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Help! I've Dislocated My Kneecap: How I Managed

I've been dislocating my kneecap my entire 30-something-year-old life. Usually, it would just pop back in—but one day, it didn't.

Here's some advice on how I dealt with a dislocated kneecap.

Here's some advice on how I dealt with a dislocated kneecap.

Dislocating My Knee for 30 Years

I've been dislocating my kneecap my entire 30-something-year-old life. Not dislocating it in the sense that I'd have to go to the hospital each time it happened. It would pop out of place—to the outside of my leg—then it would pop back in.

And all my life, I kept thinking that one day my kneecap would pop out and not pop back in. I actually fantasized about having a cast on my leg, having friends come over and make me dinner, being coddled over. You get the picture.

However, when it happened, I couldn't have asked for it to occur at a worse time.

I had just relocated to a foreign country. Actually, it was me and my 4-year-old daughter, which should give you some idea why I say it happened during the worst possible time.

I'd just enrolled my daughter into summer camp, and I was basically settling into the city.

One afternoon, as I was preparing to pick up my daughter from summer camp, I barely grazed my knee on the side of the bed. "Barely" was apparently just enough to knock my kneecap out of place.

I fell onto my knee while the kneecap was still out of place. Then out of reflex, I grabbed the knee and popped the kneecap back into place. Needless to say, it was extremely painful.

I sat there for a good five minutes, massaging my leg. It did hurt more than the usual popping out. But I really didn't have time to focus on it. I had to get my daughter.

I walked six blocks to the camp, picked her up, and returned home. When I got back home, I sat down. That's when I heard a strange cracking sound.

When I stood up, I could no longer put any pressure on the injured leg. I didn't realize it at the time, but that cracking sound was my kneecap popping back out of place.

Still not realizing that anything was seriously wrong—and not being in a tremendous amount of pain—I didn't go to the hospital until the following morning. All night I just wheeled myself around the house in my office chair. I actually thought it would get better after a good night's rest!

The Emergency Room, Finally!

When I arrived at the emergency room (after being carried downstairs by the elevator repairman), I was taken for X-rays. Naturally, the images revealed that I had a dislocated patella—also known as a dislocated kneecap or a patellar subluxation.

Initially, the doctor was going to put me to sleep to reduce the kneecap. "Reduction" is the medical term they use when they're going to reset your bones into the proper place.

However, I got a gung-ho orthopedic surgeon who popped my kneecap back into place when I wasn't looking. OUCH! Actually it sounds worse than it felt—but it wasn't a massage at the spa, either.

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Next, I was fitted for a full-leg brace that would completely mobilize my leg. This brace spanned from the top quarter of my thigh to my ankle. It was quite tight, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. But it was the doctor's orders to be that way.

I was also given a pair of crutches and a quick lesson on how to use them. Then I was sent on my way.

Week 1 - Hobbling

It should be no surprise that your first week will probably be your most difficult week of them all. You're adjusting to life with a full leg brace. You're trying to maneuver with crutches. And if you're a mom, you're probably still trying to do the normal duties you performed before you hurt your leg.

During my first four days I was on a steady regimen of pain medication. I also took ibuprofen and used ice packs for 10 minutes at a time to assist with the swelling. I was also forced to keep my leg elevated with pillows most of the time.

When I was in the bed during the day, I took off the immobilizer (leg brace) while I elevated the leg. I would never attempt to walk without the brace because my knee still felt very wobbly at this stage. But I did feel comfortable enough to take it off while I was lying down.

When I was going to sleep at night, I did keep the leg brace on (while it was elevated by the pillows), as I was afraid that I would move the wrong way and possibly dislocate it again.

Because it was just me and my young daughter in the house, I initially didn't feel comfortable enough to get in the shower with the full leg brace. So for the first week I took sponge baths at the sink.

Speaking of bath time, it was also a challenge for me to bathe my daughter. With the full leg brace on, it was impossible for me to get her into the bathtub, bend over and wash her.

Even with a chair in the bathroom, there simply wasn't enough room for me to comfortably maneuver. That leg brace is as stiff as a board.

So what did I do? I bathed her in the kitchen sink! She's a petite thing, so I could do that.

This way I was able to stand up, I could easily reach her, and I didn't have to worry about her slipping in the tub. (You'll be surprised to know that even after my leg got better my daughter still preferred to bathe in the kitchen sink!)

What Else Made My Life Easier During That First Week?

  • I utilized paper plates and disposable cups so I wouldn't have to wash a lot of dishes.
  • I purchased juice boxes for both me and my daughter. Always thinking of easy clean up.
  • I kept the plates and silverware in the refrigerator so that my daughter could easily reach them.
  • I kept a roll of paper towels in every room.
  • If I were at home by myself, I'd pack my food into a plastic container, put it in a lunchbox and carry the entire meal into the room at once.
  • When my daughter was at home I'd put our meals on two different trays (that I'd previously purchased from the $1 store). This allowed her to easily carry the trays into the room.
  • I found a grocery store and a pharmacy that delivered. This may not be much of a deal if you've got friends and family easily within reach. But since I was in a new city, it was truly a blessing for me to have such services at my disposal.
  • And of course, it was also quite helpful to have access to restaurants that delivered. Even if you don't have the actual paper menus on hand, you'll probably be surprised to see how many menus you can find online. I was fortunate enough to find a Takeout Taxi that delivered from some 20+ different restaurants.

Week 2 - Draining and Paining

Exactly one week after my injury I went to see an orthopedic surgeon.

During the appointment he asked that I remove my leg brace, then he helped me onto the table. I realized at this time that I could not completely straighten my leg out.

Apparently even with the full leg brace on, my leg still wasn't completely straightened out. And when I elevated my leg at home, it was always bent across the pillows. Naturally it was quite painful to try to straighten it out now.

The doctor felt my knee and wiggled it a bit. Uuugh... I didn't like that at all! It really felt like he was going to pop it back out of the socket again.

He told me that it felt jiggly because I still had some fluid on the knee. He told me that he would have to drain some of the excess fluid, and that would alleviate the unstable feeling I was having. And that's exactly what he did.

He inserted a rather longish needle into my swollen knee area, and drained much of the fluid. As he was draining it, he massaged the knee somewhat gently.

I won't lie... It was a painful experience. On a scale of 1-10, it was around a 7. But I imagine 2 of those points came from the fact that I was still extremely nervous he was going to pop the kneecap back out with his massaging.

When it was over, it was like a 10-pound weight had been lifted off my knee. Not only did my leg feel lighter, I was now able to bend it almost straight. He told me that I'd probably be able to put more pressure on the leg now.

That afternoon I went to the park. While I was there I realized that I was able to put some pressure onto the injured leg.

Don't get me wrong, I was still walking with the crutches. But instead of holding my leg straight out, I put it down in the standing position. As I walked with the crutches, I also walked with my leg instead of just carrying the leg.

So my orthopedic surgeon was right. Even though I'd been icing the knee on a consistent basis, elevating it and taking ibuprofen for the swelling, my progress was basically halted because I had all that fluid around the knee. The only way to move forward was to have it drained.


My First Appointment with the Physical Therapist

During my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon I was also given a prescription for physical therapy. (Much to my surprise you need a prescription to get physical therapy for the type of injury I had.) I began therapy two days after my visit to the orthopedic surgeon.

