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Review of Sporting Smiles: Online Source for Orthodontic Retainers

After my daughter broke her retainers, and my son lost his, I decided to investigate cheaper, mail-order replacement options.

Sporting Smiles Self-impression Kit

Sporting Smiles Self-impression Kit

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Obtaining a replacement retainer through an orthodontist is expensive. I recently replaced my daughter's broken top and bottom retainers for $750 dollars. Rather than continue to pay such high prices for new retainers, I went looking for other options, and I found a great source that comes at a fraction of the orthodontist's price.

High-quality retainers can be ordered through a company called Sporting Smiles.

When you go to your orthodontist to obtain a retainer the orthodontist takes an impression and then, most often, sends this impression to a laboratory to have the retainer made. Once the retainer is made it gets shipped back to your orthodontist at which time you can pick it up. With Sporting Smiles, you order and receive a self-impression kit through the mail. The kit includes all of the supplies needed to make an impression, which is very easy to do. After making the impression, you place it back in the box and mail it back to sporting smiles using a prepaid label. In a few weeks, the new retainer will be mailed to you.

I have used this service many times and could not be happier!

Sporting Smiles Impression kit includes: instructions, impression material and tray, prepaid mailing label and you will receive a retainer case in the color of your choice

Sporting Smiles Impression kit includes: instructions, impression material and tray, prepaid mailing label and you will receive a retainer case in the color of your choice

I am so thrilled to have found this method of replacing retainers! There are so many benefits that outweigh going through an orthodontist. The quality is equal to that of the orthodontist. The price is very low; the last retainer that I obtained this way cost $70. The length of time it takes to receive the new retainer is about the same as that of the orthodontist. Another plus is that I don’t have to make two appointments to see the orthodontist. I usually have to make one appointment to have the impression taken and go back to pick it up.

About Sporting Smiles

Sporting Smiles uses lab technicians and dentists to provide quality laboratory-made dental products at affordable prices. Sporting Smiles allows you to bypass the additional fees typically associated with these products.

The only downside that I can see is the hesitation a person might have about doing this for the first time. I was a little unsure about making the impression the first time, but it really is pretty simple and the sporting smiles customer service will help you in the case that the impression doesn’t come out well.

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Getting a retainer through Sporting Smiles is the best way to get a replacement retainer and it is far less expensive. I have had to replace retainers many times for myself and my kids and I no longer worry about losing or breaking a retainer since the replacement process is so easy through this company. If you are looking to replace a retainer, and a high-quality convenient product Sporting Smiles is the way to go.


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Convenience


  • Making impression yourself

How to Order From Sporting Smiles

  • Order needed number of retainers (top, bottom, or both)
  • After receiving kit, brush your teeth
  • Measure tray and make adjustments if necessary
  • Combine impression material, then place material in the tray
  • Press onto teeth
  • Wait for the specified amount of time before removing mold
  • Rinse mold and place in bag
  • Close box up and mail back using the prepaid label
  • In a few weeks, you will have your replacement retainer and feel good that you saved money and have a high-quality retainer too.

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