two what I was talking about and said no it is normal. I got dressed and he said he repeated I miscarried, he finds it strange I havent bled or experienced any cramping. He said he liked the natural way of MC but he can give me pills to start the process and I told him no. He scheduled me for a D&C for June 27th. He sent me to do blood work ONLY to know my blood type and my blood count, I knew this because I asked the lab tech if asked to check my hcg levels and she said no and at the moment I didnt think to ask him because I honestly thought that is what he sent me to do.

I never had MS but I did have sore breast and terrible migraine and mild lower back pain. The back pain is not there as intense as in the beginning when I found out and my breast are sore-ish I feel it when I remove my bra or when I touch my nipples. My migraines are there.

Lastnight I dreamed that I had a miscarriage and began to pray. I am hoping for a miracle baby that my baby is there but just doesnt want to be seen right now. My mom and my mom in law are so optimistic and said everything is fine. If I dont have no bleeding or cramps to relax and stop thinking negative. To have faith and do not do any transvaginal ultrasounds. I dont understand the lack of empathy of the doctors especially male, and his pressing me to do a D&C because he is so sure. And even if he is I rather leave God do his work with my body than medically.

So sorry for the long post but I need some guidance, some advice. Something on what to do at this point!! Today Baby Center told me I was 10 weeks based on my LMP that I put in *sigh*

WAHMboymom on June 05, 2018:

Hello, I was diagnosed at 7wks 5 days with a blighted ovum. Empty gestational sac measuring 8mm. They are recommending a second US at 9 wks. Zero bleeding ever so far this pregnancy. Zero cramping or miscarriage signs, no fever. Confident my date of LMP was 4/5. Also I was charting, & although my wake-up times were a little inconsistent I am pretty confident I ovulated on CD 14. What should I be looking for when I go back for the second US? What would I need to hear to feel certain there is no baby? What questions should I be asking?

Kay (author) on June 03, 2018:

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry you and the family have been going through this. It has seemed like doctors are very quick to diagnose miscarriage in teens. I'm sure not all are that way but I've had a fair share of younger gals email me with this experience. That said, by ten weeks, the baby should be seen. If she is not sure of when she conceived, she may not be as far along. Could you get a second opinion if you haven't already. (((hugs)))

Kris Edwards on May 23, 2018:

I was just diagnosed with a blighted ovum yesterday. It was my first ultrasound and the lady who did my ultrasound told me it was before the dr even said anything. They made a flippant comment about me being 7 weeks but not so, 7 weeks ago i was on my cycle. I calculate it to be about 5 weeks and 5 days. The dr came in and told me i had a blighted ovum and id either miscarry naturally or i needed to get a D&C. They didnt even suggest i wait a few weeks. I got another appointment with a different drs office who has me coming in at 10 weeks for a second opinion. I have to admit though im an emotional wreck and i dont know what to think.

samantha mcknight on May 15, 2018:

My daughter is 16, we found out she was pregnant on April 3rd with a LMP of March 4th(but I dont think she is 100 percent sure and she is irregular) Her first HCG was 972 and was great for how far along she was. She was scheduled for her first appt which was a week and a half later. Her HCG was in the 34 thousands at that point and uterus felt like 6 weeks which was right on. Today May 15th, (now 10 wk 3 days) she had her first ultrasound and it was just a terrible experience for all of us. Over the last month we grew used to her being pregnant and started to get excited ,I was excited to see my first grand baby. The tech started talking to us and sounded like she was fighting tears and told us that there was a gestational sac and a yolk sac, but no baby..we were shocked and my daughter emotionless until a few hours later. She is asking so many questions, so I have been searching and searching about blighted ovum(which is what we were told it is) they drew blood and said they would check the levels and check again Thursday, and they would like to see them doubled. The doc wants her to have a d&c and said we can monitor, but she shouldnt wait more than 2 weeks because of the risk of infection. We arent aware of the size of the sac or anything, but it was done very fast. It was on her belly and the tech quickly switched to internal after maybe 5 secs of being on her belly, and she told us this within maybe 15-30 secs and called the doctor in.In the meantime, she said her symptoms have increased and there has been no pain and no bleeding, so we arent sure what to think, we want to hold on to hope, we are just so confused and im so worried about her.