During my first appointment I was evaluated by the therapist. She asked some typical questions... how did the injury occur, what medications was I taking, what was my level of pain at this point, etc.

Then she had me take off the leg brace, and she assessed how well I was able to lift my injured leg, bend it, and stand without it (without the leg brace).

Without the brace I couldn't stand on it at all. It felt like I was trying to stand on a wet noodle. Nor could I lift it—or bend it for that matter.

She explained that I had muscular atrophy. That's when you have a loss of muscular strength after a period of not utilizing the limb.

In addition to not being able to lift, bend or stand on the leg, I could physically see that my left leg was significantly smaller than my right. In just a week and a couple of days, my injured leg looked to be almost half the size of my working leg!

The cure for atrophy, she explained, was to rebuild the strength level for the injured leg. That would require increasing degrees of strength training, along with some other things.

To get the ball rolling, she hooked me up to a muscle stimulator. A muscle stimulator sends electrical pulses to a specific muscle or a group of muscles. These pulses contract and relax the muscles. In my situation the muscle stimulator was used to help re-educate my muscles that had gone into atrophy.

I HATED the muscle stimulator upon first using it. It genuinely hurt. It felt like someone was manually pulling my muscles - from the inside of my leg.

Plus, as the stimulator contracted my muscles, she told me to manually contract my muscles at the same time. It just didn't feel pleasant at all.

Fortunately you can adjust the intensity of the pulse. And even though my therapist kept trying to push it higher, I demanded that she turn it lower, which she did.

At the end of the appointment, she wrapped my knee area with a stretchy Ace bandage. She explained that the tightness of the bandage would help keep the swelling under control, and that it would make my knee feel more secure.

She initially suggested that I come in once a week for therapy. But I was in a rush to get better. So I asked if twice a week would be okay, to which she agreed. Each appointment was to last an hour.

The Shower Re-Visited

Once I had the Ace bandage on my knee, I thought I'd feel more stable about getting into the shower. I tried to get in with just the bandage on, and stand on one leg, but that sounded a lot easier than it really was.

The only thing I could do was put the brace back on, stick my injured leg out on to the side of the tub, and wash quickly.

My goodness, the hot water felt sooooo good!

Unfortunately the water ran down through my brace and wet the entire bathroom floor. Not to mention that my brace and the bandages were now cold and soaking wet.

At this point you're probably wondering why I didn't just put the entire leg - brace and all - into the shower, since everything was getting wet anyway.

That might've worked if I had someone to lift me in and out of the bathtub. But because I was unassisted, I didn't want to take the chance of trying to climb into the tub with that stiff brace on. This brace is so stiff you literally can't bend your leg when it's on.

Also, it was mainly the back of the brace that got all wet. The front wasn't as wet. So if I would've put my whole leg in, the brace would have taken even longer to dry.

Physical Therapy the Second Time Around

The physical therapy appointment was far more tolerable the second time around. Mainly because I knew what to expect, and I was able to mentally toughen up for the experience.

First she elevated my leg and massaged it for 10 minutes or so. How good that felt!

Then she applied the muscle stimulator around my knee muscles. But this time she put a rolled towel under the back of my knee, so that my leg was slightly bent. I was told to try to lift the leg with each contraction delivered from the muscle stimulator. This would help to strengthen my quadriceps (thigh muscles).

It was still relatively painful. But as the saying goes, "No pain, no gain." This time I just gripped the side of the table, went through the pain, and did my best to lift the leg.

I really wasn't able to lift it much, which both amazed and saddened me.

What Else Made My Life Easier During That Second Week?

  • I ended up purchasing two more sets of Ace bandages. This way when I got out of the shower I could re-wrap my knee with a dry set. Ideally I should have bought another leg brace just for the shower. But as I explained, I didn't think it was safe for me to try to climb into the shower by myself.
  • I initially began walking around the house without my crutches a day after I went to physical therapy, because she told me I needed to start strengthening that leg.

However be forewarned, walking around the house isn't the same as walking on the street.

First and foremost, the streets have cracks and hills and rocks and other features that you don't notice when both legs are working. Those features seem like they're magnified 1,000 times when you're hobbling. I almost fell twice on my first day out, and I was quite shaken.

So you have to be very aware of your surroundings. And most important, cross the street only when the light just turns green to give yourself enough time to make it.

It's amazing how many people will disregard the fact that your disabled, and make dangerous moves around you.


Weeks 3-5

I'm going to lump the next three weeks together because the physical therapy appointments were basically all the same. She'd massage the knee for 10 minutes. I'd get the muscle stimulator for 20+ minutes. And we'd do a few other strength/mobility building exercises.

One thing I learned was how to walk down the stairs without pain. Instead of bending my knee as I went down to the next step, I kept the injured leg extended and allowed myself to drop onto the step.

This, of course, was done without the brace. And it actually worked. In fact, I still use this technique today.

My therapist also told me to start using my crutches again while I was walking. Why? Because I was teaching myself how to walk with a limp.

Walking with the crutches enabled me to maintain a more steady gait. The crutches were such a hassle to carry around, but I did it.

During this time frame I also went back to the orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up examination.

My physical therapist had written a progress report for him, suggesting that maybe I needed some more fluid drained from the knee. The orthopedic surgeon said it wasn't necessary.

Instead he gave me a prescription for another leg brace—a shorter, much more comfortable leg brace—the M-Brace 40-41 Patella Stabilizer. I put my crutches to the side and began wearing the new brace immediately.

My regular walking self was back again! What a relief.

During my last few therapy appointments I still used the muscle stimulator. But this time I did it while standing on the leg and bending it. I also did exercises on the exercise ball.

For example, I put the ball behind my back and leaned against the wall. Then I went down into a squatting position, and came back up.

Week 6 and Beyond

It took another two weeks before I felt comfortable enough to go outside without any leg braces on.

By that time my leg had definitely regained a lot of the strength I lost during atrophy. But even today—two years later—if I stand on my left leg and bend it, it's not as strong as my right leg.

That's totally my fault. I never did regain a steady weightlifting routine, though I do walk a lot. My therapist told me that walking is good, but strength training the legs is better.

Fortunately I haven't had any more dislocations since then. And for the most part I'm virtually pain-free.

Once every blue moon my knee will swell for no apparent reason. But I'm not in any sort of distress—even when it rains outside.

So that's my story.

If you're currently trying to manage life with a dislocated kneecap, please know that it does get better. Just continue doing your exercises, visualize a healthy leg, and be strong.

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Questions or Comments?

Alia on February 07, 2017:

So, I don't have the tendons to hold my kneecap in place.

Sounds awful, right?

Well, not particularly.

I mean, it's not a walk in the park, but it's not as awful as it could be. Dislocated my kneecap for the first time yesterday. Didn't hurt as much because I don't have the tendons to freak out over it. Popped out, popped back in, was sore, IS sore still, but not very.

Ariella on January 20, 2017:

Wow, at 20 years old I dislocated my knee and had to drop all my classes in school and I can't work, I thought I had it hard, you are so strong. I am 2 weeks into recovery and starting to get a little overwhelmed on how much I can't do now.

Mara on November 01, 2016:

I dislocated my kneecap while doing PT in the military. That was almost two years ago now, and while at first physical therapy seemed to be working little progress was made other than yes, I could walk without a brace or crutches but I was still always in pain.

