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My Atypical Scabies Symptoms: Unusual Signs of Mites That Doctors Don't Recognize


My husband and I had a yearlong battle with scabies, one that doctors failed to recognize because it did not "fit the picture."

What Are Scabies and What Do They Look Like?

Scabies are parasitic mites that infest human skin. They are contracted through contact with an infested person, be it as intimate and prolonged as sexual intercourse or as brief as picking up a child at a daycare facility. The scabies mite is usually spread by direct, prolonged, skin-to-skin contact with a person who has scabies. In other words, you can get scabies from even the most casual contact with a stranger—provided they have scabies.

The mites are very small and cannot be easily seen with the naked eye. You probably won't see scabies crawling on your skin; you will only see the symptoms. Their burrow marks are often visible as curvy, grayish lines on the skin. Rashes or pimple-like bumps resembling bug bites may also be present.

Healthcare professionals look for evidence of scabies between the fingers and toes, across the shoulder blades, in the armpits, along the inner elbows and insides of the wrists, around the breasts, waist, genitals, buttocks, and knees, as well as on the soles of the feet. Widespread belief within the healthcare community holds that the scabies largely avoid the face and scalp. It is also a common belief that these mites are too small to elicit a crawling sensation on the skin, although the body's immune response to the mite, and to the feces and eggs it deposits in its burrow, leads to severe itching.

What Scabies Might Look Like


Misdiagnosed Mites: Doctors Don't Always Recognize Scabies

The above may indeed describe the typical presentation of a scabies infestation, but sometimes scabies do appear on the face and scalp, and sometimes they do cause a tickling, crawling sensation.

My husband and I had a yearlong battle with the scabies mite, one that doctors failed to recognize because our scabies did not "fit the picture."

First, we did not itch at all. In fact, the first odd sensation that both my husband and I felt was a tickle in the nose that simply would not go away, scratch as we may. It persisted for days and then weeks, and finally, an entire year. We also periodically felt an ever-so-slight weight landing on our eyelashes, as though someone had blown a handful of dust in our faces. I had a few bumps on the outer parts of my arm that looked and felt like pinpricks, but my husband had none. We both felt a crawling sensation across our feet and on our legs at various times throughout any given day. The doctors said the symptoms did not resemble scabies and that we should not worry about it. When the symptoms persisted, they even suggested the problem might be in our minds.

So instead of being diagnosed and treated for scabies, we were told it was all in our heads. A suggestion of 'delusional parasitosis' by more than one doctor would seem rather inappropriate given that two individuals with no history of mental illness began experiencing dermatological symptoms within the same week.

What this experience has taught my husband and me is that doctors aren't always right.

When You Think You Have Scabies—But the Doctors Don't

There are seemingly hundreds, if not thousands, of folks out there in cyberspace searching for an explanation for crawling sensations and itchy bites that appear to arise from an invisible culprit. Perhaps we are not the only ones the doctors have misdiagnosed.

After year of suffering unnecessarily, only to discover that the doctors were wrong, my husband and I realized we needed to share our story and offer more accurate information on scabies symptoms.

If this happens to you, you'll have to work harder to help the doctors help you.

Tracking Down the Scabies Culprit

Because we knew it was not all in our heads, we had to find other ways to discover what the invisible culprit was. We began taping our skin whenever we felt a crawling sensation in the hopes of finding something under a microscope. We pressed scotch tape to the spot where we felt something, hoping to collect evidence on the tape. It took a long time to find any proof because these mites spend most of their time under the skin, but we eventually got lucky. We put the tape under the microscope and saw what looked like a mite. We took a picture of what we found and sent it to a mite expert for identification.

The tickling and crawling sensations we felt on our bodies, including our faces, were indeed caused by scabies. A simple Permethrin treatment got rid of the mites after an entire year of suffering, although the treatment drug causes its own immune reaction that sometimes feels as though the parasites are back. We've been told now by others who have had this reaction to the Permethrin that the immunological reaction eventually goes away, but can take months. In any case, it is not nearly as annoying or worrisome as the mysterious mite symptoms, so we are happy.

Scabies Mite

Scabies Mite

Common Dust Mite with slightly more elongated body shape, for comparison

Common Dust Mite with slightly more elongated body shape, for comparison

Diagnosing Scabies and Educating Your Doctor

Worldwide, approximately 300 million people have scabies at any one time. Given the persistence of this parasite and the lack of knowledge on this subject that seems to be pervasive throughout the healthcare community, one can imagine how we feel when we come across the pleas for help posted online by others with similar symptoms going undiagnosed. My suggestion to anyone experiencing unexplained itching, rashes, bumps, crawling or tickling on any part of the body, including the face, is to at least consider scabies. And if your doctor will not cooperate due to a lack of evidence implicating this culprit, find another doc who has more experience with these and other parasites.

Not everyone has the time, energy, resources, or patience to take tape samples, find a microscope, enlist the help of an expert, and visit multiple doctors. However, we're hoping that by sharing our story everyone, including those in the medical profession, might learn something from our experience.

Learn More About Scabies, Mites, and Parasites

You can read about effective treatments and possible side effects in another article I wrote: How Do You Know If Your Scabies Treatment Worked?.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


NotImpossible on July 17, 2020:

Dear Soapbubbles, I've been using Benzyl Benzoate for many months to treat the dreaded S word. It's efficacy is "slow" if I can put it that way, the truth is that nothing works quickly when you've had scabies for a long time. I have read that eggs can be buried up to 10mm under the skin. No lotion is going to deal with that depth quickly. In between the Benzyl Benzoate, I've just started using a lotion I made up. Put about a cup of body lotion, I'm using Nivea, about 3-4 tablespoons of powdered organic sulphur, and about 3-4 capfuls from a bottle of 90% Lactic Acid. Mix it up, and massage well after shower. I noticed the next day, eggs I thought were gone, coming up to the surface of the skin. You can buy wooden sticks used for waxing, cheap from ebay, to "scrape" skin after showering. Press quite hard, yes, it's uncomfortable, but things will come off of your skin. I do this everyday.

Be mindful that if you have any new bumps or sores, the lactic acid will sting, so be careful I take Ivermectin horse paste, by a brand called Equimec, once a week, as this brand is just Ivermectin and nothing else. I'll contine with this program until the wretched things are gone, either way it's a slow process. I find the laundry and cleaning very burdensome on top of the treatments as well.Do go to a fabulous website called Maximpulse, this guy has done all the research on scabies. I have read you can use Benzyl B long term without it losing it's efficacy. Hope this helps with your battle.

Soapbubbles on April 21, 2020:

Hello! I am planning on sharing my story later when I have time to write it all down, but for now I am wondering (in case anyone still checks these comments) if anyone has any experience with benzyl benzoate as a treatment and if those experiences are good or bad? I doubt you will see this @Chikonahoka but I am wondering what treatment(s) you used? And if you know exactly what types of treatment that strain of scabies are resistant to?

I am fairly certain that the benzyl benzoate is working in my case, but as most people here in these comments used permithrin I can't be sure. So I would very much appreciate any input.

Chrismdc on September 16, 2019:

Canola Oil was my unknown problem for many years since 2008 in Austrlalia, i was itchy with the feeling of invisable bugs landing and crawling on me, i had sores on my legs that i must of scratched open during the night, when it first started i thought it was mould, demodex ect and any straw that could be the answer, until food was looked at as a possible cause, it seemed that the attacks were intermittant and through elimination diets i got some relief when certain foods were avoided eg brocolli, cauliflower and mustard but i would still get out breaks until the link to Canola oil was found, which is nearly every processed food and some unprocessed through contamination, they are all from the same botanical family " brassica" so for anyone fighting invisable bugs try avoiding "hard to do" Canola oil and brassica family, PS if a food manufacture uses canola oil in there factory for other products it is most likely the food that isn't labled with a canola oil ingredient is contaminated, if it is labelled attal.

Chikonahoka on March 27, 2019:

I have exactly what you described. Not even the dermatologist at a fancy hospital was interested in an atypically manifestation of scabies. Do you know how I got microscope images of the mites? From my hairdresser of all people. This is why people are losing trust in professionals.

Luckily my best friend is a doctor and I have biology training and we worked it out from reading scabies journal papers. We also learned that in the region I was traveling through, there are scabies strains discovered that are resistant to conventional treatment. So now I’m in long-term treatment based on my friend’s advice, but at this stage it’s hard to tell if the crawly sensation is a revival of the scabies or just my body’s random reactions. So your experience helps.

martinsedition on September 30, 2018:

Hello Original Poster,

Do you have hyperthyroidism or any autoimmune disorder by any chance? I just discovered I may have an autoimmune disorder, and that could be why it took so long for the itch to show up. Or maybe the scabies (if it is) triggered my autoimmune disorder that was not yet a disorder before to develop.


martinsedition on September 20, 2018:


Thank you for sharing your experience. Have you thought of asking your doctor, the doctor who diagnosed you with scabies, to write about your experience to a national medical database or something? Because it seems like none of the doctors I have visited have encountered a case like yours. If every doctor in the country knew to look for scabies, even if there was no symptom of itching, that would be helpful. Because then doctors wouldn't keep dismissing me.

My symptoms started around August 2017. The only symptom I had was that it felt like there was something on the back of my neck. It just felt like dirty (I do shower daily, so it's not because I don't shower. Sometimes if I don't go out, I won't shower for that day but this has been a habit of mine since I was young). It just felt uncomfortable, very mildly.

It wasn't only until April 2018, did I start itching. And my itching is not severe at all. I've read horror stories about scabies online; ppl say that the itch drives them mad.

I do not itch daily. I would really liken my itch severity to that of a mosquito's bite itch. It doesn't quite feel like a mosquito's bite itch, but the severity is around that of a mosquito's bite itch.

One time, when I had the cold or the flu, the back of my neck felt, I don't know how to describe it, hurt. It just felt like something was wrong. Like I felt like I wanted to clean my neck really well.

Where I itch: ear, belly button area, butt, hand, around breast area, back of neck.

I have no visual rashes, like you. Nothing. Except for the mild "eczema" that a dermatologist noted around my belly button area. (The dermatologist said it was eczema.)


General information:

I am female, Asian. mid 20's.

I do not use perfume, or makeup. I have never used makeup daily. I tried makeup once when I was a younger teen and that was that.

Cleaning products, my mother has been using the same cleaning products for years now. Same laundry detergent as well. My mother likes to buy the same things if it works.

I've had a privileged life (in terms of medical conditions) (aside from head lice I had when I was a kid), so that's why I'm surprised I'm experiencing itchiness out of nowhere. Like I never had to see a dermatologist or a specialist for anything, fortunately. The only times I did go to the doctors were to get a vaccine or to get an annual check up, thankfully.

I have not had any change in my personal care or cleaning products. I use the same shampoo and body wash.

No change in diet.

I do not wear jewelry.

I do not use drugs like cocaine or meth. I do not use any drugs. I do not drink or smoke.

I do not have eczema or a history of skin conditions.


I'm not sure what I'm supposed to. I have been to a PCP, and two dermatologists, and all three doctors said it's nothing. Because I don't have any visual rashes, I really can't blame them.

I really do pray that it's nothing because I live with family and I do not want to pass anything onto them. I have read about delusional parasitosis but I do not fit the profile of the usual patient who has delusional parasitosis.

What should I do? :(

It also took me a while to find this article, so it probably was out of pure luck that I found it.

Around Nov 2017, I had written in my journal, "feels like eggs are laying". I had not heard of scabies at that point. I didn't even know what to search for at that point. Because what would I type into google? I didn't itch. I didn't had any rashes. I thought that whatever it was, it was just nothing, and it would go away in time.

RANDALL Lufkin on September 09, 2018:

I've been dealing with scabies for allmost a year I have gone to the hospital at least 9 times a few times that gave me a cream permathin it did work for a very short time I went to the. Hospital yesterday and the doctor said it was a rash when I read that was hisDIAGOSIS I wonted to say you shouldn't even be a doctor I have done everything that you should do be cause I have a low amun situm also in 60 I have documentation and have read so much about this I have them on both arms legs feet I also have had them on my face forhead I don't have much hair they been in my ears shoulders i have dug them from under my finger Nails but when the doctor said it was a rash didn't give m any cream I showed him on my arm we're I could feel them crawling this morning to hey multalplyed I'm really depressed a and can't deal with this any more I really need help I can't deal with this any longer Randy. I haven't found anyone to help me if I can't I can't deal with this e longer thanks Randy.

barbara on July 03, 2018:

well i am grossed out.