Kay (author) on April 10, 2018:

If the gestational sac is growing from week to week and there are no complications, this may still be too early. I love the UK's newer guidelines which advocate, if the sac is growing, to wait until it is more than 25mm before diagnosing. Stay closely monitored. I do hope you get better news!

Chely on April 08, 2018:

Hi Ms. Kay!

I cannot thank you enough for your article... I found out that I was pregnant on 3/19/18 by accident when I was actually getting ready to do bypass surgery. Even though this was a surprise for me, I was more than excited to be expecting. I have never had a regular cycle and had to do an IUI to get pregnant with my first and only child. I have gotten 2 ultrasounds done, one on 3/21 where they could not find any sac and another on 3/30 where a sac was found but no baby. Today, I am supposedly 8 weeks pregnant, but the sac measured on 3/30 was only measuring at 5 weeks. The tech even printed out a picture of the sac, but I was later told by my ob that it was a blighted ovum and that they should not have printed out that picture for me. I go in for another ultrasound tomorrow to verify her diagnosis of "blighted ovum" but I am hoping for a miracle! I am hoping to prove her wrong. Initially, they were diagnosing a ectopic pregnancy which they were wrong, because my hcg levels were not increasing as they should. After 3 hcg counts they stopped doing them, because of their diagnosis that I was going to miscarry soon. so far, no symptoms of miscarriage... instead I am having heavy pregnancy symptoms such as enlarged areolas and heavy breasts and growing abdominal belly and feeling pregnant. I am not sure what to think, but your post has given me hope. thank you so very much.....

Kay (author) on March 27, 2018:

You are much too early to diagnose. Glad you are getting a second opinion. Really, if the gestational sac is growing from week to week and not yet measuring more than 25mm, it is too early to diagnose. Hope you get better news!

Kay (author) on March 27, 2018:

Sounds a bit too early to diagnose. If the gestational sac is seen and this is not ectopic, they should monitor from week to week to make sure it is growing. If it is, and if there are no complications, it should not be diagnosed before the gestational sac is more than 25mm. (((hugs)))

Bmam7587 on March 26, 2018:

Hi Kay. Thank you so much for this article. My last period was 2/7/18 and I tested very faint positive on a home test on 3/2/18. I experienced mild cramps (like period cramps) after exercising on 3/19. I called my when I woke up on 3/20 I didn’t feel as pregnant as I had been. My breasts were still sore but not as sore as they had been. I’m on progesterone so I feel this could be cause of any symptoms I do feel. I wasn’t ravenously hungry etc. etc. I called my Dr. on 3/20 and told the nurse about the cramping and lessening of symptoms and was dismissed because there were no more cramps and I hadn’t spotted. After two days of being distracted and worrying at work I decided to go to the ER on wed night the 21st. (My last pregnancy I also went to the ER when symptoms completely disappeared and they found no sign of intrauterine pregnancy and my HCG was down to 168 at almost 7 weeks. I assumed this would be the same. Instead my HCG was at 19,000 and the ultrasound showed a gestational sac measuring 10mm/5 weeks (not the almost 6 weeks I believed myself to be based on my average cycle and when I tested positive) They also found only an empty sac - no yolk or pole. Their diagnosis was that it’s too early to tell and I needed follow-up. I went to my ob this last Friday expecting them to check hcg and schedule a sono for a week or two out. Instead the dr. Came in and greeted me with: Well you know why you’re here - we need to talk about a D&C. We were blindsided and by the time we got home the nurse had already called and scheduled me for Monday (today)

Thankfully after reading your story and many other line it, in addition to learning what criteria should be met before diagnosing - we cancelled the procedure today and have scheduled an appointment with a different ob office. Still only very mild pregnancy symptoms but no cramping and not a hint of blood.

I’m 43 and am realistic that most likely I truly do have an empty sac, but, appreciate your story so that I don’t make any decisions too early and have to live with questions.