They referred me to a specialist who recommended surgery to correct it, but before that was set up I was transferred to a new command and told to just take care of it there. That was a year and a half ago now, and my new command has brushed off everything I've said. I can't walk without pain, I'm developing quite the limp in the past several months and my job is becoming more and more physically demanding each day on top of the increased pain. My range of motion has degraded to back when I was still freshly recovering from the incident and at this point I have no hope of receiving proper care to have this corrected.

Gemma on October 01, 2016:

I'm currently 12 almost 13 and I dislocated my knee on 19/09/16 today is 01/10/16 the swelling still hasn't gone down. I haven't iced it much or elevated it but I layed in bed with it straight and on alot of pain releif for 4 days doing nothing terrified to even go to the toilet, which was approx. 10 steps from my bed. I have been in a knee zimmer splint and on crutches. The swelling has barely gone down but I can put weight on it, I went to see my gp yesterday and he was surprised the swelling hadn't gone down yet. It cant bend much either.

I was playing netball at a school yr7 gala day as goal keeper when I leaned over to catch the ball and fell. I looked down and saw my left knee out of place. The first thing I thought was the French gymnast that broke his leg in the olympics, i was terrified. I screamed louder than I ever have before, teacher and the coordinator came running and comforted me until paramedics arrived. I got given the green whistle (if you don't know what that is its just the anesthesia they gave me, its a whistle u blow and breathe in) after I got knocked out, pretty much, the paramedic popped it back in. I got carried of the courts and was sitting out until my mum came and took me to the hospital. It was 2 he's until I got to the hospital and then I had to wait 3 he's to have and xray then another hr to get the splint and get discharged. It happened at 12pm and didn't get home until 7pm.

The first week was painful but I stopped having pain relief on Saturday, it happened on Monday. I got to eat in bed which was pretty fun and didn't have to do chores or go to school. It was the last week of school for the term so I missed a lot of tests (I gotta prepare for when I go back I think).

Now I'm in the end of second week, and I have been more active in my splint and on crutches not living in bed anymore. Being holidays I have missed a lot of fun times with my friends which is annoying, although they have been very supportive. I went to see my gp yesterday and he said that the xray report from the day of the injury says that it was still slightly subluxed (I think that's the right word) and the swelling has barely gone down.

Is this normal and what can I do to help the swelling? When will I be able to walk again? Is it normal to be absolutely terrified of it happening again? Have I just wrote all this for nothing? What will be good for it later on?

Nathan platon on August 26, 2016:

I recently dislocated my knee and have been demobilized in a knee brace for six weeks now to afraid to go to my physical therapy I want to walk so bad I've been stuck in my knee brace to long and now that I have read the inspiring storys I now feel more confident to go and less worried about my knee piping out of place thank u all for the inspiring stories I can hardly wait to walk normal again it's been a long road time to get my butt out ther and get Heald thank u so much once agian

RichardCib on September 24, 2015:

Some really prize articles on this website , saved to fav.

dagny on March 21, 2014:

I thought Im the only one. Ive been experiencing this since I was 6. Im 21 now. I am used to it. It gets better as days passed by. The most unforgettable one is having it while taking the stairs down. Yeah. It was really painful. But everythings fine now. What I worry more is the shock it did to me. Whenever I walk or use stairs Im always nervous. That! I really have to deal with. (:

Lisa on December 29, 2013:

I have had this from 7 years old I have had the ops when I was 13 but hasn't helped I have to much mussel one side on my knee pulling them out every time this has happened I put it back in my self and after 3 days of rest I'm fine I'm 25 now and 10 days ago it happened again on top of Xmas :( so I couldn't rest like I would so anyway long story short now I can't hardly walk can't sleep nothing the swelling has gone down loads but I keep getting leg ache and leg just feels like jelly I went doctors he gave me meds witch r helping for pain but I still can't walk or get reed of this leg ache in lower leg and the anxiety at night time is killing me :(

Sean on December 20, 2013:

this happened to me yesterday , sat around for two and a half before an ambulance came and popped it back in, i was worried about recovering from this but today i feel fine, i have a brace on and crutches but i feel like i can walk without them, but i will keep resting until i see the doctor again, thanks for this , it will keep me positive

Birdman on November 30, 2013:

Thanks for your story it has really helped me focus on just getting better! 4 days ago out of the blue I dislocated my knee playing lawn bowls???? As I've never had any illness or injuries in 40+ years it's been hard to deal with. Your story has kind of told me to suck it up and just focus on my recovery! Thanks again.

yazzibay on February 22, 2013:

I just had a go and I can bend my right knee gone up and down stairs twice!

yazzibay on February 22, 2013:

From the London(UK): I am a 21 year old girl. I dislocated my right knee cap/patella during a football aka soccer match just 16 days ago. I got it popped in took some pain killers and carried on with the rest of the match ~ 45 mins plus penalties (stupid/brave – but we won the match). I was completely fine until about 3 hours later when my knee was really painful and I couldn't move it. I went to A+E and was given an X-ray, the doctor said he wasn’t sure of the damage but there was a bit of swelling. I was given crutches and scheduled for an appointment with a physio/doctor 9 days later. At the physio session my ability to bend my knee was assessed. I could do so but the inner left side of my knee was painful/tender. I was given a leg brace (middle of thigh to ankle) and told I would be given an MRI just to be safe and check for any ligament damage. After numerous phone calls and 7 days later and am still waiting for an MRI to be booked :/. Is there any advice you guys can give me. I play for my university team and we have so many big matches coming up and I just want to know the extent of my injury ASAP, but obviously don't want the problem of recurring dislocations. Should I be wearing a leg brace all the time? I’m scared my leg muscles are reducing and this will make it harder for me to get back into football quickly. I am able to walk outside with a brace alone and around my house without a brace, but I can't bend it when going down stairs (which I think my doctor probably wants) but it doesn’t feel that stable – this may be because I haven’t moved it properly in 16 days though! . I've also been given one muscle exercise to strengthen my quads.

Gaby on January 02, 2013:

I too have had problems with my knees. I was down for 6 months or more when I broke bone after the left one dislocated. Now two surgeries and 6 years later my right one dislocated and I'm stuck in bed with a brace and all that. I can honestly say the dislocation was the worst pain I've ever experienced, and I can't wait to be rid of the medical equipment. It's hardly been a week, but I'm a broke college student, and I can't get paid if I can't go to work.

ciaran on September 07, 2012:

i dislocated my knee about 8 weeks ago while on a lads holiday and my friend popped it back in for me and i walked away,i bought a cheap knee support and wore for a couple of days,it didn't swell or bruise.i never got any medical assistance and it seems to be fine now although i sometimes get aches on the oppisite side of where the pateller popped out,is this normal?

vvvv on August 05, 2012:

thank u i too suffering with the same

Megan on July 26, 2012:

I have dislocated my knee cap many of times. I have abnormally small kneecaps and the ridge in which the kneecap sits is basically flat. My small kneecaps are floating in what I would like to think is strong muscle. Also, in my left knee (the situation is same for both knees with the exception of this) I have a chipped knee cap. There is no surgery that will help necessarily with the exception of one in which they would rearrange the muscles in my entire leg, leave me with a long and brutal recovery and still not guarantee a beneficial result...on top of this, I have EXTREMELY flat feet...