Parul on March 16, 2018:

My husband same thing, I trying watch

BRANDY on December 02, 2017:

all my friends and family say im crazy because I do partake in drug use plus I have insomnia so I'm just nuts because of these other issues i have but I bet my life that something is under my skin and on top of my skin i thought bed bugs at first untill i noticed i think they are not only on top but under my skin ive tried to catch some on top of my skin by picking them off I've also used a needle to kind of try to get the ones that are underneath my skin out kind of like if you had a splinter they're not visible all the time it's almost like they come to the surface every once in awhile and when they do mostly it's in my hands my hands go numb and when I try to get them I can almost see them just barely escaping as I'm trying to get them I'm scared to go to to the doctor because they put me in a padded room I'm at the point now where I'm like actually crying because I don't know what to do I don't know what they are and it's freaking me out and grossing me out I want it to go away stop I almost wish I was crazy rather than knowing there's something under my skin but before I go to the doctor talking about my hands go numb and there's something crawling around under my skin I need to have some kind of proof some kind of evidence because everyone that I show so there's nothing there I'm just very nervous and scared somebody please tell me what to do to help me how do I identify what this problem is

Karen Ross on September 10, 2017:

I still am working on my hair. But a big help has been to use plastic gloves an boil all my cloths.

Not just wash in hot water, I put a big pan on my stove an soak my cloths an bed sheets in the boiling water. I use my kitchen sink, Then wash. I do the sheets an clothe everyday. Buy week 3 it has been remarkable. I have not quit yet, I do not trust it yet because my scalp is in my view is not done yet. I am over 65. I got the cream on ebay.

Witsend on August 24, 2017:

LM. I have the exact same problem you had and your post was two years ago. I wanted to know if you've solved it and if so, how? Please message me back!

Thank you!

Lminnoe on August 19, 2017:

I used hiboclens. Working very well so far. Also menthol nasal mist for creepis in nose

Ola on July 30, 2017:

for scabies the best treatment is- dry the infected skin with blow dryer, it kils them instantly and its not itching anymore.Its easy and the best remedy. Also hot shower. Every time you feel the itch blow dry the skin. It will take about 1-2 weeks to get read of them. For the private areas ( inside vagina) the best is hot shower -every time you feel you need to scratch, on the begining it will be 3-4 times a day later -one,twice a day. After shower put the benzyl bazyle. - also inside vagina.

Lynne on July 03, 2017:

I caught scabies from my parents after my father had been in a care facility for dementia. We brought him back to my moms house and had two of the carers from the facility to look after him. My mom started scratching but the doctor said it was just nerves and stress. My dad passed away 2 months after being back home and my mom had developed a rash. The doctor still said it was caused by stress. My mom asked the carer why she was also scratching and she said it was scabies and everyone at the care facility had it. My mom called me to let me know and said she was seeing a doctor to get onto meds. I went to see my doctor and I got the Benzoate cream which she said was really good and first line treatment in South Africa. I used it for 2 weeks and I found it wasn't really helping. I felt a crawling feeling in my nose and eyelashes and my head, also my back and tummy. I also found that my skin was burning it was hard to use above the neck and genital area, I would end up trying to wash it off. I found a supplier of the premitherin cream so ordered that and I have been using it 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks. I use sulphar soap daily to shower and wash my hair. My hair is like straw but I can feel those little things moving at night and still on my face. I am still getting little pin like bites on my body neck and chest. I am so worried about passing it on to my family. I stay on my own chair in the lounge sleep alone in the spare room and have very little skin contact at all with anyone. I hardly even touch my cat or dogs, they all look so sad because they are used to lots of attention. I am seeing a skin specialist in a few days time and hopefully after a skin scrape we can find out what is happening. I am lucky that living where we live I have a cleaner who comes in 3 days a week so everything get a very good clean. otherwise all my stuff is bagged as I use it and washed separately from the rest of the family.

My mom who stays on her own is still struggling with this dreadful disease, I think it must have something to do with our immune systems.

Neglected Scabies Patient on June 22, 2017:

I walked up one morning with my right arm and hand swollen and being unable to move my fingers. The lower level of my left arm was itchy and showed signs of a very tick rush under my skin. I also felt crawling of something inside my eyes, my ears and my nose. I never had any rash before, neither suffered of allergies. I was concerned about the swelling and made with my doctor. my doctor was unavailable, but his replacement saw me, he hardly looked at my swollen arm and rash, but he ordered blood test for liver, kidneys and thyroid..he told me to make an appointment with my doctor for when he was scheduled to return to office, he ignored my symptoms,period. Managed to get an appointment with my physician, but only 2 weeks after my initial consultation.

Because the rash, swollen arm and hand, biting, persistent itching of my head and feelings insect crawling continued, I visited a walk in clinic and was seen by a nice physician who referred me within same clinic to an allergist. The allergist was an older gentleman and at my request he performed the skin test for bed bugs, flees, etc. The test results were negative,reluctantly he tested me at my request for mites, since I explained to the good doctor, that I look at my skin as it is being bitten by some kind of invisible insect that no matter what I do, I cannot see the insect, it was microscopic, well, we awaited 15 minutes after the scratch test and said and done, the 3 scratches he made and in which he applied the serum for mites, immediately risen, the allergist said I had scabies He prescribed Perm 5% cream and the good doctor left for holidays, therefore, there was no way to return to doctor and besides, the allergist seems to be advance in age, semi retired, has not his own practice and only sees patients for a few hours once every week.

I did the treatment as prescribed, my house is clean, clean clean. I have always been clean. I wash my hands often and as needed...no help. On my own, I repeated treatment once more, but had to use 2 tubes of cream, because one tube would not cover my entire head area that now was fully covered, the scabies had spread after the first treatment.

As I continued feeling ill, I visited a local hospital at the ER, after awaiting for nearly 4 hours I was seen by the physician, I explained I had been tested positive for scabies, I was suffering and needed his medical help. I showed him the letter from the allergist explaining I had been diagnose with scabies and that medication was not working for me and to please prescribe oral medication, he pretty well kicked me out of the hospital and told me he did not see any skin rash or swollen areas, he prescribed antihistamines an cream..the hospital staff seemed very interested at not acknowledging the fact I had scabies,you see, hospitals need to follow a certain protocol within the institution in order to avoid infestations, that requires paper work and nobody wants to be the one stuck at filing forms, etc.

I left the ER and went straight to drugstore, when the pharmacist saw me he right away said: what ever happened to you? you have a bad rash and you are swollen,you see, every body could see how bad my skin was.

More than 2 weeks had passed since my initial discovery of scabies until I was able to be seen by my family physician, when he he saw me he refused to see the scabs on my head, he did not even look at the rash on arm and other parts of the body the scabies had moved to and he bluntly told me that I had no scabies because scabies do not go onto peoples heads. He offered me to be sent to a dermatologist, but I awaited, waited and waited and he never did! During the visit he was very uncaring and callous as he had never been, he pretty well told me to go to the allergist, since he is the one that made diagnosis, he was just a physician and he did not know anything to do with scabies. A licensed physician who studied medicine to treat and cure pretty well all illnesses..he did not want anything to do with a person with scabies..I explained to him I contracted with scabies from my real estate clients that were both blind and handicapped and that I had repeated close skin contact with them by way of wrapping my arm around their arm to assist and guide them were to walk with their cane, I explained to doctor I was ignorant to the fact they did carry scabies with them and that pretty well had met and visited their residence many times during the last six months. My clients were clearly negligent at not disclosing their scabies infestation

In total I have been seen by 4 dermatologist, 1 allergist and 7 physicians in their offices and Toronto Hospitals, only 1 allergist and 1 Dermatologist acknowledge I have scabies, the rest are literally useless by not educating themselves, they say I do not fit the general criteria of a patient with scabies because my head is infested, these doctors are totally negligent to the point of causing great unnecessary suffering and distress to patients. They seem not to want anything to do with patients with scabies, period. Honest to goodness, they do not even bother in looking at your skin, they do not make eye contact, they do not want their offices and themselves to have the infestation. Nobody is prescribing the oral medication because they have to fill a form and complete a survey about the patient, I have been tempted to pay them to complete the form and recommend the medicine for me, doctors really don't care about patients, they just care about quickly billing, it is sad, but true. I have never seen so much uncaring and lack of compassion. The allergist who made the diagnose is a nice older gentleman, he did the test that all the other 11 doctors I consulted with are literally laughing about, these doctors do not continue to educate and inform themselves to current conditions, deceases infestations, medications and the potential resistance to some medications.

It is funny because my doctor has been very helpful, caring and compassionate in the past, but not this time, you can pretty well see the difference and patient care for those with scabies. pretty well the patient with scabies is stigmatized, maybe because the infestation is through sexual contact. By being compassionate and caring for people I thought needed my help I was infected with scabies. I cared about my clients, but they obviously hated me, since they were aware of having scabies and knew how much suffering scabies bring into people's life by their own experiences,clients were evil by not letting me know in advance of their situation so that I could still be kind to them, but would have taken proper necessary precaution to protect myself and keep healthy. Now I know that misery loves company and no matter how much money you have, some people envy the good health of others, my good health was taken away.

I have been unable to work or earn my living for two months, I am a Realtor, if I don't work, how can I survive? My clients are multi millionaires and handicapped with blindness and confined to a wheel chair. I was really kind to them, but they have caused so much harm to me with their negligent uncaring attitude. Their behavior is on the verge of being criminal, they pretty well are endangering others by spreading such a horrific health condition and the doctors do not help any better....I will loose my home. On my own I have ordered the oral medication on line, I am waiting, waiting and does not arrive, I have done additional 2 treatments by using 2 tubes of the 5% Perm cream for each application, one tube is not enough to cover my body from head to toes, my skin has been destroyed, I cannot sleep, the crawling inside my yes, nose, ears and my body does not cease, but is more disturbing at night, when is overcast or when I turn lights off. I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months, medication don't work and basically have no life but clean, clean, clean. have washed, wrapped my couch, have discarded my good furniture, I sit in one chair. Let's care more for others, let's not be negligent.

Kelsey on June 21, 2017:

This post completely saved my life. My situation is such a complicated one because I AM an addict in recovery; so of course when i start talking about bugs and itching and obsessing- everyone I thought was close to me turned away with the thought that I was lying. And the urgent care doctor didn't help either- and she literally was reading the symptoms on google. I tried to tell her through panic and tears (I am sleep deprived, frustrated and emotional to begin with) that she should double check. Of course she just dismissed the few lines that were visible as "scratches". There's nothing that drives me crazier than doctors undermining self-awareness and uh... THE INTERNET. As the nurse showed herself- you can diagnose yourself by finding your symptoms online. I am in tune with my body albeit exhausted, and I know what is a scratch, scar, stretch mark or random burrow that doctors fail to see. Just because she has a nursing degree, she single-handedly made me question my own SANITY. My friend was there who unfortunately didn't speak up much so I was left the center of the circus. I keep asking people if was indeed going crazy and I think I'm screwed either way. So I know what i feel and see, I know I'm sober (yet insane right now) and I just home the cream will help tonight. Thanks for your words and encouragement.

Gettingovermites on June 20, 2017:

Benzoyl benzoate works and the cdc even recommends it. It can be bought over the counter at med lab supply or Texas med supply both online

Diana Deiter on June 15, 2017:


Robert on June 09, 2017:

I have linesall the way around my scalp going inti ears deporing a glass like crust for 4 yrs. Now i hardly ever itch

Robert on June 06, 2017:

For 4 yrs ive jad lines appearing all over my head face, arms ,and legs ; i squeeze matter out of this deep lines in mu fsce and body and a sharp clear. Hairs that look like glass never stops coming out i dont know what is wrong with me i hardly evet itch, but i do feel something biting me

Anonymous on June 04, 2017:

Your article pretty well describes my symptoms, my situation and feedback from the medical community.

