My Review of the IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (Weighted Eye Mask)

Updated on June 27, 2020
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Verity is a Physics with Teaching Bsc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

My honest and unsponsored review of the IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask)
My honest and unsponsored review of the IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask)

Why I Purchased This Eye Mask

I purchased this eye mask on Amazon UK for ££21.19. I was not sent this product in return for a review. This review is unbiased and features my honest opinions and experiences with this product.

I purchased this eye mask for multiple reasons.

Light Sensitivity

I am very sensitive to light when I sleep, and I have a very large, east-facing, window in my bedroom that is almost the whole wall. I am also quite high in a block of flats, on a hill. As a result, as soon as the sun starts to peek over the horizon, light streams into my bedroom and wakes me up.

Even though I have blinds and heavy curtains, that I close to try and keep the light out, they are not effective enough at all. I have been reliant on eye masks for a long time to help me sleep but over the years, the past 4 or more eye masks I've had all have an annoying gap around the nose and under the eye that lets in light. I bought this mask with the hope that as it is larger and thicker than traditional masks, it would block out light more.

Weighted Pressure Feels Better

To sleep better I like to feel pressure against my face. In places that I have lived in the past, I have slept with my head against the wall to provide this sense of pressure. However, in my current apartment, I cannot put my bed against a wall. I use eye masks to provide me with this comforting, tactile, experience instead. I bought this mask in the hope that the weighted effect of the mask would aid me in the same way that my weighted blanket does.


I also suffer from migraines and find cold pressure to be a relief to my migraines. My usual migraine response, if possible, is to make myself feel as cold as possible (safely of course), and go to bed in a dark room. Eventually, I am able to fall asleep as the cold and dark eases my migraine pain.

One of the key selling points of this mask is that it can be cooled in the fridge/freezer to provide cold pressure and alleviate head pain. I hoped that this would be helpful in easing my migraine pain.

How I Use the Eye Pillow

At the time of writing, I have been using this eye mask every night for a month.

On warm nights or nights when I have head pain, I slightly cool the mask very briefly in the fridge before I go to bed. When I am ready to go to sleep, I simply put on the mask and lie down. I have never needed to adjust the strap on the mask (as I have with others in the past) as it fits perfectly.

As the mask is filled with beads, it is very easy to mould the mask to fit my face, and to assure comfort while I drift off to sleep. I also find that the mask stays on all night.

With all masks that I have used in the past, around 20% of the time I would wake up in the morning to find that the mask had come off overnight. That is not the case with this mask, it stays securely all night.

When I wake up, I simply remove the mask and place it on my bedside table, ready to put on again at night time.

The IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask) as it arrived in its original packaging.
The IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask) as it arrived in its original packaging.


As I have previously mentioned, the beads in the mask allow the mask to mould itself to the shape of my face. As a result, absolutely no light gets in. I have noticed a remarkable difference in how well the light is completely blocked out and I have been able to sleep right through to my alarm without being woken by the sun.

The cooling ability of the mask feels so soothing. I have been going to bed with headaches due to stress quite often lately. Rather than having to use a fan, and cooling patches, etc to cool myself down enough to be able to fall asleep, the mask has been the only thing I have needed.

The mask also works quickly. In the past, I have been known to spend 90 minutes waiting for the pain to alleviate enough to be able to fall asleep. With this mask, I have been able to fall asleep quickly, within 10 minutes, when I have a migraine. The cooling sensation is pleasant, especially on hot nights, and I tend to fall asleep before it warms up to ambient temperature, so I am unable to comment on how quickly it loses heat.

The heavy feeling of this mask is so comforting. It provides the tactile and 'compression' sensation that relaxes me and really does do for my head what my weighted blanket does for my body. The crosses where the eyes go means that it does not crush my eyelids or press down on my eyelashes. It means that I can open and close my eyes under the mask, and blink easily, without brushing up against material or feeling uncomfortable.

I was not expecting to love this mask as much as I do, and at first, I was very sceptical about spending £21 on a mask when I could buy one for £3. However, I feel very comfortable confirming that this is the best eye mask that I have ever bought and it was worth every penny.

I love the feeling of putting this mask on every night. It has made a noticeable difference towards my pain management, and towards ensuring that I am not woken with the sun in the morning.

The brochue for the IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask)
The brochue for the IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask)


I love everything about this eye mask. It is the most comfortable one I have ever worn, and it does everything that it says on the tin. It has helped me with so many issues and I would very gladly say that I will use this mask until it falls to bits, and then I will purchase another IMAK Compression Eye Pillow.

I feel comfortable recommending this eye mask to anyone and everyone. If you suffer from any of the same problems I mentioned in my introduction, then I honestly believe that this mask will change your world! Worth every penny.

My Rating

5 stars for The IMAK Compression Eye Pillow (weighted eye mask)

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 VerityPrice


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      2 weeks ago

      I always sleep with a mask too. The key feature I always look for is for the mask not to press on my eyelids, if I can open my eyes below the mask, I'm happy. The cheap ones I'm using now are acceptable, because my room is dark enough for a small gap under the nose not to bother me. However, I find the lining gets loose after a while, so I have to replace them. I'm planning to look for a more expensive one, because I figure if it actually lasts, it will be cheaper in the long run. I'll definitely consider this one.


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