Nikki on July 02, 2012:

So yesterday I was at work and bent down and the next thing I knew, my left knee had dislocated and have now got it in a full leg cast. My right knee went about 2 years ago. But now I am apparently prone to having knee dislocations. I am meant to be going to Spain in a few weeks but doubt I will be able too now.

Sonja on June 30, 2012:

Recurrent patellar dislocation can be caused by a genetic condition calls Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is worth looking into, especially before having surgery.

Kate on May 28, 2012:

Thanks for this. I dislocated my knee yesterday during soccer and as it's my first serious injury it really does feel like you're all alone. Your words made it all feel a lot less! I hold out hope for a two week recovery (because my timing is even worse than yours - I'm off on holiday in two weeks!) and able to walk/limp by then. Knock on wood you don't get any more dislocations ever again and that I don't either! But back to my main point: thank you.

kaahu on May 23, 2012:


Tara on May 15, 2012:

I am 13 years old and I dislocated my knee for the second time 4 days ago. I am in a lot of pain, and there is a lot of swelling. I know this is normal. I had just finished physical therapy a week before. It is really hard for me (as I'm sure it hurts for everyone else) because it hurts to straighten, bend, and put weight on it. It is really nice to know that it actually gets better! Thanks!

Francisco on May 04, 2012:

Hello , I'm Francisco .I am a freshman at Tustin High. I recently dislocated my knee . I was playing football for my team & it came out of place . My team and coaches going crazy. But it didn't hurt . I just pushed it back in but went home . I went to the doctor because swelling . It's only been 3 days . I have gotten to the point where I just want to die ):

Kcat on April 07, 2012:

Thanks for sharing but this story is nothing compared to what I have been going through for the past 25 years. My knee started dislocating when I was just 8 years old for no apparent reason. Since then it has dislocated hundreds of times. I had my first surgery at 12 when I couldn't walk anymore without it dislocating everytime I put my foot down. It stopped for just a couple of years before it started

again and I needed more surgery. Now I am in my 30's and am trying to avoid a third surgery but braces aren't helping and the knee comes out everytime I step. I have to keep pushing it back from behind my leg. Doctors are baffled but I am trying physical therapy. Wish me luck everyone! No more terrible falls or bruises one day I pray.

laura on March 05, 2012:

Hi i am 14 and I dislocated my knee 4 weeks ago.It has happened to me 3 times all on my left knee.It happened while I was playing a gaelic match.It was the worst pain i have ever experienced!I was rushed to hospital shortly after it happenedand and got a backslab cast on it for a week.after a week i returned to the hospital and got a brace put on my leg. After 3 weeks the doctor took the knee brace off and told me that i could now bend my knee and do gentle exercises. 4 days l8r I still cant even lift my leg off the ground not to mind bend my kee!!!!:(

Is this unusual?

thankyou for your post Im glad i am not the only one suffering!!!!!

untalented on March 01, 2012:

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have patella dislocation last week and five days. right know i walk with crutches and patella stabilizer because my immobilizer irritates my skin.

And we are the same.. i removed my immobilizer and i was surprised to see my right leg smaller than my left.

I hope ill get better soon..

Thank you for your post ^_^

mhmm on November 07, 2011:

I dislocated my kneecap two monthes ago while working on a roof. Beeing a poor college student with no insurance theres not much i could do. But i found that immobolizing it for a week with a brace was my first step to recovery, i started taking osteo biflex and with gentle massages i slowly got my knee use to all the normal day to day functions again. Other than it not feeling as strong as my other knee and the constant fear of my knee going out of place again im fine now i hope. I have full range of motion and everything.

Littleworries on August 29, 2011:

Btw sorry for posting twice my phone is acting stupid, and this happened about two days ago. I'm taking dance classes at the end of this year and i want to try out for the football team in 10th grade i really don't want this to happen again and i want to make sure i will be okay for both of these things.

Littleworries on August 29, 2011:

Hi Im 13 and had my knee dislocated in March, just recently at the beach a wave came and knocked me down and my knee popped, im not sure if it came out of place because by the time i was out of the water it was in the socket. I've been at home icing it and keeping it elevated and I've been wearing my old brace for support and I don't want it to pop out again. There is no significant pain but it is a little sore and still swollen but not as much. Should i have it checked out or just keep icing it and taking it easy?

Jennifer H. on August 16, 2011:

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm 19 years old and have dislocated my kneecap about 8 times since I was 15. I went to the emergency room and my family doctor almost every single time. I have never been told I needed physical therapy or to even wear a brace. I really think that was a mistake. My dislocating knee is always larger than my normal one, it constantly hurts, and I have lost a lot of cartilage under my kneecap so it grinds and pops whenever I bend and straighten out my knee. I read about how it was best to walk on crutches because you are teaching yourself to walk with a limp, well that also happened to me. I have walked with a limp for about 3 years now. Not getting the proper medical care has pretty much ruined my life. I finally found a decent doctor and he told me I would probably need total knee replacement by the time I was 30, because at this point physical therapy won't help.

So I guess the point of this whole thing is to encourage everyone to get the right type of care when you injure yourself like this. I really wish I had!!

Hope everyone has gotten the best medical care possible!!

Zara on August 13, 2011:

Hi everyone,

I've dislocated my left knee 6 weeks and I'm still recovering from this injury. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced. I was standing on my left leg and suddenly lost balance and fell, my kneecap popped out and got stuck. I was screaming for help and luckily, this lady came and relocated it for me. I went to the doctor and got xrays. He gave me crutches and a knee stabilizer and told me to wear it for 3-4 weeks. (I've had a subluxation in my right knee 7 years ago playing basketball but it didn't completely dislocate then.) Anyways unfortunately, I had muscle atrophy and couldn't feel my quad muscles at all. So for those of you just experiencing this, don't wear your knee stabilizer too long or you'll have more problems getting your muscles back. I still can't bend my knee all the way and I think I'm suffering from knee tendonitis now too. :( I'm going to physical therapy and it seems to be helping. Is it normal that I still can't bend it all the way? Has anyone experienced that? Thank you all for sharing your stories. It's always good to know you're not alone!

Hope you all get better really soon!

Marissa on August 13, 2011:

I am 12 years old.

I subluxated my knee in June from just standing there!!! I wasn't walking,jumping,moving in anyway that I can remember.

I was just standing in the mall on the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION and I just collapsed. From there an employee at Winners came and offered me to sit on a (not so comfortable),stool in the middle of the store.

Of corse I couldn't bend or straighten my leg and I was still crying in pain. Everyone that walked by in the store was looking at me at this point,but I really didn't care,this hurt so badly!

I went to the mall on the public bus with my mom. (my mom does not have a drivers lisence).

So we had to call my dad to come pick us up.

I tried to get up of that stool and with an excruciating jolt from my knee,I realized I COULD NOT stand up if my life depended on it.

I was so sad,angry and disapointed (my summer,was officaly ruined). That was the least of my worries at then.

Some security men at the mall had to bring a wheel chair for me sense I couldn't walk.

I got wheeled to the doors and waited for my dad,about 15 minutes later he arrived.

It was a 30 minute drive to out-patients at the hospitial.