My problem began approximately 2 months ago with the exactly crawling feelings on my eye lashes, inside my eyes, nose, ear and a bit on my head. I also experienced the feeling as if a sudden feathery wind descended upon my face carrying microscopic crawling insects that I could feel crawling on my eye lids, lashes, nose, ears and inside of my eyes. It seemed as if a hand fist of pollen, etc. was thrown at my face, arms, legs and other parts of my body.

At first I though maybe I had bed bugs and very carefully stripped my bed and could not see any spotting signs of blood or signs of bed bugs. I am very clean, I reside on the 25th floor of a new condo building. I look for any signs of flees and other bugs, I found nothing. I decided to remove my nice oriental rugs, unnecessary clothing, furniture, etc. and donated them to charity. I rewashed all my linens and clothing in maximum hot water, dried properly and stored all items in plastic sealed bags. washed all cupboards, closets, walls, windows, vertical blinds, dishes and got rid of all kitchen suplies..I was exhausted, pretty well it took me two full weeks to clean everything from floor to ceiling..I even remove original mattress cover including three mattress covers that I had covered my new mattress with..the itching and the same crawling sensation continued.

Once I took care of the inside of my place, I went to my family doctor, he was on holidays and I was seen by another doctor, I explained my situation, showed him the rush on my arm, my head and wrist, but he did not even bother looking at it, he ordered blood test of kidney, liver, thyroid, etc....blood test results were normal, nothing out the ordinary..he suggested I see my doctor when back from his holidays, which was in 2 weeks time. My symptoms persisted, I could not sleep at all, therefore I went to the emergency Clinic at a local hospital with my arm all swollen and with rush. The doctor told me he could see nothing on my arm and that my problem was an allergic reaction, he hardly took the time to listen to my symptoms and to examine me, he prescribed Benadryl . When I went to purchase Benadryl at the drugstore, the pharmacist inmediately said to me: What happened to you? look at your arm, what is that rush? you are are swollen! I felt validated.

I proceeded to take benadryl, it made me sleepy which was wonderful, but soon I realized that the itchiness and crawling feeling was keeping me awake although I was drowsy and sleepy I just could not sleep, my problem was worst.

I decided to go to a well known dermatologist with days after going to the hospital because my problem persisted and I wanted to to cure the problem and not just sleep on it.

The dermatologist spent maximum 1 minute with me, he did not care to see the scratches and marks on my head and he quicky said it was eczema. He prescribed heavy duty antihistamines and hydro cortisone cream to spread over the body and to put on top of cortisone vaseline. Imagine! all covered with the greasy concoctions and dozed off from the pills and still the pinching sensations with crawling sensation, was all dosed up, but could not sleep,

Went back to my family doctor and he told me to stop taking the 6 -20MG tablets of antihistamine and reduce to 1 tablet before going to bed and to discontinue cortisone cream, because it was only meant to be used in small areas of body and not the whole body....I asked him to test me for scabies and also to prescribe me medication for scabies , because I had the feelings that is what I had...without investigating and without checking my head and getting close look at the rush, he said: No way! you do not have scabies! is allergy!

Well, my problem continued, I visited dermatologist twice, my family doctor and his replacement twice, visited two hospitals, visited two walking clinics an nothing!

On my second visit to dermatologist, I told him I had discontinued using the cortisone cream and recuced his plls to one a day instead of 6 a day at the advice of my family doctor and also because my symptoms persisted without any help and to please test me for scabies. He said I will give you some new medication, but when I saw the prescription he was prescribing TETRACYCLINE which is to treat bacterial infection. .When I asked why TETRACYCLINE, he said: Your symptoms do not fit the symptoms of scabies. You never find scabies on a person's head!! Simple as that! No test, no close look at my head, nothing! Well, I did not buy the medication, but I went to visit an Allergist who on the spot did a skin test for all kinds of insects including lice, bed bugs, fleas, mites and BINGO!

All tests for all insects was negative with the exception of MITES, he said: Look! That is the poop of the mites in your body! YOU DO HAVE SCABIES!!!!!

The moral of the story is that Doctors nowadays only seem to care about amazing fortunes, it is not like the olden days that one single doctor took care of all the deceases of the general population of small town. Nowadays, doctors can't be bother to investigate, care or try to learn out of the ordinary deceases and do not learn to listen to the patients, doctors are quick brush you off and are not very good learners. Pretty well, doctors practice on us with all the medications they prescribe to us without due investigations of patient's symptoms, that is why doctors have MEDICAL PRACTICES, they practice on us, their patients, and we pay highly for them practicing on us, sometimes causing a high degree of anxiety, unnecessary suffering and stress.

I suggest you to visit an allergist or immunologist to properly test you and accurately discover the reasons of your symptoms.

Jo on June 03, 2017:

What a nightmare, insane itching for 3 years. Sulfur soap and sulfur ointment seemed to be the cure. I can't be sure, because I had also taken a dose of oral ivermectin as well.

bubbasix on May 27, 2017:

@AnAn Have the same veins here too...

Signs and symptoms for me have dissipated substantially after 4 treatments of Iver and 4 treatments of Perm in about a month month and 1/2 time from.

I have done it all. My combo is to treat with Iver (no food 1 hr before and after) on day1 of treatment and day 2 with Perm (head to toe) wearing socks with jammies/ sweat pants and shirt, leaving for 12hrs total no -/+.

I wash with water in the shower and then while still in the shower I wash with sulfer soap (Grisi Bio Sulfur Soap @target) wet no water running covered head to toe in the soap for 3 - 5 minutes.

I have Diabities 2 for which I just lost 30lbs and went on a no simple sugar diet, just dates bananas and no processed food - prior to the scabies symptoms occurring, also had a 6 mon period with extreme stress. I live alone and have no real social structure.

While at the hospital for this on one occasion, late a night I realized my symptoms were non-existent/ noticed the noise and all the people in the ER, looked up loneliness and itching/ diabetes and itching (lots of info).

Could this be in my head and my psyche in mfg symptoms, not sure. I find little black specs on my skin congruent with others on the web and I have the veins you mentioned. I had had a rash on my chest initially on the on set.

I use Dr. Bonner's Hemp soap (@Target) as a regular soap and lufa with Bathery "3 boost" exfoliating clothe, clean my house full time for 30+ days, found black specs everywhere on everything (those are gone) in the beginning.

I also wash all clothing, towels sheets everything after I use it with borax and laundry soap. I have done countless bleach baths, borax and Vinegar Apple Cider baths.

I have went away for 3+ days on two occasions, the last one I sunned in 105º weather, I fried these suckers and caught an awesome tan. Nothing "survives" in your home without human contact after 72hrs, according to the experts.

I still feel a little itchy, but the symptoms are way down, lots of lotion (Palmer's Cocco Butter) and it seems to help.

In the beginning from 3pm to 4am it was night of the living dead with no rest till 4:01am.

Now I am still struggling, but there is significant improvements. I am able to sleep again

This is not an advertisement for product, just my own journey.


AnAn on May 24, 2017:

forgot to mention that the stings and itch (and yes the red dots) sometimes occur on my torso and stomach. more rarely on my back, but the neck - esp. the back of neck - would have faint itch every few days.

i am very pale and you can see all my veins, but recently esp. around the jaws, i can see faint purplish red lines like spider veins around my upper arms and lower cheeks.

AnAn on May 24, 2017:

hi Samoa6,

it would be great if someone can help to advise my on this matter.

i am a 27 y.o. fem, single, with aversion to sexual contact and work in relatively subdued environment. the only time i got into a crowded place was the subway these days.

on going for about 5-6 weeks now i started getting this random crawling/faintly ticklish sensations at random (it does not get worse at night that i know of and not entirely sure if hot shower aggravates them). the amount of crawling sensation decreases somewhat compared to 6 weeks ago (which was at its most intense when i first notice it that i keep checking my skin every 3 minutes)

my mother, who lives in a separate country, shows the same symptoms when she got out of the hospital from dengue but i did not come into contact with her until after i got these symptoms.

i started to get a stinging sensation, most prominently on my arms and occasionally between my fingers and my legs. it does feel like pinprick and sometimes i saw ONE or at most TWO red dots that will slowly swell into a mosquito like bite and disappears in 15 minutes (completely, no marks left). the most i have it happens is about 5 times a day. it is itchy when it happens but they are not unbearable by any means.

my itch spells are periodic and faint and completely random, on some days i go for hours without any particular sensation, and i do have that faint ticklish feeling on the soles of my feet when i wear footwear, about 3-4 times on the scalp, nose sometimes feel itch same with my temples (but they strangely stops during the night, which seems to be my biggest contra compared to most people), and i feel occasional tingle/tickle around my fingertips.

there has been an increase of cherry angiomas (that or bite marks) and some faint brown spots, but they are not itchy and there are no sores or lesions on me. less than 5 thin papercut-like marks, only one i accidentally scratched and bleed.

i live in a single person room in a condo (my landlord has a dog but it never gets into my room and my other housemate is a nurse but i never do laundry at home; either outside or handwash them myself)

i heard black moulds and the likes will show similar symptoms and due to condensation, my AC leaks onto my non-lacquered wooden flooring and the bathroom ceiling was taken down some times ago and it exposes the rusty piping. i have a normal hygiene level; shower after i come back and wash hair at least every 3 days (now i wash everyday).

maybe i need to change sheets more regularly but my father and brother who spend nights over doesn't seem to have any problems. i did not change any products i use in the last 6 months.

i heard mould attracts some types of mites and if the spores are on us, it could attract the mites as well. i am considering dust mite because my bed and mattress are not my own and there are some parts of the room that i can't clean unless i strip every piece of furniture.

i am going to go back home in a few months and going to see a dermatologist this week but i heard a lot of problems with doctors about this.

i am very confused and have considered everything from athelete's foot, Cholinergic Urticaria, full body candida, liver, anxiety (which i have now because of this), stress, nerves, etc.

the one i am afraid the most is scabies because i can't bear the thought of spreading it to someone else and also because i have a phobia of bugs. everyone keeps telling me to stop thinking about it but i can't.

by the way i have what i think is a non-severe atopic dermatitis on top of my right foot and dry skin. i rarely use moisturizer before.

i've ruled out bed bugs and other types of mites (i know there is a rat in office and my boss kids' have some pet lovebirds but they are mostly on the other floor), but hey i'll take that over scabies.

so far, barring my mom, who shares allergies with me and her own mother, no one else seem to itch, even my colleague with whom i share daily physical contact.

at the moment, i only took norit (anti poison), some light sleeping pills (i can sleep without but not always the best without), and apply olive/clove oil before i go to sleep. took some magnesium and iron, as well as vit C too.

any advise would be great at this point.


shar57 on May 10, 2017:

Hi Dee,

Yes it sad that's drs seem to have their own agenda.

BUT, one thing I have learned about these bugs, whether they be scabies or bird or rat mites or something different is our immune systems play a HUGE role in this crazy scabie thing.

you could also have a skin fungus in addition to scabies or bird mites.

Fungus feeds off of sugar.

Fungus creates the same crawly stinging biting sensation as the mite.

You might concider looking for a moisture problem in your house.

Or maybe their was one at work. A leaky roof not big enough to be noticed, but still creating the perfect conditions for fungus or mold.

Well fungus and mold attract some of the microscopic critters.

If you been breathing in mold or fungus spores then u most likely have this systemically-

Through out your hold body. Inside and outside. Then the critters come.

There is the possibility that some of your belongings were infested at work. Or the Entos. daughter could be a carrier of bird mites but not being affected by them.

There is SO much we don't know and sadly the doctors ARE NOT HELPING US!!!

But please concider building ur immune system back up.

Plus the treatment that is supposed to kill these, is So hard on our bodies.

Bug killers are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are designed to kill.even if they don't kill us right away they do take a toll.

Watch ur carb intake. Fruit and fruit juices too.

There really is no need for fruit juices unless u don't have any teeth lol. the whole fruit is always much better and not as high calorie as fruit juice.

Try not to get upset. Even if u weren't dealing with weight

Issues. I'd bet this dr wouldn't have helped u anyway or believed u for much longer anyway.

Seems to be a common problem with this skin/ bug issue.

