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My Review of the Newgo Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Eye Mask

Verity is a physics with teaching BSc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

My review of the Newgo hot & cold therapy gel eye mask

My review of the Newgo hot & cold therapy gel eye mask

Background and Important Information

I purchased this eye mask on Amazon UK for £9.50. I was not sent this product in return for a review. This review is unbiased and features my honest opinions and experiences with this product.

I suffer from migraines on a regular basis as the result of an injury I sustained a few years ago. I find cold pressure to be a relief to my migraines. My usual migraine response, if possible, is to make myself feel as cold as possible (safely, of course) and go to bed in a dark room. Eventually, I am able to fall asleep as the cold and dark eases my migraine pain.

One of the key selling points of this mask is that it can be cooled in the fridge/freezer to provide cold pressure and alleviate head pain. I hoped that this would be helpful in easing my migraine pain.

The mask can also be used to provide heat therapy by warming in the microwave.

How I Use This Eye Mask

This eye mask came with a sealable bag, in which I can place the mask for cooling in the freezer. As soon as the mask arrived, I placed it in the bag and placed the bag on the top shelf of my freezer. I started suffering a migraine that same day, so four hours later, I retrieved the mask from the freezer to use on my head. The mask had frozen completely during this time.

The inside of the mask is made of a soft, plush fabric to make it comfortable to place on the head. This time I chose to wear the mask on my forehead instead of on my eyes, as I was trying to watch a show to distract myself from my pain.

The coldness of the mask lasted 35 minutes before it returned to its natural state. The instructions on the mask stated to only use for 20 minutes at a time, leave a break and then use for another 20 minutes, but I did not heed these instructions as the mask was not cold enough to last that full time.

Towards the end of the time, I actually flipped the mask over and put the plastic side against my forehead since the plush side was no longer conducting the heat. This allowed me to get between five to ten extra minutes of use out of the mask. I returned the mask to the freezer, where it stayed overnight.

The next day I got another migraine in the evening and removed the mask from the freezer again. This time I wore it over my eyes to block out the light. The mask blocked out the light well and lasted for 35 minutes, the same as last time. I was surprised by how suddenly I realised that my eyes were exhausted once I had closed them and applied the mask. I felt relaxed enough to fall asleep with the mask over my eyes; however, the instructions on the back state not to sleep with the mask on, so I did not.

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I have used the mask numerous times since then, and I always wear it on my forehead or over my eyes for approximately 35 minutes.

I have not yet heated the mask to use as heat therapy, as I find that cold therapy always works better for me. However, if and when I do use heat therapy, I will update this review to reflect my experiences.

The items inside the packaging of the Newgo hot and cold therapy gel eye mask. A panda eye mask, a freezer safe sealing bag to store the mask in, a sweet note from the manufacturer.

The items inside the packaging of the Newgo hot and cold therapy gel eye mask. A panda eye mask, a freezer safe sealing bag to store the mask in, a sweet note from the manufacturer.

Results and Overall Review

I really enjoy the tactile sensations of this mask in every aspect. The gel beads on the inside mean that even when frozen, it moulds to the shape of my face and fits well. The gel beads also provide a pleasant experience just gently squeezing and manipulating the mask when it is at room temperature. The plush side of the mask is extremely soft and feels so soothing against your skin. If you are someone who enjoys tactile experiences and finds them soothing or distracting, I would recommend this mask on that basis alone.

The cold therapy really worked at reducing the pain and making the migraine more bearable. It did not relieve my migraine completely, but when on my forehead, it definitely allowed me to continue doing regular at-home activities. When I used the mask over my eyes, the relief I felt was almost palpable. It allowed me to realise how truly tired my eyes were and gave them a rest that made me feel so much more comfortable, both during and afterwards.

One big bonus that I liked about this mask was that there were no droplets of water as the mask warmed to room temperature! When I have DIY'd my own icepacks at home, even in sealed bags, as the ice melts, it always leaves me covered in water and drips down my face. With this mask, there was nothing of the sort. It doesn't leave moisture or condensation against the skin. This was a great relief when I laid with my head against a pillow; the pillow did not get damp with condensation, which made it much more comfortable.

The time of 35 minutes that it took to return to room temperature was satisfying. I have used 'cool patches' in the past that only stayed cold for 15 minutes. I obviously wish that there was a way that it could stay that cold for 2 hours, but some things are just not possible with the laws of physics. So I cannot say that I am disappointed with the length of time the mask stays cold.

The packaging of the Newgo hot and cold therapy gel eye mask

The packaging of the Newgo hot and cold therapy gel eye mask

Would I Recommend It?

I absolutely love this eye mask! The cold therapy works perfectly and provides such a comfortable tactile experience. My migraine pain was definitely relieved by the cold therapy, and it made me feel so much more comfortable and capable of continuing my day.

I also think that the design is super cute; it comes in other designs (cat, mermaid and dog), but I felt like the panda suited me best! I definitely recommend this mask for anyone who finds cooling sensations ease their pain. I also recommend this mask for anyone who enjoys certain tactile experiences.

My Rating

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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