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My Experience at Life Tree Wellness Center (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

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Arrival day at the center

Arrival day at the center

In this article, I will be sharing a personal account of the 14 days of in-house care that I received in my journey to find healing and restoration of my compromised immune system and my battle with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and the Epstein-Barr virus.

Services Offered at Life Tree Wellness Center

Life Tree Wellness Center is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It offers a wide selection of services which include detox programs, foot detox, lemon wraps plus, cold sheet packs, rife technology, infrared saunas, contrast therapy, vitamin C therapy, oxygen therapy, diagnostics, medical missionary training, bio-mechanical therapy, massage therapies, herbal therapies, and more.


The big day had arrived for me to check into the lifestyle center for my two-week stay. I was full of hope, anxiety, and a bundle of nerves. I knew this was a unique opportunity to encourage healing for my body. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally as prepared as I could be. I set out to give 110% of myself to each therapy and treatment.

My therapies and treatments consisted of intravenous ozone treatments, ozone ear treatments, infrared sauna sessions, rife technology, various massage methods, kidney and liver cleanses, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, fever bath and wet sheet therapies, contrast showers, and hot and cold plunges.

Day 1

I felt so thankful for my daughter, who cleared her schedule to meet me upon arrival at the wellness center. She was my constant hand holder and my emotional mentor.

My arrival at the center began with checking in, getting established in my private room, meeting with the doctors to go over my 14-day protocol and treatments, and then jumping into it. My husband and daughter stayed for the first couple of hours while I was getting situated and helped me face one of my greatest fears.

F.E.A.R. has two meanings:

Forget Everything and RUN or Face Everything and Rise. The choice is yours.

Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber


Facing My Fears

The first item on my list of treatments was a 90-minute session inside the hyperbaric chamber. As someone who experiences claustrophobia and doesn't do well in confined spaces, the thought of me climbing into this tube resembled being placed alive into a casket before burial. I was completely and utterly terrified. Fear completely consumed me.

The doctor was extremely patient with me. We decided upon a shortened trial run to see if I could overcome my extreme trepidation. My daughter and husband by my side, just a scream away for help, we're able to encourage me through this first trial run. Bless my daughter for climbing inside that "tube" with me to help me over my extreme fears.

I used every fiber of my being to climb inside of that tube. My heart was beating outside of my chest with immense anxiety. As the pressure in the chamber increased, I began to experience extreme eye and forehead pain.

The doctor decreased the pressure, and my session was cut short. The pain I experienced led the doctor to believe I was fighting sinus pressure which led to snorting a particular herbal remedy up my nose and using a neti pot to clear the congestion. It did appear to help reduce the head congestion I was feeling.

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Next up on my first day of happenings was a slew of supplements and tinctures, a late lunch, followed by a walk, a 40-minute infrared sauna session, contrast shower, late-night smoothie, a devotional reading, and a castor oil pack on my head before retiring to bed.

Day one was complete, and lights were out at 10:30 p.m. I was exhausted.

Day 2

My day began at 6:00 a.m. with lemon water and tinctures. (I had everything in my room to make my daily doses of remedies.) I then showered and shampooed out the castor oil the night before (that was FUN), followed by a 40-minute sauna session, a contrast shower, and a short rest before breakfast.

After breakfast was a walk to help with digestion followed by intravenous ozone treatment, rife session, massage, and an entire 90-minute session in the hyperbaric chamber for oxygen treatment, lunch was late in the day again. Afterward, I wasn't feeling well. I had begun a kidney cleanse, and it seemed to be stirring things up in my body.

My daughter met me earlier in the day to check in on me and make sure I was in good hands. Bless her heart; she was just a phone call away if I needed her.

I was feeling quite ill after all of the treatments and cleansing going on inside of me. I was fighting a horrible headache and pain in my ears. I went to bed with another castor oil pack on my head.

Day two of treatments fell on New Year's Eve. I certainly wasn't feeling celebratory at that moment.

Rife session, IV ozone, castor oil pack

Rife session, IV ozone, castor oil pack

Day 3

This morning was the first day of 2020. I had great determination and belief that this year was going to be my year of good health!