Dee on March 15, 2017:

In first experienced the beginnning of scabies on my last day of work at a museum where an entomologists daughter had infested my personal belongings with scabies mite as a spiteful going away gift. No I can not prove it but I became itchy on the inside of my forearms the moment I picked up my box of belongings to leave the office. That was 5 years ago and these bloody scabies keep coming back. It has ruined my life. I am allergic to dust mites so I get 6-8 weeks of intemse painful itching and insomnia and the reaction to Lyclear cream is unbelievable. I am right now awake at 1am unable to sleep with crawling skin. I would take my own life to stop this itching. If it went away permanently I could cope but I have moved house, thrown out my belongings, started afresh, only to end up back here again. I can not get a medical practitioner to take me seriously. For some reason they are more obsessed with my obesity than interested ij helping me with this skin affliction. I have put on 50kg stressing over this condition. Life has become horrific.

recently diagnosed on February 18, 2017:

One week ago we, the whole family was diagnosed with scabies. Apparently contracted originally through my husbands job. He ha had symptoms for a little while. Went to the doctor n was diagnosed^ with excema. Wrong diagnoses. My daughter and I started to have the same symptoms. So I took her and me the doctor. Excema again. But she did refer us to the dermatologist who did the final diagnoses. So one week after the first treatment, we are still experiencing some inching, but like all before, its to be expected. But I have had experience with other little critters, lice, experiences with my daughter from a daycare. But that led me to alot of research. I found the cure for that through Neem oil. It worked. So with that thought I went to work on a little more research and found out it can work on the scabies mites. I thought Try it. So this is what I did. After the initial doctor treatment, I made up a neem lotion with the neem and another essential oil, for smell. Yes the was residual inches from treatment. So the first thing was do what the the doctor said to do. Second I used the lotion. Everyone took a shower every night after and exfoliated really good. Applied the lotion from chin to toes like the precribed. The neem lotion has helped subside the inching in all of us. The neem from what I read n researched is a natural insecticde. It is a contraceptive for this and some other bugs. So after one week of so far of this, our skin looks good and healing any sores. We are taking our second treatment in two days and after we will start back on the neem lotion again. The lotion is a mix of aloe gel, Vitamin E lotion, neem, make it strong, and I put either tea tree for healing ore lavender to help the smell. Has to made up daily. After 4 days, my daughter, is doing well n the skin looks good. As well as us adults. Neem has alot of healing properties. Please note, I have done what most have done in sanitzing the home and laundry. Now it is a wait and see to see if this works. Just my daughter not iching and healing tells me something. If your want to look up neem oil, there are websites out there that have a lot of good information. Thought I would share.

Bob Jansen on December 12, 2016:

Just an update on my last blog. Its about a week later, and my poor immune system is clearly reacting to the mite garbage I have not removed with an extensive tender rash that tickles. I have probably also done some damage to my skin with the peroxide applications to debride the mite residue from the opened burrows: peroxide is terrible for wound healing because it kills cells indiscriminately. However, after three weeks, the largest evacuated wound site has finally lost the white bed lining altogether, although whether this is due to peroxide or my immune system, or both, is unknown. Hopefully now normal healing will start to happen.

I am treating the rash with dry skin lotion and soap and water cleaning. I am distressed to learn from other bloggers reports that the rash may last for weeks. I am watching for new sites closely, and there are one or two tiny ones every day. Still, I am hesitant to continually use RID (or permethrin) with so many open wounds, and I think the rash may be partially a result of so many insecticide uses. Boy, damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

BTW I would strongly recommend against any readers doing the debriding I described unless they have had some experience in this kind of work. A normal bathroom is far from sterile, and staph infections can kill, especially if you are elderly. If you are contemplating removing the mite detritus, please first watch some YouTube videos on changing wound dressings so you can get a feel for maintaining a sterile environment.

Robert Jansen on December 07, 2016:

My half century with the scabies mite

When I was about 25 years old I met a nice girl at a coffee shop in San Francisco, and somehow we ended up in her room on the floor in her sleeping bag. It was the summer of love, 1967, and that sort of thing happened then, especially if you were 25 years old. A few days later, I noticed some tiny red dots on my skin, and itching ensued. Eventually I realized I had contracted scabies. Now this was before the internet made it easy to look things like this up, but luckily I worked at the UCSF medical library at the time, and so I looked up skin parasites and got some Kwell shampoo at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic. It turns out scabies was epidemic in the Summer of Love.

Now it is official medical dogma that the scabies mite cannot live on its own for more than a few days, and I had killed all the ones on me and my clothes, so that should have been the end of it. But the mite has maintained a periodic presence in my life since then, showing up whenever my personal hygiene slacks a bit. I lived in California for most of that time and always had a swimming pool and Jacuzzi at my disposal. The hot chlorinated water seemed to keep the critters at bay, but whenever I was away from the water for a few days the little red spots would reappear. I discovered that over the counter RID (0.33% Pyrethrum) worked just as well as prescription Elimite (5% Permethrin), and for all those years, I would use RID in the shower when the little red pinpricks appeared. They would turn brown afterward, and that was that. I had no clear idea what was going on under the red dots. Since they came back periodically for many years, it seemed like they must have survived on my body. I suppose I could have contracted them from an outside source each time, probably once a year on average, but that seems improbable. My pool experience controlled them, I am guessing, but how could they survive all that RID and Chlorine?

Well, I am 73 now, and for the past few years I have not have a pool or even a regular bathtub, only a shower. For the past year I have had some vascular problems, an apparent blood clot in my leg, and I neglected to shower regularly, sometimes going a couple of weeks between showers. I live alone and I was preoccupied. This lack of personal hygiene was very unusual for me, but old age is full of unusual things, I am finding. At any rate, the scabies mites reappeared in strength. I got some RID and started showering every day using it. I washed the sheets, etc. This always worked in the past, but this time one or two of the red dots on my belly didn’t turn brown right away. They stayed bright red, which I took to mean the critter was still alive under there. I took a tweezers and nipped at the little red drop, and was amazed to find that there was a mite in a pouch in it. I had a cuticle nipper and nipped the little bugger off. Once it was off, I daubed some hydrogen Peroxide on the wound and it foamed up nicely, debriding the wound of foreign bodies as it is supposed to do. There were little black things and white puffy surround, so I tweezed the black stuff out and nipped the white annulus which didn’t hurt at all, which I surmised was because it was not me. It turns out there was a much larger burrow underneath the red dot, almost the size of a dime, coated with a white substance and filled with little dark stuff, things. I continued tweezing and nipping and using peroxide until all the black things, eggs and feces I think, were out, and I also tried to nip the numb burrow lining as well. As I got down to the bed I started hitting nerves and it hurt like hell. I began to realize that the mite had developed a barrier that prevented me from feeling its movements, that the burrow was lined this way, except for a couple of capillaries that fed into it through the white lining. Clever parasite had a well insulated home with running blood. If there was a “home” like this under every little red dot, I was supporting a whole neighborhood of mites. I investigated other dots that had remained red after being shampooed. I nipped off the pouch, which was in the red dot, and applied peroxide, which turned the rest of the burrow white on the edges. Some burrows were small, and some were as large as the first one I had opened. I continued to shower and use RID liberally, and after a week or so of this onslaught, I think I got most of them. But RID doesn’t kill the eggs, so I am continuing the shampoo treatment for a couple of weeks. I may switch to something stronger, i.e. 5% permethrin, if there is any resistance.

According to the literature, when the eggs hatch, the “nymphs” come to the surface and look for a mate. The pregnant female then makes her own burrow. So the smallest red dots were new burrows, and the larger red dots were old burrows. I did not want to open all of them up, it makes a large open wound each time, although it does remove the eggs and fecal material which helps my poor immune system cope. I take out the garbage, in effect, but at the expense of some tissue removal and bacterial exposure. I found that nipping off the pouch early leaves almost no crater, the new mom hasn’t had time to make it yet. Scabbing on the burrows I have opened up seems to be prevented by the burrow lining, which my body apparently has trouble breaking down. This makes sense, since it would have been already removed if my body could have done so. I help it along by periodically hitting it with peroxide, which seems to help break it down chemically. I realize that all the burrows I have not exposed will have their linings remain intact even though the adult mites are dead. I wonder if the eggs and fecal material will not be removed because of this lining.

I was a professional medical research scientist but I cannot find anything on the internet on how to deal with this problem of the apparently impervious burrow lining of the scabies mite. Physically removing it using surgery as I have done on a few sites seems impractical since opening each and every burrow would leave dozens of scars. The only treatment seems to be to exterminate the mites with insecticide and leave the burrows intact, full of protected eggs residue and feces. Yuck. The literature talks about post-scabies immune system reactions, and I am not surprised, given all the crap the mite leaves behind. I wonder if the protected burrows can harbor viable eggs, since my life experience is that my recurring scabies have somehow taken up permanent residence in my body and will opportunistically re-infect when circumstance allow.

I have not solved this problem, but I thought I would add my experience to the others on this site.

Bob Jansen, Ph.D.

Tom on September 08, 2016:

Great writing. Thanks

Tia on November 14, 2015:

Hello! I am new here! I have experienced the sensation of crawling and itchiness on my body last year and I thought it was scabies, I was treated with anti histamine and it simply went away after 3 months. This year, once again, just last few days I start to experience the same symptoms! Along with a rash around my breast just exactly like last year! But I live with my parents and elder sisters! They don't have any symptoms of crawling sensation except my eldest sister that claims to have a persistent itchy feet. I'm wondering if my eldest sister have scabies and infected me but can I ask you, is it possible to have scabies JUST on the feet with no rash? I have been feeling crawling sensations around my nose and scalps and ear lobes but after taking a hot shower, the symptoms subsided. I even feel something going in my eye making me itchy and blurry. This all started after I felt itchy on my hands near my wrist. I am wondering if it is but I had the SAME symptoms last year and it miraculously went away! Is it POSSIBLE for scabies to end their life cycle on their own? How many percentage of possibility that what I am experiencing is scabies? Thank you! Hope to get a reply!:)

U.K. Sufferer on November 04, 2015:

Samoa you are a truly amazing person! To still be helping others after going through it yourself! I got I from a boy I slept with a few months ago & it was hell I literally went insane! Went on an absolute mad one with it, bagged everything up, wore gloves, never wore anything twice, froze my purse etc every night & alternated 3 nightly intervals in different rooms (the house I was staying in was very large, so 4 spare rooms to use)

I didn't experience any itching on my scalp or face until after the first permethrin treatment, after this I kept itching on the scalp (I think those was due to P) I have done X amount of treatments and even stayed in hotels since and I still get bumps and the occasional itch, I had all the necessary blood tests & STI tests all came back negative.

I believe that I am cured but the psychological effect it has on you is immense! I've done the whole leave the house thing & brought clothes that I used and dispensed off after use & left my home for 4 days (mites would have died in the home as they can't survive for more than 72 hours) I'm now back & have followed my regime strictly. I'm doing my last P treatment this Sunday coming, then doing the isolation of clothes and cleaning for 4 days after then that's it for me I'm guna give myself a break & hope for the best! All I can say is write yourself out a plan, stick to it do the treatments at the right time in the right way, keep your health in tip top shape - take your vitamins etc & really believe that you're getting rid of them else they hold on to you forever!!

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on June 08, 2015:

Hi Sue,

It's very difficult to tell, even for a doctor. If I were you, I would re-do the treatment the correct way because as it stands, I trust the permethrin killed all the live mites that were on you but it would not have killed any eggs that may have been burrowed during your treatment days. This is the reason for waiting one week, i.e. give enough time for all eggs to hatch after the first treatment but do not allow them enough time to mature and lay their own eggs, starting the cycle all over again.

Sue on June 08, 2015:

Hello there,

I was told that I had scabies. My treatment was the permethrin cream, but my health provider had me treat 2x's but back to back...I thought was a bit strange. I still itch very much...mostly in my groin area, but some on my hands and wrist yet. Do you think the treatment worked, even if she had me do it one day and then the next? Very upset!!

