Living With a Urostomy

in 2010, my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to get a urostomy. This article assists with practical steps on how to change the urostomy bag and also discusses some of the other practical issues around the urostomy.


My Journey of Finding out I Have Cancer

I am going to try and share my story of being diagnosed with cancer from the beginning—with updates as I continue this journey. I really hope that this can, in some way, help someone deal with what they are currently going through.

This is me before the treatment (and my five year old son Ryan).

My Journey Combatting Skin Cancer With Efudix

In this article, I will share my journey with Efudix skin treatment. I've included photos to show how my skin changed and notes about how I felt throughout the process. I hope that reading about my experience will help anyone undergoing the same treatment.