Ifrah on March 26, 2018:

Hi Kay feeling quite good after reading your story because m going through the same problem. Jan 28 was my last periods n on 21 Feb I did a blood test on which I confirmed that I am pregnant n on 1 march I consulted a doctor n seeing my ultrasound the doctor said my pregnancy is not growing as they couldn't see the gestational sac on 4w then on 13 mar I have gone for another ultrasound on which they saw 12 mm gestational sac by 5w n asked me to go for another ultrasound then on 23 mar my ultrasound showed a 14mm gestational sac no yolk sac or fetal pole n diagnosed me with a blighted ovum n asked me for a d&c m worried n crying one doctor suggested me to wait a week or two this is my first pregnancy

Jennifer on March 17, 2018:

I should be about about 10 weeks pregnant. On my first appointment I was told that there was no heartbeat and it's a blighted ovum. The doctor was surprised when I said how I was feeling with all my symptoms. She made it sound like I should be bleeding. That was at eight weeks pregnant. My hcg levels were over 34380 at that time. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound this week. I'm still feeling pregnant. Throwing up, peeing all the time. I do have a tilted uterus too. I'm wondering if my doctor could be wrong. I'm praying she is. I was tracking my cycle anymore.

Kay (author) on February 26, 2018:

Hi Amanda. If they are sure this is not an ectopic pregnancy and there are no complications, it sounds much too early to diagnose. They should be monitoring the gestational sac from week to week. If it is growing, a blighted ovum should not be diagnosed before it is more than 25mm. (((hugs)))

Amanda on February 23, 2018:

Thank you for giving me some hope. As a result of these stories I have decided to hold off on my misoprostol and wait a few more weeks. I found out I was pregnant on 2/4/2018. On 2/5/2018 my hcg was 98. on 2/7/2018 my hcg only rose to 112. 1 week later on 2/14/2018 it rose to 328. My doctor did an ultrasound on 2/15/2018 (5w0d pregnant). There was only an empty gestational sac measuring 3mm. I went in 1 week later (6w1d pregnant) and my gestational sac is measuing 8mm, still empty. My doctor has diagnosed a blighted ovum. I do have a tilted uterus. I was planning on starting the misoprostol tomorrow, but now have second thoughts. Because of your stories, I have decided to wait and see what happens for a few more weeks. I would feel 10,000x worse if I killed a potential baby, than I would just waiting it out and still knowing that things might not work out.

Tawnya on February 08, 2018:

I just had my 1st prenatal visit yesterday. They did a transvaginal ultrasound and the doctor saw the sac but no heartbeat. She sent me to get bloodwork done. I still haven't heard back on the results. In my first pregnancy I had a tilted uterus, and I'm not totally solid on my lmp date...I'm trying to stay hopeful, but....this is so hard. She told me if the bloodwork came back showing I wasn't pregnant, she would give me a prescription to induce a miscarriage... should I ask her to give me more time?

Kay (author) on February 03, 2018:

The most important thing is the size of the gestational sac from week to week. If it is growing and not yet more than 25mm, it is too early to diagnose. Stay monitored! (((hugs)))

Kay (author) on February 03, 2018:

I am so sorry you were going through this. I am sure by now you have your answer. I have talked to some women whose numbers hovered around 40,000 and they were fine and then others who have miscarried. Unfortunately, time is the only true test of a blighted ovum. (((hugs)))

Megan on January 29, 2018:

Hi Kay, Thank you for posting this article. I have been diagnosed with BO at my 7 weeks. The doctor did u/s and she confirmed that there is growth in sac and it’s measured 7 weeks but they can’t see the baby at all. I went to radiology dept for advanced U/S and the doctor said the same thing to me. Later on my blood work, the HCG level was not doubled so they are asking me to have DNC procedure. I initially had pink bleeding once followed by brown spot, but after that it’s been normal and I have no bleeding at all. And I have all pregnancy symptoms like smell, food aversion etc. It’s been 8 weeks now, what would you advice?

caradawn on January 13, 2018:


I went in for second scan at what was 7 or 8 weeks. my first at what was 5 or 6 showed a fetal pole. (I ovulated and had a sperm donation from a friend on Nov 28, but doctor said that we could be give or take a week off depending on how long it took to implant there is no way there could be any other conception other than this, no sex.) At the most recent appointment, the 7 or 8 week appointment on Dec 11, I was thought to have a blighted ovum, there is the sac and it looked empty. My HCG numbers over 48 hours were 40,865 and then dropped to 40,750. I am assuming the worst at this point since the numbers did not go up 30 percent. I was told for there to be hope that they had to go up 30 percent. My partner and I are not wondering if we should take the medication to induce the miscarriage, wait and demand another ultra sound at 10 weeks and wait it out. Ever hear of anything like this, anyone go through something similar?