When I arrived there I got a hospital wheel chair.

Let me just say it was a LONG WAIT.


At that point I was praying to God that I would be alright.

I was crying,I was exhausted. :,(

Then at around 8:00 and 9:00 at night I got in to see a 'doctor'.

He was the worst doctor I could have gotten,I'm sure of it!

He was indian (not to be racist),so we couldn't really make out what he was saying most of the time and he couldn't understand us very well.

First he got me up on the examining table and pulled my leg out completley straight,OUUUCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!,then completley bent,OUUUCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!! again,while repeatedley saying, "does this hurt?" IT ALL HURTS!!!! (I felt like responding).

He from there,stuck a giant needle in my knee for 2 minutes straight (a longer time than you think when you have a needle jabbing into your knee)!

I knew this was to remove some of the fluid that was making my knee swell and causing even more pain,but the needle barley removed any fluid (according to him). He then said,while the needle was still sticking in me (ooohh,a lot of blood)!

Which petrified me,I am extremley weak around blood!

I still had my eyes closed.

They didn't have any braces small enough to fit my leg there so he wrapped it up with bandages (which,to tell the truth,really didn't help support my knee very much).

Then he sent me home in,I'm sure of it,EVEN MORE PAIN THAN WHEN I WENT IN!

About a week later,I went to an orthopedic surgeon.

She took off the bandages,examined my knee,wiggled it around a lot (I DID NOT ENJOY THAT),and but a full leg length knee brace on.

That stabilized it SO MUCH! :)

She said I have to leave the knee brace on for 6 weeks

A day after I got it on I started walking with the crutches and the knee brace,(instead of a wheel chair).

1-2 weeks after I got the knee brace on,I started walking with just the knee brace,which required me put some weight on the injured leg,which wasn't as bad as I thought because the knee brace supported it,(I did this with no crutches).

I am now,to this day,August 13th,2o11 still injured with the full leg length knee brace. My appointment is on August 16th and I hope I will be better.

Good luck to everyone suffering from this horrible,painful injury and God Bless. :)

Nikki on July 23, 2011:

Yeah same, haven't dislocated it since May last year

LinaKnee on July 19, 2011:

Yes I dislocated once a year ago and am fine

Aaron Denne on July 02, 2011:

Yeah its a nightmare, its scary. :(

Dakota on May 23, 2011:

I really need to start doing my excersizes again because it's been feeling like it's going to pop out :'( *sniff sniff*

Dakota on May 08, 2011:

hey aaron, me too. hate it HATE IT haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it!!! the doctors said that i coud do it by myself but I'd rather they drug me up in the ambulance to numb it 5%:P then that

Aaron Denne on April 30, 2011:

I'm 16, and my knee has been dislocating for a year. But recently it had stopped but the other day it happened again. I hate it because the only way to put it back into place is by straightening my leg but it is painful. I'm scared that one day when I go to straighten my leg it wont click back into place -

Ramyah on April 25, 2011:

Hi my knee got dislocated 2 months back. I found this happenings after going in stairs. I consulted doctor, he said small surgery has to be done. Is it curable by long walking and by doing yoga? I am very much worried about this as i am 27 and single.

Zack on April 25, 2011:

I just dislocated my knee 4 days ago while running. I was running at track practice and I just leaped into the air ( I'm only 14 and weigh 243 lbs) landed and my kneecap just popped out as soon as I landed. When I landed I fell on the knee and it only popped halfway back. So, my coach called the trainer and he called my mom to pick me up. He gave me an ace bandage and crutches (which i will NEVER use again) because my mom was taking me straight to the ER. Lucky me, when I got to the ER, it was empty. They took X-Rays and said I tore my Lateral Retinaculum and dislocated my left patella. They gave me a brace that doesn't allow my leg to bend and it's really annoying. When I return to sports, what kind of brace should I get?

Dakota (again :D) on April 22, 2011:

depends on what the cause was. ask your doctor or physical therapist if you go to one.

precious on April 16, 2011:

I keep dislocating my knee and it is painful. Will it ever stop happening to me?

alejandra on April 13, 2011:

OMG this is my 4th week still on crutches!!!!!!!!!

Dakota on April 09, 2011:

Omg, I have never seen a blog with this many kids, and ppl that have had a knee dislocation.

I'm 14, the first time... I was about 13, it was October. It was a party this group I was in was having. We were playing a game, right when I got out, It happened. The worst pain I had ever felt, the pain sooo horrible I don't beileave someone can understand if it didn't happen to them. I couldn't move, it hurt to bad, they made me get on a chair though I was screaming to be left on the ground. They had to call my parents, god... when they tried to get me in the car....

We had to drive and drive, I woud randomly scream because pain woud shake my leg.

I thought then it was over.

I was wrong. That summer, when I had a BIG play coming up, I the lead role, I was at a friends hanging out in the babypool, I step out, it happens.

This time I got to ride in a ambulance.

And along all the stress i lost my boyfriend, and my play.

Now, I don't audition for plays, they sicken me with the memory.

Now I am scared to death to run, I can't jump, cant slip and slide, cant dance like my friends, and all sorts of things. I sometimes wear a brace because my knees lockup. The docs said surgery wont help, that my muscles are to weak, so my only hope is exercising. At random times i let out a cry, afraid it will happen again. oh god please don't!!!

I just now got my life together...

alejandra on April 01, 2011:

ugh im 13 and i am so embarrassed to go to school on these crutches and brace so my mom allowed me to miss 2 weeks!! but im so nervous and am trying to get off crutches by monday. am i allowed to get off these crutches after 2 weeks

Vaughn on March 28, 2011:


Thank you for the advise and the story

i dislocated my knee in feb its still sore.

unfortuntly i have no money for rehab.

trying to google excercises

Christelle on March 22, 2011:

This article is so helpful! After having discloated my knee for the last time a few years a go, I've been working sooo hard to gain more strength, I really felt good about it, felt like it would never happen again..most of all because I do all kinds of dancing and walking and went well for all these years. And then suddenly, last week, I made a harsh fall without any signs before hand and out of no where..suddenly I laying there on the ground with a lot of pain and now it's all about recovering on time, i'm suppose to start a new job, next week. So i feel verrrrry frustrated and it hurts me to know that a weak knee like this can obviously always give problems even when you don't expect it at all! It helps me to read this article and I recognize almost everything thats in it. It does give me some hope to have some information on how you recovered. Thank you!!

Ben on March 18, 2011:

Roseyy, it is totally normal for the thigh muscle to become really small, I dislocated my knee about 8 months ago, and i am still not back to normal in the way my knee looks, but i can walk fine and do everything i used to...

cheryl on March 16, 2011:

I dislocated my right knee cap nearly 3 weeks ago. I was out clubbing and fell over on some spilt alcohol on the dancefloor (mega embarrasing). i went home and didn't go to the hospital for two days, when i finally went they gave me an immobilizer which was uncomfy! some crutches and pain killers. i got an appointment for the orthopedics or knee specialists whatever you call them 2 weeks later, i got xray'd there and they said id also chipped my bone. They took my immobilizer off me and left me with my crutch's and gave me an appointment to go for pysio therapy.

sometimes my leg feels really stiff, and sometimes like a piece of metal that you have to oil to make it bend. I can't cross my legs and im still walking with a limp. hopefully physio works!

