Gastrointestinal Health


How I Prevent Colostomy Bag Ballooning

If you are living with a colostomy, bags ballooning out, caused by gas build up, is one of the most common problems you’ll encounter. How can you avoid this? If it happens to you often, what are the possible ways to reduce its occurrence? Find out how I coped with my ostomy bags ballooning issues.


My Colostomy Reversal Story

My colostomy reversal procedure was done one year after my colostomy surgery. But what do you need to know about and stoma reversals and how long should you wait before the stoma reconnect procedure? Find out what to expect, and more.


My Food and Diet Tips for Colostomy Patients

My diet as a colostomy patient wasn’t much different from my pre-ostomy days, and If you’ve just had an Ostomy, you want to know what you can eat & drink, and what you can not. Here, you’ll find tips on my experience, the nutritional pattern I followed, my diet, and my general eating habits.