Debbie Carey from Riverton, KS, USA on January 15, 2015:

Wow....amazed to find so many others who have experienced this. We are currently scabies free for 2 months and my husband still has itching and irritated skin. We used the Permethrin 5% twice (7 days apart) and have taken baths with 1 cup of added bleach every day since. My skin has NEVER been so soft and clear as it is now. Hubby had an EXTREME case and is well on the mend, but I'm thinking another month of irritation for him. Just taking a while to repair the damage these little buggers caused. I wrote a hub of steps we used, but appreciated reading your information....just want to reitinerate that it CAN be gone....be encouraged...there IS life after scabies!

kimberly on January 06, 2015:

i have had scabies awhile now, due to the doctor mistaking it for a allergic reaction I passed it on to my daughter, boyfriend, and 1 month old baby.. It's been a nightmare... We all did first treatment using 5% permethrin and I the next day my rash was worse then day before, my son 1 month old now has a rash on his rash, and I called the dermatologists this morning and they said not to put medicine on his face..... But what if it's live mites and we all get infected again, he said just wait and see how it is in a week, but to me it's like it's spreading more and more on his face, no burrow though.. Any suggestions?? Have to wait a week before doing it again, but I'm terrified this will not go away... Since treatment the itching has went down, but I felt something crawling on my arm a few moments ago, and I was scared, that this is not going to be over....

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on December 23, 2014:

Raven Smith - make sure everyone you come into contact with regularly is treating along with you, including the little girl with crusted lesions on her feet, otherwise you will most likely get reinfested. As for the prolonged feeling of crawling, you will need to just treat once, thoroughly, and then again one week later and wait it out. If you keep doing it everyday, you will put your immune system into overdrive and continue to feel like you have scabies even after you've been cured.

Raven Smith on December 23, 2014:

I'm so glad I found this page. I've been reading the comments and hoping someone can advise me too. I work with a student who had scabies and I got it too. I've treated myself 5 days in a row with Permethrin. I feel them crawling even now. It doesn't seem to kill all of them. I have children and I work with children so I don't know what to do. If I have eggs, that the cream doesn't kill then the live ones I feel now can get to my kids so I keep using the cream every day. The student I worked with had a bad care of them and after hers moms diagnosis of food reaction, I finally had the nurse look at her because I became more skeptical. She even had a yellow crusted like shell on them. Mostly her toes -- I'm not sure what to do anymore. If I keep using the cream I'm afraid of side effects because my skin is red but i must have like 4 or 5 today and this is day 5 of daily cream. Help!! Please !!!

Lisa on December 07, 2014:

Thank you so much for your insight. I'm going to wait it out for a while and see...I think it might be just that my skin is hyper sensitive after everything- I hope. I'll report back in case it helps anyone else. It has helped so much knowing that you found actual proof of the cause of your symptoms. I was at a loss until I read your blog. Thanks so much and take care.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on December 04, 2014:

Lisa - so strange, but i would definitely have your father check out the possibility of scabies! That may very well be what he's had. Lots of people have it for a long time before a doctor figures it out. Usually, people don't show symptoms for a while after they've been exposed, sometimes up to 6 weeks. This is what makes me think your father might have been the one you got it from. As for your continuing symptoms, i would wait it out for a month after your second treatment to see if the rashes become fewer and further apart (in time). It is not unusual that your daughter would still have rashes appearing and disappearing for months after treatment, even if she is cured. So I would wait out the month and see if t here is improvement. If not, I would do it all again. Twice.

Lisa on December 04, 2014:

By the way, the spray the pest control used wasn't a pesticide, we were concerned about spraying pesticides around due to our daughter, but it was an alcohol based spray and the exterminator thought that should work if it was bird mites. Also, I did think back to the past 6 weeks prior, and recalled that my father visited and slept on our bed. He has had a horrible itchy rash on his hands and forearms for years and the dermatologists give him steroid creams for eczema. But he has had this rash for over 10 years, I can't imagine how it could be that, and my mother doesn't have it.

Lisa on December 04, 2014:

We have no idea. It did start 5 days after we moved into our new apartment, but we went to California for 10 days and the sensations stayed with us, and actually my daughter really started to show more bumps and itching when we were away. I don't work and we don't have a car, since we live in NYC. We actually have been home a lot and cleaning all the time. In the beginning we did have someone come and spray in case it was environmental, but it didn't seem to make a difference. My husband does seem better after the treatments (we all three including my daughter were treated at the same time, and my daughter looks good, except she recently got some bumps on her face which she hasn't had for a while (we had stopped the sulfur on her for a couple of days and they appeared-coincidence?) but they faded, except I see a new one today. I do still nurse so I get concerned of passing it to her if I have it, but both she and I use sulfur soap and sulfur butter every night. The dermatologists do think that the treatment should have worked, if it is scabies that I had, but it's very hard for me to tell, and I do still feel the sensations of a bug here and there along with the pinpricks/bites/bumps. However, when I look back at the beginning of all this and how I felt, it isn't nearly as intense. I am trying to tell myself that I am cured, but it's difficult when I still feel a sensation of a bug moving or the pinprick bites/bumps I still get (although they are smaller). I'm trying to believe it is an allergic response, but it is so hard to tell.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on December 03, 2014:

Lisa - any idea where you might have picked it up to begin with? Like you, my nose/eyelash sensations ceased with treatments, but mine never came back. This makes me think you could be getting reinfested. What type of place do you work in? Daycare, nursing home, camp of some sort, etc. etc. or even hospital? Also, did you treat everyone in your household? Some people can have it but not show symptoms right away, or their symptoms may be mild so they wouldn't recognize it. Did you clean all clothes and sheets, vacuum out your car seat etc.? Just trying to think of potential places you may have become reinfested. Not ruling out the possibility you are just experiencing a reaction to the permethrin, but my symptoms went away after treatment. The rashes and itching however did last longer after treatment. Just not the crawling/eyelash/nose thing.

Lisa on December 02, 2014:

Thank you so much for writing about your experience. It has helped me so much. I have had a similar experience as you have, with the tickle in the nose, (feeling them crawl on my nose), a weight on my eyelash and eyebrow. I also get the pinprick and bite sensations, along with bumps on my chest that won't go away. Dermatologists didn't see anything to take a scraping (even though I do have bumps), so I wasn't sure if I had scabies, but I feel confident I did/do? However, I did the permethrin treatments one week apart, and am still feeling all of my symptoms, except a little better on my scalp (which was very itchy). My concern is that the weird nose/eyelash sensation seemed to go away for the most part, but 2 weeks post last treatment I started feeling them again. Could this be psychosomatic? Also, the crawling sensation wakes me up at night but benadryl seems to help. I am trying to believe that I am cured, but it is difficult to tell. Thanks for any insight.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on November 26, 2014:

Jacob - you may just be experiencing the after effects of permethrin. But you should also consider where you picked it up to begin with, i.e., if you keep going back to a nursing home, daycare, camp of some sort, etc. etc. you may simply continue to become reinfested.

Jacob on November 26, 2014:

Thank you for the response. I've gotten no real relief thus far, and the sensations seem to have spread to the rest of my body, but more so itching than just the "wisp". Trying to explain crawling, wispy sensations to a doctor is hopeless, they just don't get it.

I did treat the scalp, the face, everything I could think of. I suppose I should just wait and see at this point, everyone is different, I'll give it a couple more weeks and see what happens... It's just so disheartening how ignorant doctors are of this condition, it's an embarrassment to the profession.

Thank you for the advice and this blog, it has helped more people than you know.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on November 26, 2014:

Jacob - the wispy sensation on the face ended pretty much with the treatment, but the rashes continued for months, although they became fewer and further apart. did you treat your face and scalp? if you did not treat everywhere, you might still be infested. if you did, twice with one week apart, then you might just be experiencing an immune reaction that looks/feels strikingly similar to the scabies infestation itself. if you continue to spot treat, you will only exacerbate this problem.

Jacob on November 25, 2014:

Been dealing with this for several months now, and my symptoms are pretty much the same as what you described in this blog. A tickle in the nose, feels like a fly or something is landing on my face, and if I touch the area the sensation immediately ceases then will pick back up somewhere else.

I've been through numerous permethrin treatments, so much so that I don't feel I should go through any more... doctor refuses to prescribe ivermectin. The last time I used the permethrin it gave me a huge rash.

My question to you is, after your last permethrin treatment, how long did it take before the sensations stopped?

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on November 01, 2014:

SDCA - you really should only need two treatments that are one week apart. i covered my eyelids/lashes as best i could right before i went to bed at night so it could work as i was sleeping and i didn't have to worry about getting into my eyes. then i washed it off immediately after i woke up. if a little gets into your eyes, it's not the end of the world, it just burns a little and you wash it out. just remember that the permethrin has side effects that are similar to the actual infestation, so you might feel like you still have scabies for a while. the rashes caused by permethrin are sometimes worse than anything you might have experienced from the scabies themselves. if you can, you might want to get an accompanying dose of ivermectin from your new doctor. you would do this twice, along with the permethrin. good luck!

SDCA on November 01, 2014:

My symptoms are identical to the ones you had...persistent tickling and movement in nose, light whisping movement feelings on body, some itchiness, and sensation of dust landing on eyelashes and a single hair on face. I saw a total of 13 doctors in 2 states. These dermatologists, internists, allergists, ENT specialists and infectious disease specialists ranged from telling me I had seasonal allegies, an inflammation below my skin, eczema, and so forth, to telling me that I needed to see a psychiatrist and that sometimes anti psychotic drugs can help with these dilutional parasites. It seemed the more they knew about my continued problem and persistence, the more they dismissed me! I started feeling like I had to make mention of my Ivy League education to gain credibility, but nothing seemed to change their minds. The fact was nothing the were prescribing worked and the symptoms persisted through the 7 month ordeal.

I finally found an internist who was willing to just try a course of 5% P treatments. He has prescribed 4 weeks and has suggested that, as you did, I use it on my scalp, face, and inside my nose where the crawling feeling persists. I completed my first treatment overnight. I wanted to get it on my lashes as we'll but was having trouble doing so and keeping it out of my eyes.

First, I would like to thank you for posting your story! I was in a desperate search to try to understand what I have been going through and after reading this I finally felt sane, validated, and like I could find peace. It gave me the courage to go to one more doctor and try to get help. Second, I would like to ask if 4 weeks of treatment is just too much and exactly how you were able to include your eyelashes successfully?

Thanks, again!

Segga on October 15, 2014:

Hi Helena Larsson :) Just wondering: After the first dosage of the Ivermectin, did you notice a difference with your face-thing? The crawling/spider-web-thing? I have it constantly and is very bothersome. Took two rounds of permethrin 5% all over my body (head+face too) for about 12 days ago and notice nooo difference at all. Have a doctors appointment in 6 days and I am thinking about asking for Ivermectin. Try to talk him into it. Unfortunately I can not help u with suggestions for your son.. :( Im so sorry you all have to go through this, but hope that Ivermectin does it for you!! Greetings from Norway!

Helena Larsson from Molkom on October 10, 2014:


I have now had a big viraity of sympthoms all over my body for 2,5 months.

It started with a itchy neck and a bump with raised channels leading from it on my foot.

After that my hand started to shed skin and my ear started to itch and turned into leather like skin on the itchy spot.

I infected my so that only have a few bites a day, and my mum and her husband.

My mother have the same eye problem like you and also the dusty feeling or with maybe other word...feeling of being covered with spiderweb.

Her husband have had more bites and bumps. But we all have had crawly fellings and bites all over.

We use a "bensylbensoat" based medicine in Sweden and we have to order Permethrin from abroad or go thrue a big process and wait with the health care to get it.

So we did a scabies treatment even though nobody new what it was.

A lot of the visual effects dissapered mostely but then they came back all over my throat with itchy rash and spread between my breasts with itchy and red bumps.

I tried to get an appointment at the skindepartment again to show them my clear symphtoms but they told me to go back to the helthcare center.

They thought we should do another treatment so I put the "bensylbensoat" on my son for the fifth time ( I´ve had it 4 times) and tried clowe oil 40% (kills the scabies) Teatree oil 10% (keeps the scabies at distand so they do not wanna come back) and olivoil 50% on me.

Burnes like hell but shore helps and gives reilef.

I really thought it was gone this time and for three days I did not have any feeling of getting bitten and creatures running over my body, the visual reashes dissapered as well.

Then it came back on my chest, in my ear. It started in my nose, and in my groin. On one of my lower legs it started with red itchy bumps, and then my right sided tummy got covered with an atleast 10 cm/diameter rash full with red, bumpy bites.

My neck had bumps but now they started to grow and it felt like collonies of the parasites.

On one of my thies it also started to appear a trail of itchy bigger bumps.

That day the medicine IVERMECTIN/STROMECTOL (also called horse medicine) arraived that I ordered from...see below.


very fast a reliable webpage.

