6 Things That Helped Me Relieve My Foot Pain

Updated on September 11, 2019
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Suffering with all-around pain in the feet, I experimented with a few different pain relief methods and found a few that really helped.

Your feet hurt so bad and you just can't get the right cushion in your shoe to be comfortable and pain-free. The insoles are too soft, too hard, too thin, too thick; maybe you just cut it wrong, and now it feels like there's a pebble in your shoe. In the meantime, your feet still ache, tingle, numb, cramp, and throb all day long, and you dread even walking to the other side of the room!

Sound familiar?

I've suffered from all-around foot pain for years, which I will briefly describe below. That is until I started trying out different ways to relieve the pain. I will discuss the six pain relief methods that worked for me.

Insoles. People with chronic aching feet know these very well. How many have you gone through in the last six months?
Insoles. People with chronic aching feet know these very well. How many have you gone through in the last six months?

How the Pain Started, and How I Relieved It

One day for no reason the heel of my left foot started hurting. It was a constant stabbing pain. So bad I could not stand or walk on it. I didn't even do anything to hurt it. As days went by my right heel also started hurting. Shortly thereafter the bottom sole's of both of my feet were killing me with Excruciating pain all day long.

Getting out of the bed in the morning was horrific. Sitting on the couch with my feet propped up or down would eventually have them throbbing with pain.

We Ruled Out Plantar Fasciitis, but We Still Didn't Know the Cause

I went to a podiatrist who gave me a shot because he initially thought I had plantar fasciitis. The shot had to go exactly where the pain was in my heel, but he missed the spot and the shot didn't work. I went back a week later to tell him my feet still hurt—all over. Top to bottom.

He comes to the conclusion that I didn't have plantar fasciitis. I had something different; he just didn't know exactly what it was. He started taping my feet with athletic tape, but all that did was make my feet throb like crazy! The tape didn't allow my feet to move freely, and he should've asked how it felt after taping.

Pain Medication Wasn't Helping Much, so I Looked for Alternatives

When I got home I couldn't get the tape off fast enough. The pain medication wasn't working either, so I decided to do my own research and see what I could do at home.

After trying many different things. I came up with a daily regimen that started working for me, which included these six things.

Keep in mind that this is what I found worked for me after some trial and error. Some of these may work for you, but they also may not. It's a good idea to discuss all options with your doctor before trying any treatments.

My Pain Relief Regimen

How I Use It
Soak feet in Epsom salt
Soak feet in a tub of warm water and 1/2-cup of Epsom salt
Once daily
Pain reliever
Tylenol or Aleve
As directed on label
Magnesium malate tablet
Once a day, or as directed on label
As directed on label
Rub aspercreme all over the feet
Apply once in the morning and at night
Acupuncture reflex sandal
Stand on the sandals for one or two minutes, or as long as you can tolerate
Use three times a week
Electric foot massager
Use for a few minutes, or as long as you can tolerate
Use it anytime your sitting down
There is no order to do this, so do them whenever you have time. Keep in mind that these are what I found worked for me, and although I hope they work for you too, they may not be the best options for you.
The cream is odor free, not greasy. Put socks on after rubbing the cream in.
The cream is odor free, not greasy. Put socks on after rubbing the cream in. | Source

Aspercreme Is the Only Cream That Has Worked for Me

I have went through many creams for the pain in my feet, including ones with capsaicin as one of the ingredients. Although it's claimed that capsaicin is good for arthritis pain, the cream caused a burning, stinging sensation on my feet that just added to the pain. The only one that has worked for me is Aspercreme. I told my regular physician that I was using, and he thought it was a good choice and told me to keep doing what worked. I always keep some Aspercreme on hand and usually buy a few boxes from Amazon so I won't run out. Buying in bulk usually save you some money as well.

I use the Shiatsu foot massager to reduce my foot pain with a lot of success. This one is almost worn out. Time to buy a new one.
I use the Shiatsu foot massager to reduce my foot pain with a lot of success. This one is almost worn out. Time to buy a new one.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

You might have heard about rolling a tennis ball on the soles of your feet. This can work, but it is a struggle to keep the ball under your foot without it rolling away constantly. It also requires you to exert more effort than you probably have the energy or patience for. That is where an electric foot massager comes in handy—the machine takes care of the rolling and pressure while you just sit back and relax. The best kind that works for me is a Shiatsu foot massager. It has the metal balls that rotate around and knead into the pain. They also have them with hot and cold temperature.

I've found these reflexology sandals to help with foot pain as well. Standing on them for a minute or two a few times a week seems to add to the relief.
I've found these reflexology sandals to help with foot pain as well. Standing on them for a minute or two a few times a week seems to add to the relief.

Reflexology Sandals Feel Weird at First, but They Also Bring Relief

When you first slip your feet into the reflex sandals, they are going to absolutely kill your feet with pain! They will feel like needles trying to go through the skin. I'm not trying to talk you out of using them. I'm just telling you the truth so you know what to expect the first time you use them. But you will get used to it.

Put them on for a short period of time a few times throughout the day. They are not the type of sandal you can wear all day. They are only for massaging the pain. You just want to take a few steps here and there with them. The little buttons will put pressure on your tender, aching spots and help alleviate the pain.

Epsom salt soaks are great for relief of pain or soreness.
Epsom salt soaks are great for relief of pain or soreness.

Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate

Soaking my feet in warm Epsom salt baths have helped tremendously. You can use any brand since they are all just Epsom salt. I bought the one pictured here at Walmart for 98 cents. I soak for as long as it takes the warm water to get to room temperature

In addition to the soaks, I also used a mixture of Epsom salt, rubbing alcohol, and water in a spray bottle to apply to my feet along with the Aspercreme.

Your Feet Decide What Shoes You Can Wear

A closet full of shoes and you can't wear any of them!

Unfortunately, in this situation, it's not up to you. Your feet are the ones that will decide what shoes you'll wear. You want a pair that can give you support. Whatever feels best for them.

I found the ones pictured below by accident one day. They are called DAWGS. They are sandals made of a thick and firm but cushioned rubber. These sandals keep my feet even and don't let them sag to one side. They also have little nubs that lightly massage the bottom of my feet while I walk. I chose these for the summertime and mostly wear them around the house or if I have to run a quick errand.

My feet chose these sandals. I did not.
My feet chose these sandals. I did not.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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