Day three began as a repeat of day two. Early morning hydration, kidney cleansing, sauna session, contrast showers, sinus snuff, Netti pot, ozone treatment, and a surprise rectal enema due to some unexpected bleeding going on; I was having all the fun! I also survived another 90-minute session in the hyperbaric chamber.

I was tired and flushed and felt very ill. My body temperature had declined to 98.1. After a late lunch, I began to feel better. In the evening, I had a rife session to treat the Epstein-Barr Virus. I prepared my raw juice for the following day, fought another headache, and mentally prepared for a fever bath and wet sheet therapy that happened late that night.

My fever bath and wet sheet therapy began at 8:00 p.m. and ended at 12:45 a.m. followed by a contrast shower and back in bed at 1:15 a.m. for a few hours of sleep.

The wet sheet therapy created an environment within my body with my shoulder screaming in pain straight to the bone. (Later, I would learn that I had been dealing with tendonosis, arthritis, and calcium deposits.) The wet sheet therapy was triggering my body to address the condition of my shoulder.


The Meals

What can I say about the food? I've never eaten so many mung bean pancakes in my life! The meals provided as part of my stay were an early morning breakfast of various food options; my favorite breakfast meal was when they served waffles. They offered a late lunch and no dinner. I consumed sprouted nuts and seeds, kimchi, raw food crackers, sweet potato, rice, and beans. Sometimes they offered a late evening smoothie. I enjoyed juiced greens, veggies, and fruit.

Day 4: Emotional Melt Down

On day four, my morning routine was much the same as the previous three had been. I began this day feeling extremely emotional. My ears were still fighting inner infection; I was dizzy while sitting or standing and suddenly felt like I was experiencing a full-blown bladder infection. I was utterly exhausted, emotional, and in tears. The doctor began an ozone treatment in my ears to help fight infection, and I rested for much of the day.

My daughter and her family came to visit me that evening which lifted my spirits immensely.


Days 5, 6, and 7

Day five began with the same morning routine; sauna, contrast shower, IV ozone, rife session, ozone ear treatment, juicing, supplements, tinctures, walks, etc.

My hands and chest broke out in a rash; It appeared that detoxing was causing some outward flares, and it would just take time for my body to deal with it all. Overall, day five seemed to be much better.

Days six and seven fell on the weekend; it brought a day of rest from kidney cleansing. My shoulder was giving me excruciating pain, and I was fighting another headache. I continued with the contrast showers, rife, castor oil packs, ozone treatments, and hyperbaric chamber sessions. I received a deep tissue massage and a frozen shoulder massage. That evening I experienced hot and cold plunges for the very first time. Taking the plunge took my breath away!

When we have each other we have EVERYTHING!

A visit from my daughter and daughter-in-law

A visit from my daughter and daughter-in-law

Chest rash

Chest rash

Hot and cold plunges and hyperbaric chamber sessions

Hot and cold plunges and hyperbaric chamber sessions

My daughter and her family came for another visit to cheer me up along the road to recovery. She brought some humor into my evening. I'm eternally grateful for the love and support she gave me through this trying time in my journey.

Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn't stop the rain but allows us to keep going.

Laughter is the best medicine!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Day 8

Day eight brought another round of hot and cold plunges. This therapy consisted of being fully immersed in a tub of hot water and then plunging myself into a tub of ice-cold water and repeating this seven times. The hot and cold plunges were a refreshing and stimulating therapy intended to help boost my immune system response.

During my stay, the center had a shortage of the necessary bowel cleansing and detoxifying supplements. Through the absence of this vital part of detoxifying, I became constipated and felt ill from the toxic overload. The doctors recommended that I incorporate Smooth Move Tea into the remainder of my regimen. I continued with all the other regular treatments and therapies.

My body felt out of alignment. That afternoon, I received a chiropractic adjustment placing two of my ribs back in place. I also began some shoulder exercises to help loosen things up. I felt dizzy, and my eyes were strained and jumpy. Troubled sight and jumpy eyes continued to be an ongoing battle with me.