You take your dose with one week apart.

Unfortunetly I cant give any to my son since he ways less than 15 kg so I have to figure out some more loving treatment for him. It feels that I will traumatize him for life if I apply anymore burning creame on him.

Now most bumps on me has dissapered and the itchyness is becoming smaller but I can feel that they are still there but I still believe this will do it. If not I will get more and continue the treatment.

I will take the second dose in a few days and I pray for us to get well.

(I have also tried Neem oil and oregano oil but not made much difference.)

I am thinking of collodial silver for my son (it kills parasites)

but if anyone has any other idea for some oral medicine ore unhurtfull cream for my 2 year old son I will be so gratefull.

Ps All material in in quarantaine except for the beddings, the clothes and shoes that we whear.

Everything gets washed for at least 60 degrees, frozen for 48 ours or stored for atleast 4 day.

I spray alcohol on all hard surfaces and mop the flore every day.

Cant see that I can or have the strength to do more.

I will go now I affirmate that as well.

Thank you all for sharing a a huge thanks for this hopefull website.

Segga on October 08, 2014:

Thank you so much for your answer Samoa6 :) I dont know if this works or not, but its definetely worth a shot. I did cover it all over my body incl. head and face, ears, in ears and just inside my nose. Yes, if was very careful too, when applying it to my eyelashes, but did it just like you hehe. It is strange how this can be so unbelivable different from person to person. Amazes me. Now, I dont know how this goes, but I will give feedback in here for SURE, especially if this works. My somptoms were like yours, tiny pinpricks here and there on body, crawling sensation on head, then it spread to face, tickling in nose, and like ItchyKate said: feeling like its dropping into my eyes and then web have the whiskers of wind/feather and the dusty feeling. Also tingeling and whiskers of hair down my arms, on legs or back sometimes. I have seen 4 different doctors, and they all actually belived me, and thought it was a parasite, but they had never heard of the sort. So they all trusted deeply in the dermatologist I had an appointment too, and all I got from the doctors was a bootle of steroids for the itch and some antihistamines. I had high hopes going to the dermatologist, but she sat down and told me that I imagined it and explained I needed just to "talk" about it. I did not quit the fight, and luckily (?) my sister got it 4 days after me, since we were sharing beds, so I knew I hadnt lost my mind. So she is also struggling with this. And her dermatologist knew nothing either. I see its all the same story all around, You can be right about the immune system, who knows. I have always wondered why on earth my sister has always had milder symptoms than me,.. but I DID go through a tough period right before this, eating poorly, sleeping poorly and stressing. So now I am trying to eat plenty, started excersizing a little, walking outside a lot, taking lots of vitamins, garlic and other supplements. I dont know if this is scabies, but I have to try your way, because I tried all those oil-things, things to smother hairmites, showered in alcohol (yes), put salt on, take baths with bleach, and so on. I even shaved my hair. So now Im trying this!!! Than you anyway Simona, wether it goes this or that way :) Greetings from Norway :)

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on October 08, 2014:

Segga - the crawling feeling pretty much went away with the first treatment for me, but many others say it lasts longer bc that feeling can be caused by your immune system presumably reacting to the permethrin, just as by the mites themselves. if you've treated thoroughly, including face and scalp, you are probably fine. i got as close as i could to my eyes, even eyelashes, with the permethrin. this is difficult bc you don't want it in your eyes. it burns.

Segga on October 06, 2014:

Hi Samoa or ItchyKate! I thank you so much for this page. I have the exact same experience right now. I have taken the permethrin twice in the way you two guyes did. I am just REALLY wondering about this: How long did it take for you to get rid of the dusty feeling on the face and on the eyelids and the crawling feeling on the face? Could you be spesific, like in number of days? It is my third day after treatment and I dont feel any different. I have read everything in here, and understand it can vary from person to person. But I did not catch exatctely how long time it took before the face-things at least began te relieve... It is really bothering me. Thank you so much for sharing your stories! :-*

Jackie on September 27, 2014:

LM I have read people saying that they were infested with springtails..you might want to look into that further. Also was your springtail the size of a period? Or larger...starting to thing maybe I don't scabies but something else

So scared

dyanne1020 on September 23, 2014:

LM...mine sounds a lot like yours...mostly scalp and face. But I also catch myself looking to see what is on my leg or arm, thinking it feels like a spider is on me....nothing is there! I've had this over 4 years and I've about given up. Saw 3 Drs (one a dermatologist who took a scraping and found nothing) I've seen the black specks on the tape test....sometimes I see the blue or red threadlike things (Morgellans?), but try to tell myself it's only from the clothing. I actually spray my head with a muscle pain spray containing menthol, because that is the ONLY relief I get. Oddly enough these 'sores' I get on my scalp are almost always on both sides at exactly the same time, then when they go away...it happens on both sides again.

LM on September 22, 2014:

God bless all of you who are dealing with this, I pray everyday, all the time for relief, and I will pray for all of you who are dealing with this nightmare, too! So...I believe me and my Mom picked up some kind of bug when we were traveling and staying in Alabama. We stayed in many pet-friendly hotels, also (w/ our dog), which could have been the determining factor. I will try to make this as short as possible. We are both experiencing crawling sensations all over our body (especially face and scalp, and my legs), which gets worse at night. Showers with menthol and tea tree oil seem to only help temporarily. It feels like everytime I walk on the carpet, I feel stuff "jumping" on me, and biting me sometimes, what feels like a pin prick. We have "exterminated" our 1 bdrm. apt twice, and fogged it once. We have vaccummed a LOT, even used borax and Diatomaceous Earth, even putting it (the D.E.) into our laundry drying cycle. This seems to really help so I can sleep at night. I change/wash sheets EVERY day, same with my clothes. I wash my hair everyday, too, and keep it pulled back ALL the time. It seems to be getting a little better, but not by much...been dealing with this for 3 weeks, now, and am at my wit's end! I have been to a doctor and dermatolgist who barely even looked at my skin! The first one just immediately prescribed Permethrin cream to me, just in case I did have scabies, but I have been too scared to try it yet, based on all the reviews I've heard of it. I'm also very scared to put it on my eyes, as I have very sensitive eyes, but I do feel them in my eyebrows, eyelashes and nose! The odd thing is, neither me or my mom show any outward physical symtoms AT ALL (we believe we picked it up at least 3 weeks ago now)! Could this really be scabies or something else? We've ruled out bird/rodent mites as you can see them, plus as much as we've treated our apt., nothing could survive that! I also believe we have/had them in our car too...we rubbed Borax in all the carpeting, (thankfully we have leather seats!), let it sit for 15-20 min., then vaccummed the crap out of it. I don't even know if it worked! Anyhow, could someone please give me some advice? I'm going crazy here! We've taken samples from our skin/bedding TWICE to the County Entomologist, and he was very nice and spent a lot of time talking with us, but swore up and down he couldn't find Anything other than 1 single solitary "Springtail," which cannot wreak havoc on a human body this way, according to him. Whenever I do the "tape test," the only thing I ever find is some teeny-tiny black specks, but never any "worm-like" white things which I read other people find. I really hope someone can shed some light on this matter, and we can move on with our lives. I am a Christian woman, and I have been fervently praying and seeking God's help in this matter. I wish all of you heal from this soon and forever! God bless every one of you! Thank you.

Job on September 05, 2014:

I have JUST been diagnosed with scabies after almost 4 months of symptoms. I remember that the first could of bumps showed up when I was wedding my front yard with a friend of mine. I originally thought it was poison oak or ivy because of the way it looked. After covering the red itchy bumps with a bandaid and ointment for over a week, it still itched, and didn't seem to go away at all. I thought then that I was suddenly allergic to my bath soap, laundry soap, lotion or something of the like. After changing all of these things, the problem was still there. I went to a doctor and they gave me antibiotics. I went to summer camp where we stayed in a dorm and it seemed like it was getting better, still itchy though. When I got back home the mites just got worse and worse. Now it is all over my body, except for my neck face, scalp and vulva (thank goodness). This has been most definitely the most frustrating skin issue I have ever had. I wake up in the middle of the night itching uncontrollably. My boyfriend tells me I constantly itch while I sleep. I have gone to the doctor three times since I have had this skin issue and each time they don't seem to know what it is. My boyfriend got scabies as well and got to go to a specialist who told him exactly what it is and with no surprise, I have it, too. I was finally able to get a doctor to believe that it wasn't just poison ivy or an allergic reaction to my laundry soap, but instead it was scabies. I just got the medicine today, but have not been able to do any treatments. If you think you have scabies, please please do not wait until it gets this bad. It's one of the most frustrating and irritation skin conditions ever and it will not be treatable without medications. I cannot wait until this whole nightmare is over. Good luck to everyone else who is dealing with this issue.

dancesilly2 on August 09, 2014:

They are wrong, you can get scabies on your face. I got a bite on my upper lip and the burrow traveled across the top of my lip and continued up to the base of my nose and traveled to the side of my nose. The burrow was very scaly and itchy, and then the side of my face started to go numb. My face was crazy itchy and I had to use the cream on my face. It is just now starting to subside, but my nose gets itchy periodically. The cream made my face feel weird too, twitchy like it was affecting my nervous system. But it worked. I had it on my scalp too and used Kwell permithyrin cream hair rinse on it and it worked as well.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on July 29, 2014:

Traumatized - I haven't heard of this sort of reaction specifically, but I will venture to say that permethrin seems to have a serious impact on the immune system, which may be what you are experiencing. When you used it, did you treat your entire body including face and scalp? Is this where you feel the crawling? If you did not treat adequately, you may still have the mites. If you did treat adequately, you may just be suffering from side effects of permethrin, which for us came and went for several months, although they were not as severe in our family. I think most importantly you need to address the issue of whether your treatment was adequate, i.e. covered everything. Then you can move on to dealing with how to quell your immune system. How much hair loss? That is scarey to me - if permethrin is doing that, you definitely do not want to use it again. If you need to retreat, you might want to try ivermectin orally.

Traumatized on July 29, 2014:

My little boy was diagnosed with scabies on april 9th of 2014. All four of us in the house did treatments with perm 5% initially and then 7 days later. I have had diarrhea since then and more hair loss than usual. I didn't even know I had scabies and now symptoms are way worse after treating 3 times with perm..(I freaked out and did a third treatment on June 1rst) I am having severe anxiety and find it hard to function on a daily basis because I still will see bumps here and there and get itchy rash patches but then they go away after an hour or so. Been to the derm several times and he looks at me like I am crazy. He insists that he doesn't see the bumps on my skin that I do. He said to ice any rash I get and it does work. Also, I do not itch more at night but I get itchy after I eat every single time even when I eat something that is wheat and gluten free (all protein & healthy). I want to treat with perm again but it made all of my moles and beauty marks really itchy last time. Any insight of any of these effects? Diarrhea, hair loss, loss of appetite, itching after eating, itchy rashes that come and go (pinprick and crawling sensations still).

doglover1818 on July 25, 2014:

if anyone can give me some advice or any thought they have that would be great.

i currently have scabies i got them in may when i came home from college and my parents had them. it started off with a few bumps then when i went back to college for summer school i started itching like crazy. when i came back home in july i put the cream my parents doctor perscribed and it made me less itchey, however i am still itchey

also now i think i have a scabie bump on my vagina its just one and one big one in my thigh so im worried it could be herpes? i dont know because i heard scabies dont appear on the vagina and i do have one bump on my vagina skin thats itchy. however when i put cream on it it stop itching. i have had sex with the same person for the past 3 years and have not had sex since feb/march. please helping i am freaking out!

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on July 16, 2014:

Ours looked more like poison ivy, but I don't think that really matters. Everyone's system is different, so this may just be the way that yours is dealing with the permethrin. I would recommend resisting the urge to use more permethrin, and just waiting it out (assuming you treated thoroughly).

hyper on July 16, 2014:


It had been a week after my last treatment. I still itch a bit here and there but its much better now than before the treatment. I didnt developed any rash, only pinprick tiny red dots on my arms and wrist. Now its still there and I start to get worry. What kind of rash did you have?

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on July 16, 2014:

Hyper - we still got some rashes for about 3 months after treatment. How long has it been since your second treatment? The fact that the crawling is gone is a good sign.