Zimmer NexGen Recall on March 09, 2011:

Nice hub'.

A compilation of your knee story.

Just be careful of your left leg. Yes exercise would help.

My Mother is also regaining her strength right now from knee surgery.


Katie on February 22, 2011:

I dislocated my knee 2 weeks ago, it also happened 4 years ago same leg. I was bathing my daughter and I twisted the wrong way and it just popped out, I put it back myself, as there was no- one else to do it. I went to hospital the next day and had xrays and the nurse messed about with it to make sure everything had gone back ok and no nerve damage etc. Couple of days later I went to see a specialist and he put it in a splint, I also have crutches. I have to keep the splint on for 2 weeks then I am going to physio.

When I first did this 4 years ago it was exactly the same and at physio they give you strenghening exercises to build your leg muscles back up.

If anyone suffers from this injury I strongly recommend getting to the hospital, you definitely need crutches or you may start to walk with a limp and getting referred to physio. Hope this helps.

roseyy on February 17, 2011:

i always had these dislocations and mostly they didn't affect me at all, not until last november, and it didn't go back in until around an hour later in the hospital. so it was really swollen and all and i needed a cast and stuff. thank god its better now, but i'll still need to go for checkups. it still looks kind of swollen though, as compared to my right one. and my left thighs look really skinny as compared to my right ones. is that normal?

Susie on February 11, 2011:

Hello all, the first time i dislocated my left knee was 5 years ago playing bowling at a Christmas Party, this time it happened 2 weeks ago getting out of our work truck, after using the truck clutch all day it was getting weaker and weaker all day didn't think anything of it until i stepped out of the truck, and my petella dislocted, i put it back in by myself, instant swelling and pain. Went to the doctors two days later, to realise it was not on properly so they tried to put it back in (which didn't work) then re-dislocated it to then put it back in, all this with no pain relief just a towel stuck in my mouth to muffle my screams. My knee is still swollen, my foot swells when i stand up although i am not putting any pressure on my leg. i am wearing a knee brace. doctor has told me to come back in 6 weeks to have a check up and do physio and go see a specialist. great comments from everyone that only really knows what us less unfortunt go through every time this aweful thing happens. happy recovery!!! :)

Ben on January 02, 2011:

Took me three months before I could walk at all without crutches. Be patient, the more fluid there is the more time it will take to heel. Im 14 and this was the first time that I had ever gotten hurt this bad. The knee cap stayed out for about an hour and a half.

Rebecca on December 30, 2010:

Hi I'm 15 and a week ago I dislocated my left knee while walking. I dislocated it 2 years ago as well bgut it popped it self back in and I was fine a couple days later. But this time it didn't pop back in and I had to go to the hospital. I have it in a brace and it is a little bent and I can't stragten it. When I had an xray the found some fulid in the knee as well. It really hurts and I can't walk.

Morgan on December 23, 2010:

im 15 & love sports.

i dislocated my knee several times, but the doctor never knew it, because of my high pain tolerance.

i had surgery 5 months ago & planned to sit out a season of basketball.

with lots of hard work, im back on the court.

the main part is overcoming the fear of being injured again.

and you have to build your muscle back up, so lots of gym time.

phil on December 22, 2010:

I just dislocated my knee 2 days ago and I must say that it hurts. And to read that my knee could do it again worrys me because this is something I don't want to happen again but I am glad to know that atleast I'm not the only one

Chris.S on December 17, 2010:

Great article!

I'm a 21 year old male living in the UK. I dislocated my knee 7 weeks ago after a bag full of heavy bottles hit it. Had it replaced by paramedics and then went to A&E. I had it x-rayed and then examined by a doctor. He then ordered a splint for me and made an appointment for casting, but there weren't any splints left for me!! Instead, they just wrapped my knee with

cotton and bandages. The following week, I went back to the hospital to have a full weight bearing cast put on. I wore the cast and used crutches for six weeks before having it removed. I wasn't expecting my leg to be so weak! The ligaments felt like jelly... After the cast was off, I went for a follow up consultation with a knee specialist. He said it had healed very nicely and I wouldn't need surgery. I had my first physio session at the beginning of this week and have another booked for next week. The excersises have been going well so far. : )

To say that I will be careful after all of this is a HUGE understatement!! I really don't want all this again... Although my experience doesn't sound even half as bad as some of those above!

Sheridon on December 09, 2010:

This is the second time for me dislocating my knee .. he first time was with gymnastics .. and i dislocated it in november 2008 .. two years later , same month and around the same date, i dislocate the same knee again .. by getting into bed. it just popped out. Now I need physio, and i dance and play basketball aswell and hoping that i can get back into both of them ASAP! my left thigh has like no muscle ( dislocated leg ) in comparison to my right thigh... it sucks heaps and now im worried i will be needing surgery. The doctor had said it could be a meniscus tear which at time require surgery. I wore the brace for about a week and a bit, and then started walking normally, well hobbling around but yeah i don't want to get surgery or anything as its scary =(

Simon on November 30, 2010:

I have had the same problem with both my knees since i was 13 and im now 23. Once you reach my age the body is fully grown and this your joints are under less strain. Joint sit tighter in possition if the limbs are bent. there for when i dislocate my knee i have to strighten my leg to pop it back in. This is not recommended but the pain is so unbairable i have to! Get loads of controlled exercise and just be careful. I think about my knees more than sex and im a man. Don't let it get you down.

Alondra on November 19, 2010:

wow..its good to know other people out there have the same problem (not that its good).... well im 15 and i have dislocated both my knees a total of 7 times. right knee 3 left knee 4. just recently i dislocated my left knee and it was extremely painfull. i dislocated while dancing and had to be carried out of class. Doctors said it wasn't severly injured but it still get me upse do to the fact my knee injuries always mess up my plans

conor on October 19, 2010:

thanks Hannah for the info.

damien Anderson on October 17, 2010:

just to let you know i am 1 week into it and the pain does ease. i am start physo tomorrow i wll keep you guys posted

Ben on October 15, 2010:

You got it easy, Jason, I am just starting to walk normally, and I dislocated it 4 months ago!

Jason on October 14, 2010:

I dislocated my kneecap play squash. Sat in the court for 2 hours before having it popped back in! At first I thought my life was over. First week was the hardest. Couldn't shower without help, pretty much couldn't do anything. Had an immobilizer on my leg which was very uncomfortable. Week 2 went to an orthopedist, he told me to remove the immobilizer because I was losing muscle and the longer I kept it on the longer it would take to start walking again. So I did and each day got a bit stronger. Now Im on week 3 and I can pretty much walk without the crutches and Im able to drive again. As far as playing squash again, not for a while. Also still waiting on xray results, so we'll see. Definetly worst experience of my life!

Damien Anderson on October 14, 2010:

yeah i worked that out lastnight and sleeped like a log, booked myself in to start physo theorpy monday they reckon it'll take 4 to 6 weeks!

Ben on October 13, 2010:

I found that you can sleep on your side if you have an immobilizer on and some pillows under it.