Day 9

I woke day nine to a very intense headache and congestion. I did my morning routine, sauna, contrast shower, and ozone ear treatment. I felt miserable, vile, and still constipated. The very kind staff at the wellness center came up with some of the necessary bowel supplements. The doctor then instructed me to take a heavy load of bowel supplementation to get things moving. We held off on the liver cleansing until we could get things headed in the right direction.

The doctor increased my vitamin B supplement, which caused flushing in my face; under his direction, I decreased the daily dosage, and the flushing ceased. I was given a new vitamin D product to incorporate into my daily protocol. Attended all my therapies and treatments and continued to feel sluggish and constipated.

Day 10

I woke feeling good on day 10! However, I ended up feeling very nauseous and dizzy during my iv ozone and rife treatments. I had another "frozen massage" on my shoulder and a "cupping massage" on my back. My range of motion was quite limited in my shoulder. Before bed, I went for a walk, sauna session, hyperbaric chamber, and another castor oil pack.

Massage and shoulder therapy

Massage and shoulder therapy

Day 11

TMI warning...

Day 11 finally brought much-needed relief in the form of a bowel movement. My body began to feel much better after eliminating that toxic load. I was able to conquer the day with much more enthusiasm.

Sauna, contrast shower, ozone therapies, rife, liver cleansing, walk, followed by another fever bath and wet sheet therapy. My last treatment that day began at 5:00 p.m. and ended at 1:00 a.m. It was a full day of healing therapies.

Days 12 and 13

On day 12, I received my last IV ozone treatment. I continued with all the other therapies and was feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, my feet came out from under me while walking in the snow, and I landed hard on my shoulder. I had strained the muscles in my legs, neck, and shoulder. At that moment, I had just undone all the significant progress made through the massage therapies.

I woke on day 13 feeling stiff and sore, and I felt a shortened range of motion in my shoulder. I experienced much pain in my neck, leg, and buttocks. I finished my rife session, ozone ear treatment, applied heat packs, and rested for the remainder of the day.

IV ozone treatment and rife session

IV ozone treatment and rife session

Day 14

Day 14 was discharge day. I woke to the usual morning routine, ozone ear treatment, and my final rife session. I was so looking forward to going home.

My dear husband was traveling the 3.5-hour distance to pick me up. When my husband arrived that afternoon, I was delighted to see his smiling face. I was going home.

Reunited with my husband

Reunited with my husband


Before being discharged, the doctors did a second live blood analysis and found that the body was still eliminating much. My white blood cells had increased. The results still showed that phytic acid and fats were a problem in my blood. My blood revealed that I needed to continue fighting the candida overgrowth in my body and the toxic heavy metals.

An MRA scan before my discharge showed that my vitamin D levels had increased with the new supplement I began taking on day nine that was encouraging to hear. My immune system had strengthened some through the course of my treatments. The doctor advised me to continue with my heart health and calcium supplementation. The MRA was still showing severe brain nerve impairment; nothing changed here. My digestion and metabolism were still functioning poorly.

I left the wellness center that day with a basketful of supplementation to follow up at home. Herbs, tinctures, superfood powder, probiotics, candida cleanse, heavy metal cleanses, kidney and liver cleanse, intestinal cleanse and bowel support supplements, hormone cream, blood/lymph detox, and vitamins and vital minerals.

My Health Outcomes

My health takeaways from the two-week treatment program are as follows:

  • My shoulder was doing notably better before the tumble I had in the snow on day 12. Upon jarring it, my shoulder reverted to a limited range of motion and was causing excruciating pain.
  • My ears showed some improvement but were still giving me pain.
  • I feel like we made some progress towards healthier bowels.
  • I had less brain fog and was experiencing much clearer thinking.
  • I did not have improved vision or less dizziness.

The Next Chapter in My Journey

My total experience at the wellness center was very overwhelming. So many cleanses, tinctures, and supplements to sort through. I believe the holistic therapies and treatments boosted my immune system and started a mighty healing process, but it was a lot to absorb and digest.

Upon returning home, I continued with their protocols for a season. In a future article, I will share my post-treatment results and how I managed my chronic illness.

More About My Chronic Illness Journey

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