Hyper on July 16, 2014:

Hi Samoa6,

I had the same symptoms as you and had used the permethrin. After the post scabies treatment, i still have red pinprick dots on my skin that is not itchy but no more crawling sensation. How did you get rid of the red dots?

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on June 25, 2014:

Jennifer - you can pick it up easily, actually. if someone had it and sat on their couch and a mite happened to rub off onto the couch and then you sat down, well there you have it. unlikely, but can happen as easily as that. make sure you do a thorough treatment, not just where you see the rashes. and treat a second time one week later. good luck.

Jennifer on June 25, 2014:

I am a home based therpist for dcs so I am in lots of strangers homes....my understanding was that scabies is not easy to catch......but some how I got it and gave it to my husband- I am lucky in that I went to my dr. And she had no issue prescribing the permethrin lotion....however until I read your post I still wondered if it was scabies - for these reasons 1. I caught it really easily....2. It is only on my rib cage....not it any of the "typical" places....and I swear on the lives of my children I felt crawling sensations!!!!! Then I would lift up my shirt and there was nothing there! I thought I was losing my mind!! And my itching is very minimal so I am lucky - but I do have big patches of bites that look like a rash not really like individual little dots....I am assuming there are eggs in there....anyway thank ago the post I dont feel so crazy anymore :)

dyanne2 on April 23, 2014:

Heath, interesting you mentioned the feet. Now that I think of it, mine started on the inside ankle area...I thought something bit me while doing yardwork. I NEVER itched that badly in my life. When that quit, the sides of my face started itching. Then it went to my scalp....I have about 20 spots that won't go away, even after 3 years. I get pinprick sensations on my arms, and what looks like a bite. I also have crawling sensations all over...so much that I almost ignored a spider on my leg the other night.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 22, 2014:

Not sure how long it takes to spread, but the itchy feet may well have been scabies.

HeathNJ on April 22, 2014:

I have another question that I can't find the answer to on the internet. How long does it take for scabies to spread from an adults feet to head? My daughter's feet and lower legs are far worse than what i found behind her ear yesterday with her back almost as bad as her feet. I am thinking back and realizing she may have had this longer than we thought, and we had good reason to think we knew exactly where she got it 6-7 weeks ago. But she had a time when she had extreme itchiness on her foot and ankles that she scratched very badly a month or two before we thought she got it. If that's the case she would have been exposed to scabies more like 3-4 months ago rather than 6-7 weeks.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 21, 2014:

Hi HeathNj,

It doesn't have to be a long ordeal if you treat it properly. I'm afraid your doctor might not have given the best advice though - most agree that the entire household should treat at the same time, and that everyone should do it twice, one week apart, for the reasons mentioned in the article and previous comments. I would think you could call the doctor and get more permethrin for everyone. If the doctor doesn't comply, you should think about finding one who knows more about scabies. In any case, the long ordeals only seem to emerge when someone cannot get a proper diagnosis, which you have already done. So you are through the hard part. Now you just have to get the medication and treat everyone to be on the safe side because some people can be carrying it and not show symptoms for up to 6 weeks. That would be a shame to just spread it around the house again!

HeathNj on April 21, 2014:

This blog has been a great help. My daughter was diagnosed with scabies today. I have been worried for a week about the welts that I started seeing, and at first thought she was just scratching extremely dry skin. apparently she has scratched herself so hard at night that she made herself bleed. Being 18 she didn't show it too me soon enough and I had no idea how bad it was. Our doctor gave her the permethin but did not tell us to repeat the treatment as many people are saying. She also said the family members don't have to do the treatment unless they have symptoms. Also wondering how long it will take for the welts to clear up, it looks absolutely horrible now that I've seen what she looks like all. There are so many of them i don't know how we will know if new ones appear. Very worried about some of the stories I've read hear that this is just the beginning of a very long ordeal.

Hopeless and Depressed on April 19, 2014:

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will continue to look for a doctor who will help me and hopefully this nightmare will end. It's becoming very difficult to walk because the soles of my feet are sore and swollen. I never thought in a million years I would get this again, let alone crusted scabies. I will keep you posted. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 18, 2014:

Hopeless and Depressed,

I would seek out either a new dermatologist, or a parasitologist who has experience with scabies. If you are testing out new doctors, make sure they know about the after-effects of using permethrin, which are very similar to the symptoms of scabies themselves. Maybe it would help if you could go camping somewhere, alone, and do an entire body permethrin treatment coupled with ivermectin. Then just wash everything the next morning. Then do it all again one week later. I would think this would get rid of it, but you'd need to first find a complicit doctor.

Hopeless and Depressed on April 18, 2014:

Sorry for another post, but I just want to clarify that the first few days I did have the typical symptoms. The bumps were very itchy, especially at night and had the crawling and pin pricks. But after using A LOT of the steroid cream, it made it worse. My doctor didn't tell me to only put a very thin layer on and to wash it off the next day. So for a week I was heavily coating myself with it, including my face and scalp, and I didn't wash it off unless I was just taking a normal shower. So after a few days the itching stopped and I started to develop lightly crusted skin on scalp, hands and feet. But of course everyone is just telling me it's dry skin and it's impossible for scabies to affect the face and scalp. I'm so depressed. I'm 21 and was starting to go somewhere in life. Had a new job I enjoyed, was going to start saving for my own place, and then this happened and I had to quit so now I have VERY limited money and resources and am dealing with this alone because no one believes me. No one will do a skin scraping because they say it's just dry skin.

Hopeless and Depressed on April 18, 2014:

Another thing, they are also in my vagina and butt. Gross I know, but yeah. I also felt them in my mouth. If I do get more permethrin no matter how many times I use it, it won't help because I have them in places you can't use the cream. And I doubt I'll manage to get the ivermetcin pill, but if I do, they say they don't kill all the life cycles of the mites, and since I'm now getting crusted scabies there are SO many on/ in me that I fear there is no hope for me. I must say that I really admire the fact that after two years you're still here to help people even after yours is gone. It's a shame that doctors aren't as open minded about atypical scabies as you are. Maybe if they got it they would understand. But all they do is tell you that the unusual symptoms you're having can't be scabies. They especially think you're crazy if you suggest they're inside you internally. But I've been feeling very sick lately even before the permethrin and I'm scared they're doing damage on the inside. I smoke cigarettes so I'm afraid they went in my throat from me touching the cigarette and then smoking it. I know internal scabies is even less common than scabies on the face and scalp but I've done SO much research lately and found links that say they can go internally inside you and do extensive damage. But of course, if I said that to my doctor he would probably put me in a psych ward.

Again, thank you for taking the time to give insightful and sincere support.

Hopeless and Depressed on April 18, 2014:

Samoa, reading these posts have been very informative and while I know you can't help me over the internet, I've decided to post my story to vent. Sorry if it's long but I'm just happy to find someone who won't think I'm crazy. What can I do if no one will believe that I have the beginning stages of crusted scabies? I've been to my Doctor twice but he is no help. I've had it for about two weeks now, no idea where I got it from, but since I had it 5 years ago from my ex boyfriend I was able to quickly distinguish what it was. At that point there were only a few itchy bumps on my arm but I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to get rid of them before they got really bad. I went to the doctor but since there was only a few bumps all he did was prescribe steroid cream even though he agreed that it looked like scabies. BIG mistake. All it did was stop the itching but obviously didn't get rid of the scabies. And because of that, I'm beginning to get crusted scabies. I didn't know that steroids can actually make it worse and if you DON'T scratch you can actually develop crusted scabies. I also have conditions that weaken my immune system. I actually wish I was itchy even though it's hell, because at least then I would know it's normal scabies and not crusted scabies. So anyway, he gave steroid cream and told me to come back in a week, so last week I went back to my doctor with my family because they were a little bit itchy too and we all got the permethrin cream but I knew it wasn't going to help, because like many of you, I have them on my face, eyes, scalp, nose, etc. So I asked for the ivermectin pill and told him they were on my face and scalp and all he said was they don't go there and wouldn't give me the pill. I told him I've done research and that they can go there, and that I have a crusted scalp but he wouldn't listen. So, I used the cream but he only gave a very small amount, not even enough to treat 7 days later. I put a little bit on my face and spot treated my scalp because I have open sores on my scalp and was afraid to put it all over my scalp. Needless to say, I know they're not gone but no one believes me. I had to quit my new job because I was afraid my co-workers would get it, so I made up a lame excuse, but if they do get it, I have a feeling they'll know it's me since I was new. I'm also scared of a community wide epidemic. I live in a small town, so. I haven't seen my boyfriend in weeks now, I don't know if he gave it to me or not, but he says he's not itchy so he won't get treatment so needless to say, I haven't seen him in quite some time. He takes strong steroid medications for arthritis so it's possible he does have it, but doesn't know because it doesn't itch. Anyway, I just don't know what to do. I know this won't go away, especially since I can't get the proper help and even my family thinks I'm crazy now because they think one dose of the permethrin worked. I know otherwise. I live at home with my mom and her boyfriend and they're constantly around people, so now everyone they know probably has it as well. My mom is a caregiver and sleeps at work on the couch, so obviously she's spreading it. And even if we were able to get rid of it, she'll just get reinfected. I'm so depressed. If I lived alone I wouldn't care as much, because it would be easier to get rid of, but unless I want to be homeless, which might happen because everyone is sick of hearing me complain about it, I don't know what to do. I can't afford to move out. I literally have no support. I know this won't go away because every single person we've been in contact with needs to get treated, and their contacts need to get treated, etc, etc. And since I'm developing crusted scabies on my scalp, feet and hands, I'm even more depressed. I knew something felt different this time. It didn't itch as much because the steroid cream, and no one ever told me that NOT scratching can actually cause thousands up to millions of mites. Since the crusting on my skin is only starting, no one will believe me until I get the classic crusted scabies that looks horrible, but at that point, it will be too late to treat. I've read stories where people have to be isolated in the hospital for weeks to months until/IF it goes away. And like I said, since my family isn't very itchy they think it's in my head and won't properly treat so it will never go away? As I mentioned, I can't afford to move out on my own. If I could, I would. But I guess I'll just have to suffer until it gets so bad that people won't have a choice but to believe me. But at that point, it will be so bad that treatment is unlikely to work. I know you said that if my doctor won't listen to me to just try different doctors and specialists but I don't have the resources for that. Getting an appointment with a specialist can take years here. I just wish my doctor listened to me in the first place and didn't prescribe steroid cream which made it worse. And like I said, when I went back a week later he wouldn't listen to me that it was on my face and scalp. So many horror stories about people never finding proper treatment because as you said American and Canadian doctors really don't know sh*t all about atypical scabies. The soles of my feet are starting to get crusted, swollen and they hurt. I still have the bumps on my body, but no itch. From time to time I feel the crawling and pin prick sensation. It disgusts me knowing I have thousands up to millions of mites on me, and my family is still in contact with other people so this will be never ending. If it was up to me, I would make us all be isolated until/ if we can get rid of it. When I got it 5 years ago it was actually fairly easy to get rid of because at that time, no one in my house had contact with other people and we all treated at the same time. But this time is different. Everyone's sick of me talking about it, but no one will help me. Again, I know you can't really do anything either, but it helps to vent. Thank you for your insight and support.

-Hopeless and Depressed

Emmmy on April 17, 2014:

I didn't have a lot of bites to begin with. Just a few here and there. Maybe 1/2 dozen or less. And they didn't itch that badly. Not like what I had read other people had suffered. These bumps are indeed worse than the bites. I've done everything medically and humanly possible to get rid of them. If they didn't go away it's not because I screwed up. It's because these bugs are zombie bugs. So I will wait it out and see what happens. Taking Benadryl for the itching. It's weird. It's very itchy. And then the itch goes away. Then I'll get another bump somewhere else and it itches and then goes away. And they are mostly on my face and neck and chest. I have not gotten any on my finger webbing or the soles of my feet or palms of my hands. A few on my legs. Some on my arms. That's why I think this outbreak of itchy bumps is a reaction to the medicine. These are behaving more like hives which I have had before. I just don't think it's the behavior of scabies. Maybe I'm wrong and I wouldn't really know because I have yet to have a serious outbreak. Mine was very mild by any standards. So maybe they do bite, itch terribly and then the itch disappears only to show up a few minutes later somewhere else. ?? I choose to believe they are a reaction.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 17, 2014:

Hi Emmmy,

That is exactly what happened to us. The breakouts after permethrin were much worse than anything we ever had prior to treatment. I would recommend trying not to succumb to "spot-treating," as it only seemed to make things worse for us. Just wait it out, and then after a few weeks or so reassess to see if things begin clearing up a bit. But we did continue to have breakouts as far as 3 months out, so don't freak out too badly if it continues to happen for a while. Hopefully it'll subside quickly.