Damien on October 12, 2010:

Hey, I am 20 years old and have dislocated my knee 3days ago , i slipped over in the wet and the knee cap did not pop itself back in we had to call a ambulance, anyway have been having trouble sleeping as i am used to sleeping on my side which obiosuly i cant because i cant lay on it!! any tips???

when i was 17 My other knee poped out and poped back in at work, it was a long jurney of work cover + spechalist and physo, the Mri scan showed that i have shallow groves in my knees. all this process took about 4-5months!!! i hope it heals quicker this time as i am a stone mason by trade and can not work until it has heal'ed there for i have no income and bills comeing in!!!!!

Hannah on October 07, 2010:

Hi Connor I'd go and have an x-ray and see a doctor if i were u and see If u can get physio. Mine dislocated about four months ago now and have only just been discharged from physio but keeping up with the excercises. I don't think I will ever stop thm I can't go through it again, the pain and the long recovery I'm still not back in pe i'm just so scared to. I have just turned 15 and I'm absolutely petrified, but unlike eeryone else mine didn't pop back in it stayed out and I had to get it back in by a doctor and had a pot but nothing was broken. So just takin every day as it comes, hope everything will be ok x

conor on October 03, 2010:

hey i dislocated my knee 3 times . 1 got tackled by a 15 stone boy as i landed on the tarmac it popped i got up fell and popped it in. 2 i went ice skating for the first time jumped over someone on the ground and fell. 3 hurling stick [ the 1 with a bit of metal lol ].each time my family said it was all right. i had to walk home each time which was over 3 miles each. now im 14 and even my 2 YEAR OLD COUSIN CAN MOVE it with 1 finger. also i never went to the docters and could not walk for a week.what should i do

Andie on September 30, 2010:

By the sounds of it I havn't dislocated it but have had 3 sublaxations in the past month. First was playing netball a month ago, jumped and landed on my right leg and felt it slip out of place and then back in along with a crunching sound. Went to a physio, and after a week and a half he said to try playing again, it happened again and I ended up on the ground again not being able to get up. Tried playing 3 weeks later again and same thing.

Now he sent me to get x-rays and a referral to a sports doctor. The physio thinks it could be a slight tear in the cartilidge since my legs collapses under me like it has and the fact that it's painful to straighten with weight on it and I can't do a full squat without pain.

I'm hoping a sublaxation won't take too long to heal as it's very frustrating not being able to do something I love and going from playing 3 times a week to nothing. It's ok to run on so I might take that up, it's the jumping with force and twisting that keeps putting it out.

amanda on September 23, 2010:

Thank you for this article! It is more comforting to see that others are dealing with this process. I was jumping on a trampoline and my kneecap simply popped out and back in with in thirty seconds of my collaspe, I could put zero pressure on it and it swelled to seven inches, it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced! I have been in my immobilizer for three weeks now, and have been told to wear it for three more and begin physio in two. I am just dying to get back to running, dancing, and horseback riding, hopefully this will not be a reoccuring injury!

Goodluck to everyone in their recoveries

leigh on September 08, 2010:

i dislocated my knee at work it went back into place but is very week and had to have fluid drained off i start physical ther. this week will i lose some leg motion in the end or will my knee be good as new what should i exspect

Ben on September 06, 2010:

I would see an orthopedic surgeon if i were you. Even though it may not be "severe" there could still be damage.

cynthia on August 30, 2010:

btw: I can't bend it which, besides the bump or knee bone sticking out, is really the only issues. It hasn't completely bruised up, which I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

From my discription, can I pop it back into place where it can become a little knee bone sticking out?

Cynthia on August 30, 2010:

Hi. I believe I dislocated my knee. I had a hard fall and heard/felt it pop out. Out of embrassement, I got up and continued on (even went dancing). It's been uncomfortable and stiff. I'm praying and hopefully it's nothing too severe. See, I don't have medical insurance and can't afford to have anyone take a look at it. I have a little bump from the inner part of the knee bone. In comparision to the other knee, it sticks out a bit. Any 'home rememdy' anyone can suggest.


Ben on August 29, 2010:

I dislocated my knee 2 months ago and it's still swollen and My muscles are still not as strong as they should be, but physical therapy helps.

Hannah on August 22, 2010:

Everyone talks about a leg brace but I had a pot on for nearly four weeks but I never broke anything does anyone no why?

southernboy on August 09, 2010:

hey i know what you went throw same for me. its been going for about 15 years for me. i found away around it too. see im double jointed so i can pop thing out not even knowing. i learn there is a way to pop you knee out of place. we you turn your ankle and twist your leg out ward. your knee will pop out. see one day i was sleeping and i rolled around in my sleep and my knee pop out i was awaked insteantly. the pain was a pain. here is the rule the longer its out the more damange it will cause. for a person to pop it back in all you have to do is streach your leg out it is going to hurt like hell but trust me. when you feel it move over or pop in you will need to put a knee brace on it for about 2 weeks. with the knee brace on you still need to be on it. the brace will support your knee at the same time you will be bulding your muscle back to make it stronger.

Sarah on August 02, 2010:

Thank you so much for your detailed article.

My daughter just dislocated her knee cap on Friday while camping. Luckily I had uncles and cousins around who had emergency first aid and were able to fix it there. She's in a leg brace now and on crutches. What sucks is she has camp in a week and she's really worried she won't be able to go. I'm hoping they'll let her go, perhaps with the leg brace but we'll see. Fingers crossed...

Caleb on July 23, 2010:

I dislocated my knee 3 times now the first time it stayed out of place the next two popped back in as i hit the ground and im only 15

Richard Stephen on July 23, 2010:

I first dislocated my right kneecap when I was 19 playing football. I subsequently dislocated it at least 10 more times. Wearing braces helped but didn't prevent all injuries. Then last year, 31 years later, I dislocated my left kneecap for the first time playing basketball. I wasn't able to pop the kneecap back into place for almost 2 minutes. It was horrible. Rehab was long and arduous.

Unfortunately, my daughter inherited my knees. Our knees naturally hyperextend which make them more prone to dislocation. She dislocated her left knee twice in ballet class and finally had surgery to correct the problem. It was over 6 months before she was cleared to starting dancing again and has had no subsequent problems.

Hopefully, therapy will be all you need to prevent future incidents. If not, the success rate for my daughters type of surgery is around 90% and well-worth it if you want to stay active. Good luck!

Hannah on July 14, 2010:

I've been to physio before and the excercises haven't really helped but i haven't kept with them all my life. But I've been to that many different people which say different things are wrong with me so how exactly do I no which ones to do. But I will just start a fresh with this new physio and hope that it works I guess.

Nikki on July 11, 2010:

The excersises from physio really do help, i have the brace of and am just walking with the crutches which is good, and thanks Hannah ^, i hope everything is going to be ok with you too :)

Hannah on July 10, 2010:

I'm the same I really don't what my knee to dislocate again, it was the first time about 7 weeks ago even though I've had problems with my knee. I guess I'm just gonna have to try and stay positive the only thing I would say is to carry on with excersices fon physio and make the knee cap strong, and try not to push yourself all of a sudden. As from my experiences every time I push myself something happens, but that's no way to live is it ?I suppose everyone will just have to try and stay positive and get on with our lives as best we can, hope everythings going to be ok with everyone!

Padraig on July 09, 2010:

Hi thanks for writing that and giving people hope. I'm sitting in a leg cast at the minute, 4weeks after dislocating my kneecap. Its the second time doing it, both playing football and getting kicked on it!!!! It does get better given time but its hard too!!