Fitcookie on January 11, 2018:

I had my first us done on Tuesday. According to my calculations, I was 7 weeks and 3 days. Like you, I had sex one time before my husband left town for 10 days. Along with that, I temped, had positive ovulation tests, and my pregnancy tests showed positive around 10 days past ovulation. This is my 4th baby and earliest ultrasound I have done. The earliest I had was 8 weeks. Anyway, I was devastated when she only found the gestational sac and yolk sac. My hcg levels were a little over 14,000 that day. I am having a repeat of hcg tomorrow. My next us is in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I am a complete basket case. I have no spotting whatsoever nor have I and my pregnancy symptoms are in abundance. I haven't read many optimistic stories. I'm so worried

Kay (author) on December 18, 2017:

Stay closely monitored but does sound like a second opinion might be a good idea. (((hugs)))

Bre on December 16, 2017:

I finally got a positive test on 11/19, I was thrilled! My LMC was 10/30, which would put me at 11 weeks today. I had my first appointment on Monday, 12/11, where I informed my doctor I may not be as far along because when I quit my birth control, my cycles got pretty wonky. She did the ultrasound and we saw that my sac was completely empty. I've been doing bloodwork all week, and my hcg levels have continued to rise. Doctor said they weren't rising enough every time, but wouldn't give me my numbers. Yesterday, she sent me to the hospital for another ultrasound to make sure I didn't have an ectopic pregnancy. The ultrasound confirmed it's not ectopic, but also confirmed the sac is still empty. So after these four days, my doctor wanted me to go in and discuss the d&c. I decided I wanted a second opinion, so I went in to get a copy of all of my records. When I received them, I learned that my sac and hcg levels are only measuring six weeks, and my hcg levels have been completely normal this entire time. I am not happy with my doctor. I still have hope that in a couple weeks, my baby will be on that screen with a good heart beat.

WorriedInBama on October 02, 2017:

Today doctor told me I had a BO and needed to start meds to force by body to go ahead and miscarry on its own without a d&c... the gestational sac only grew about 4 days in the 13 days since my last ultrasound... I am clueless to actually conception due to an irregular period. They said I now measure at 6 wks 2days when based on the previous scan I should measure at 7 wks 5 days... nothing visible but an empty sac... never been given a vaginal ultrasound... only an abdominal one... I have had the slightest bit of spotting, just when I wipe, on and off for 2 days but they said that could be normal until they did the ultrasound... I had accepted this until I saw this post... now I'm not sure...

Nicole Patten on October 02, 2017:

I posted a week or so ago. I just got back from the doctor's, the one that said I had a BO, and there was a baby with a heart beat. I am so glad I waited longer. He would have terminated a healthy pregnancy. He did not say sorry I was wrong. Nothing. This site gave me hope and the courage to stand up to my doctor and wait. Thank you so much for the stories that you share.

Kay (author) on September 30, 2017:

Is the gestational sac growing from week to week. It should be growing and, if so, they should wait until it measures more than 25mm before diagnosing a blighted ovum. (((hugs)))

Kay (author) on September 30, 2017:

If the gestational sac is growing from week to week and not yet 25 mm and there are no complications, this is too early to diagnose. (((Hugs)))

Kay (author) on September 30, 2017:

Yes, the tilted uterus makes it more difficult to see the baby until it is a little bigger. (((hugs)))

Kay (author) on September 30, 2017:

I did have symptoms but then when I thought I was miscarrying, I lost the symptoms. The brain is a powerful thing! I know the day I conceived as well and still looked a week and a half behind. Happens a lot. (((hugs)))

Jacqui on September 27, 2017:

Hi Kay, did you still have pregnancy symptoms when they thought it was a BO? I have no more pregnancy symptoms and I did IVF so I know when I conceived!

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