Emmmy on April 17, 2014:

I just have a question. I did the 2nd permethrin treatment on Monday, washed all my bedding and vacuumed again, etc. I'm starting to get bumps all over my face, my neck, my back, etc. In your experience, do you think this is a reaction to the permethrin rather than the bugs still being alive?

Emmmy on April 10, 2014:

Well I am not sure the permethrin worked. I'm a little panicky about it. I called my MD (not the derm) and told him I had been exposed with scabies and had symptoms of an infestation. I neglected to tell him I had used permethrin. I was hoping he'd give me ivermectin. I even asked for it. Instead he gave me Lindane. I was kind of shocked. He gave me two 3-oz bottles. The dose is usually 1% and if it doesn't work you're not supposed to take it again. It can be very bad. So I haven't done it yet. I guess I'll do it tomorrow after work. I won't used it on my head or face. I will use permethrin again on face and scalp. Hopefully that will be the end of it. Keeping up with my prayers.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 08, 2014:

i just washed everything once the morning after treatment, which is also when i vacuumed the furniture and car and then emptied the vacuum outside, and then showered everything off. I did this whole routine after the second treatment as well. The permethrin does not kill eggs - unfortunately, nothing does. So just do the treatment twice with one week in between and see how it goes, but expect symptoms to get worse before they get better bc the perm. has this side effect mentioned in the associated article on how to know if your scabies treatment worked. I would say if, after a month or so following treatment, if your symptoms have not begun to let up, then you may need to follow the whole treatment protocol again, possibly coupled with ivermectin. But give the permethrin a chance to work, even if it takes longer than you'd like.

Emmmy on April 08, 2014:

So you don't think I need to wash my bedding and clothes and jammies everyday? Cause I can't seem to stop. I think I'm obsessed. I don't have a vacuum with bags. So I went to empty the hepa-filter container. I took it outside to do so and it was windy. I'm so afraid one of them blew back onto me. I washed my hands and arms immediately even though I was wearing gloves. I have washed all of my bedding again. My poor electric blanket is in a plastic trashbag until further notice, because I'm afraid that 3 weeks is not enough. It terrifies me to get this again. And I miss my electric blanket on HIGH. I'm freezing at night and am running out of blankets. Nearly all are in bags. I wash in hot water and dry on high but found out tonight that the dryer is not getting particularly hot. And all this time I thought I was safe. So basically what I'm wondering is I know the doc said to retreat in one week, but what if one of those little buggers escaped the treatment and goes on a drunken binge, shacking up with every single boy scabeii it can find? Does the permethrin kill eggs? And if it doesn't, what happens if I treat myself in a week and the eggs emerge a couple days later? I'm sorry. I feel like an idiot. I know nothing even though I've read everything. Everything is conflicting. I've done my best. If this doesn't work I don't know what else to do. (I have ordered some sulfur soap and I bought some Neem cream which I used today after my shower. I just want every advantage I can get. Sorry, I'm rambling now. These things have made me babble. I'm glad for people to talk to about it because I haven't told ANYONE that I have them. I just stay away from everyone. This is not a sister/brotherhood I ever thought I'd be joining.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 07, 2014:


Just wash all your bedding and pajamas tomorrow morning before you shower to wash the permethrin off. That should be enough. I also vacuumed out my car and any other furniture you've been sitting on before I showered, just in case. Good luck!

Emmmy on April 07, 2014:

I showered and washed my hair. Then I put the stuff on my scalp when my hair was wet. I will shampoo it out in the morning before work. It's funny how bumps pop up since I've put the stuff on. Itchy. My poor daughter is suffering. She's thinking it's a waste of time to get treated since her father won't get treated. He's so stubborn. Grrrr. I will take whatever comes with the psoriasis. Anything is better than playing host to parasites.

I did my nostrils but did not put it on my eyelashes. I didn't feel any there. I hope I won't be sorry. I was just a bit scared to put it there. Do I still have to wash everything everyday? I bought a new zippered mattress protector. I will wash the sheets everyday if I have to. I'm hoping not to have to. What about the clothes I wear? Do I have to wash and dry them everyday still? It's so exhausting to do that on a daily basis. But I will do whatever I have to to eradicate these things. Thanks for your help. So appreciated.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 07, 2014:

yes i did face and scalp with dry hair, along with rest of body at night, then wash in a.m. but definitely heed your doc's warning - the perm will flare up already existing skin problems. yikes, be ready for that, and it could be long lasting.

Emmy on April 07, 2014:

I live alone, which also makes it difficult to cover places like my back with the cream. So you leave the permethrine on your scalp all night? Do you apply it when your hair is wet? My dr didn't seem to realize how contagious or disgusting these things are. I was not terribly impressed. Anyway, praying this does the trick.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 07, 2014:

Hi Emmmy,

You might be able to try the oral Ivermectin, which might not have such a bad effect on your psoriasis. Permethrin is very rough on your system, and it has long lasting effects that are similar to the scabies problem itself. Not sure how going the oral route would afftect psoriasis, you might want to ask your derm. But yes, it is important to remember that everyone in your household treats at the same time, even if you are the only one with symptoms. You may have been infested several weeks before you realized it, and likewise, anyone else in your house may have been (or may currently be) as well, only passing it back to you if they don't treat at the same time.

Emmmy on April 07, 2014:

I saw a dermatologist today and she said she would electronically send a prescription for me (hasn't done it yet). She didn't want to give it to me at all because I have psoriasis and she said it would effect my psoriasis. I told her I was willing to take the chance, that this was not going away on its own. I can't believe that she was more concerned with the psoriasis! I had to keep refocusing her on the parasites. How did you treat your nanks again for this place to come for hope and help. I may actually get through this and at some point I won't be obsessed.

Emmmy on April 06, 2014:

She came to visit me in Massachusetts from Georgia. She came with her father and her son and her 2 nephews. They found the pup around 6 weeks ago I think. The pup had a horrible rash and scratching. They took the puppy to the vet who said she had sarcoptic mange. He treated her with ivermectin I believe with 4 doses a week apart. He told my daughter to see her doctor. She went to see him because she had some bites. He looked under the microscope and said she had scabies. He treated her with permethrin. He gave her one tube with one refill for 5 people in the house. And her boyfriend. She treated everyone except my ex who was convinced that he didn't have them because he never touched the puppy and because he had no bites. The little ones (3, 5 and 5) were treated and as far as we know did not get any. They did play with the puppy extensively. They got 2 treatments each. Because of what I had read about dog scabies being self-limiting, I told her to come visit. I don't know what I was thinking! I just hadn't seen my daughter in a year (or my grandsons). They came to visit from Georgia to Massachusetts last Saturday. My daughter said she was still getting bites. She slept on the couch. I tried to limit my contact with her and never sat on the couch. When they left on Thursday I washed all of their laundry in hot water. I bagged up blankets afterwards and they are still in sealed bags. I vacuumed my couch and chair and my whole house. I scrubbed the floor with chlorox. I scrubbed the tub, toilet, sink. I sprayed all the upholstery down with RID which is 5% permethrin. I changed my sheets and blankets and washed the dirty ones in hot water and dried for 90 minutes. I vacuumed my mattress and sprayed it with RID. Nevertheless, by Saturday I was starting to feel crawling and pin prick bites. I started using Neem oil and tea tree oil. I washed my hair in tea tree shampoo. Still I feel them. I get new bites at the rate of maybe 5 a day. (yesterday and today). I've bathed in tea tree oil tonight. I itch all over---which may be the power of suggestion. I live alone and I have nobody to help me put permethrin cream on my back. I am going to call a dermatologist tomorrow in hopes I will find one who doesn't think that it's impossible to get them. And hopefully they will skip the permethrin and jump right to the ivermectin. I can't reach my back. I want it knocked out before I'm totally infested. Which I may already be. I have looked with a magnifying glass and have not seen anything but I sure feel them. I'm hoping that any doctor I see will know that it just makes sense to treat me even if they don't see anything, simply because I've been exposed -- in more than a casual way, holding my grandchildren, hugging my husband, hugging my daughter, riding in the car seat she sat in for several hours. Thank you for your post. I have read so much conflicting information about canine scabies. I still don't really understand how they could infect me if they only live for a few days without a canine host, since they have been away from a canine host for over a week. I am afraid I'm becoming totally obsessed and scared to death. I can't deal with this. I have too many health issues as it is. Thanks for starting this blog. It is helpful.

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on April 06, 2014:

Hi Emmmy,

I'm not sure from your note the exact time line of things, but if your dog was treated, and your daughter along with the other kids in the house were also treated, the adults should have been treated as well, all at the same time. Also, it is quite possible that your daughter was carrying something before she or you realized it, and that you got it from her and therefore you both possibly could have had it before realizing it. Concerning the dog/human species, the scientists who study mites claim that dog species cannot reproduce on humans, but this does not mean they cannot burrow into your skin and survive for some time while trying. If you are feeling the sensation of crawling and getting pinprick bites, I would definitely see a doctor asap before you inadvertently spread it to someone else, or back to your daughter. Concerning her new bites, this may be a reaction to the permethrin cream (see related article on "how do you know if . . ." Or, alternatively, she may not have done a thorough enough treatment, i.e., some doctors say not to treat your face, but in our case, we would not have gotten rid of it if we had not done that.

Emmmy on April 05, 2014:

I disagree about the mites from dogs not being able to reproduce on humans. My daughter brought home an abandoned puppy. Turns out the pup had sarcoptic mange. My daughter got it. She was diagnosed in the ER. The doc prescribed permethrin cream which she used and also treated the 3 kids in the house. The dog was treated and cured. All the bedding and clothes, etc were washed. The whole environmental thing. She came to visit for a few days with the kids, whom I held and kissed often. She did both cream treatments a week apart. It has been like 3 weeks and she is getting new bites, although she has been away from the dog and house for a week. The kids have no symptoms. But after they left, I washed all the bedding in the house, sprayed with RID, vacuumed--also did the whole environmental thing. I'm starting to get pinprick bites, the feeling of something crawling on me (face and scalp included). I haven't been to a dr yet cause it just started this weekend. I have used Neem oil and tea tree oil but still feel it. If they can't live for more than 72 hours without a canine host, how come they can? My daughter is getting several new bites a day. Any ideas?

beverly on March 16, 2014:

Itt would be very helpful to know what exactly the first couple commenting meant by taping and that by that method they had gotten one of the mites to have examoned. If they can publish that others can use the same method to obtain help beverly.baty@yahoo.com

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on December 06, 2013:

Dante - I did not experience either of these symptoms. But other commenters have noted little black things. This seems very odd to me as I am not aware of any such parasite, but you'll need to talk to someone who is well versed in parasitology, not your average dermatologist. good luck, and report back with anything you learn as others might benefit.

Dante Trossino on December 06, 2013:

Hi, first of all you are a life saver for me, still i would be really really grateful if you could answer the few questions to me.

1 immediately after applying the treatment (permethrin), is it common to see little black spots that go out of the skin for the next hours (sorry i have no microscope to see what are the black things that leave my skin)?

2 was it common for you to find little white matter similar to the one that comes off when you pop a pimple on your skin after treatment ?

Samoa6 (author) from San Diego on December 04, 2013:


Here is what I found on the CDC website:

Ivermectin is an oral antiparasitic agent approved for the treatment of worm infestations. Evidence suggests that oral ivermectin may be a safe and effective treatment for scabies; however, ivermectin is not FDA-approved for this use. Oral ivermectin has been reported effective in the treatment of crusted scabies; its use should be considered for patients who have failed treatment with or who cannot tolerate FDA-approved topical medications for the treatment of scabies. The dosage of ivermectin is 200 mcg/kg orally. It should be taken on an empty stomach with water. A total of two or more doses at least 7 days apart may be necessary to eliminate a scabies infestation. The safety of ivermectin in children weighing less than 15 kg and in pregnant women has not been established.

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