Everyone keep their chin up and the best of luck!!! All the way from ireland!!!

Jane on July 09, 2010:

My daughter dislocated her leg and ever since I have been worried about it happening again and again and her not knowing what to do,what would you guys suggest that she does if this happens to her again. help????

Jasmne on June 30, 2010:

I just dislocated my knee 2 days ago...and I was screaming like a baby. I have had problems with my knee in the past "clunking" in and out of socket but this time it stayed out of socket! Thanks for this article it really helps.

Hannah on June 29, 2010:

Hi I'm 14 and am still recovering from my knee dislocating 7 weeks on. My knee is still swollen even though I got my pot off nearly 2 weeks ago. I'm jut asuming because I'm starting to use my muscles more, it should start to go down shortly. Another possibility is that it could be fluid around the knee cap when the bone popped out in which case you may need it to be taken out. But my leg wasn't swollen it was just my knee, I think you should mention it to your doctor or your GP in the mean time just use ice which should start to reduce the swelling. In also really scared in case it does happen again I just don't think I can go through it again. All my life I have suffered from my knee collapsing all the time but never this far. I'm really trying to build my knee up strong but it feels like every time I push myself because something bad happens I'm just so anxcious about what the future holds for me. It's like I can't get on with my life because I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, I shouldn't have to deal with this at this age, nobody should. I hope that i'm and everyone else is going to be ok, let's a try at least to look on the bright side, god knows how but let's try!

katie on June 29, 2010:

im 14 annd i dislocated my knee about a month ago and i was in a brace and still am , i can put my leg striaght and bend my knee just a little but not alot. I can walk without cruthces now and my whole leg is swollen , i don't no what that can mean and i have grad toniht and cant get into my sports doctor and i am scared it will pop out again since it does every now and then and i am frigthen that i might have water builiding up in my knee. I am scared of hoostipals and im hoping I will not need sugery on my knee cap , Does any one know how to help me, why my whole leg is swollen ?? : (

Scott on June 26, 2010:

First time I dislocated my kne me was the worst, but the second time I walked off the football pitch, and out of hospital. Took about 2 weeks to recover from.

Now I'm a week into my latest, easily the most painful at first, badly strained. Supposed to rest my leg for 3 weeks but I'm now walking without crutches 6 days into it, and swelling has gone down considerably. Also can bend my knee fairly well.

The pain of dislocating a knee for me isn't that painful, it's bearable. The recovery is always the worst part but it shouldn't be feared. I am trying to strenghten my knee but every time I get confident and start thinking it won't happen again it does!

Brad on June 19, 2010:

Hi, i'm 15 and i've dislocated my left knee 3 times and my right knee once, LAST NIGHT. I'm so annoyed and i desparately need surgery

Toni on June 19, 2010:

Thank you very much for your account of your injury. I am 22 years old and my right knee popped out at work very easily less than a week ago(ironically im a nurse in a rehab ward). Its the first time its happened and I still don't understand how it happened as it was just so easily done. It was extrememly painful, but luckily popped back in itself after a couple of minutes. I was taken down to Accident and Emergency dept and given pain relief. They put a splint on which is the full size of my leg and gave me crutches. They didn't Xray which I thought they perhaps would? I attended an ortho outpatients appointment a couple of days later to hear that I would have to wear the splint for 3 weeks, attend physio and be off work at least 6 weeks. Im getting used to getting around with my crutches, I don't have much pain or swelling thankfully, its just awkward with the splint keeping the leg straight. The thing im really struggling with is how easily it happened and im really scared about it happening again, especially since my job as a nurse is quite a physical one. Its going to be a challenge when the splint comes off and regaining my confidence, but reading stories like yours gives me great reassurance, thank you once again.

Hannah on June 03, 2010:

Hi my knee did the same thing I had to go by ambulance and had gas and air also but I have a pot and crutches but nothings broken? But mine was achey for a few days my muscles clenched in and out but it soon stopped. It does now and again but I just take paracetamol and it goes away but I feel more secure since I have a pot.

Nikki on June 02, 2010:

Hi, I dislocated my right knee the other week whilst playing on a dancing game. I had to go to hospital by ambulance and had morphine and gas and air. At the hospital, the doctor told me to straighten my leg out and it popped back into place. I now have a leg brace and crutches. My right leg is now really achey and umconfortable, i don't know if this is normal or not.

Hannah on June 02, 2010:

Hi, im fourteen years old and I dislocated my knee cap the other week whilst walking. I have had problems throughout my life with both of my knees and in and out of pysiotherapy but they have never particulary said what's wrong with me. Every person I go to its a different story so I don't know what to do. They both often collapse on me and I cant walk properly for about 1.5-2 weeks but it has never done this before, and has happened less as I have grew. This has knocked my confidence a great deal and everytime I really go for something it collapses without a doubt or sometimes just randomly. Is it possible that every time it collapses it dislocates but it pops back in itself? and this time just gone to far? Unlike some people my knee was jared and locked in a 90 degree angle so obviously the main bone, however they never really told what happened. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice, excercises or stories similar which has happened to them? They would be appreciated a dearly, I am just just so scared about the future,if it keeps happening surgery is highly likely. I am nervous what the future holds for me and am in need for some reasurance and help. Thanks

alyssa on May 23, 2010:

i keep popin my knee cap out and im 10 it realy hurts and i have to go to the hospital WOW i cant walk

Mike on May 04, 2010:

Hello all i dislocated my knee wrestling and even though i have a very high pain threshold this one was pretty close to unbearable. Anyway i was taken to the hospital in an ambulance as i couldn't get in the car lol. The doctor asked if i wanted to be put to sleep or just do it quick and i chose to just get it over with. Anyway he grabbed my knee cap and said bend your knee and it popped right back in which was instant pain relief. Then i was put in an immobilizer and told to wear it for 4 days then switch to a knee brace. I had a massive amount of liquid on my knee,but it didn't bother me and disappeared in about a week. Now im about 3 weeks into the healing process and I can walk fine with the brace and everything seems fine. Except, when i have my knee bent then straighten it it always pops which kinda freaks me out lol. Anyway just wanted to give you some hope that it will heal up good:)

Trouble on April 30, 2010:

Hey im 14 and my knee has been poping in and out of place for 4 years and i have been poping it back in my self and the doctors just sed that it might go back into place. I want a oparation on it to make it better but my doctor sed that i cant have one unless its still a problem wen in my 20s but im not going to be doing pe and thinks that i do at skool wen im in my 20s. I am really fed up of my knee it takes over my life nd i really want it sorting :( x

young girl on April 09, 2010:

im 14 and my knee popped out about 3 hours ago.

after reading this im terrified of being takin to the hospital. im icing it and stuff but im still really scared of what's going to happen.

Loren on April 07, 2010:

I'm 14 and I dislocated my knee on my birthday October 1st, cheering at a football game(I'm a cheerleader) I was doing a high kick standing on my left leg and twisted wrong it popped out and I fell down and it was the worst pain in my life. I had to wait for 2 hours in the emergency room and they took x-rays and then popped it back in and it felt SOOOOOOO much better. They put me in a knee immobilizer and I went to an orthopedist and I had to do physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks. I'm so scared it will happen again, but I just have to hope. Oh, and they didn't give me crutches, I limped for a while.

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