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How I Live With Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

I first became aware of my sensitivity to electromagnetic fields while I was shopping for school supplies for my oldest daughter.

High power electrical wires emit electromagnetic energy.

High power electrical wires emit electromagnetic energy.

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are created by electric power charges. There are two types of fields:

  1. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from electronic appliances, computers, fluorescent lighting, and power lines.
  2. Radiofrequency radiation (RF) from wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, cellular antennas, transformers, and broadcast transmission towers.

Scientists refer to clean electricity as electromagnetic currents with a wave flow of 60 times a second. Scientists refer to dirty/stray electricity as electromagnetic currents that flow in the 4 to 100 kilohertz frequency range. This indeterminate range contaminates the electrical supply, hence the reason they call it dirty electricity. Dirty electricity runs along the ground, entering the home and office building through grounded water pipes.

What is Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity?

The human body is a highly sophisticated bio-electric machine. Each cell in the body contains positive and negatively charged elements, operating optimally on its own. EMFs disrupt this normal balance by sending electrical impulses through the body, causing dysfunction in the cells.

Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity is also known as electrohypersensitivity, or EHS. According to the World Health organization, EHS is:

“… a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.”

Electromagnetic fields are all around us, and while we cannot escape from electromagnetic fields, we can do things to overcome the effects. In order to combat the negative effects of EMFs, it is helpful to have a general knowledge of who EMFs affect and what EMFs are.

At least 9.8 million people in America suffer from sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

Levallois 2002 –

Who is Affected by Electromagnetic Fields?

Everyone is affected by electromagnetic fields (EMF). EMFs penetrate every cell in the body. Most people do not feel the electrical pulses emanated from electronics, however some people are highly sensitive and are afflicted with physical and psychological adversities.

According to the Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electronic, and Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP), 3% of the population are severely afflicted with EHS and another 35% experience moderate symptoms.

Everyone is exposed to cell phones, wireless networks, electric appliances, power lines, etc. Generally, these radio waves are harmless to the average person, however people who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves have problems.

The difference in who will and who won't be sensitive to electromagnetic fields has to do with the way a person's brain processes the electromagnetic signals.

Symptoms of EHS Can be Mild to Severe

There are many symptoms associated with EHS.

There are many symptoms associated with EHS.

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What Are the Symptoms of EHS?

People who suffer from EHS tend to have an impaired immune system which can lead to chronic illnesses such as thyroid dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and chronic inflammatory discomforts. Also because this condition elevates the blood sugar, they can develop a condition called brittle diabetes. Brain wave modification also causes serious psychological abnormalities and deficiencies.