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Review of Klova Sleep Patches

Sleep patches might be right for you

Sleep patches might be right for you

Have You Used Sleep Patches?

I spent a long time researching sleep aids—mostly when I was supposed to be sleeping. One name kept popping up in my searches again and again: Klova.

Honestly, I was wary of trying anything that was going to cost me over $20. While it wasn't expensive, it certainly wasn't cheap, and I wasn't sure how I felt about the risk of only using four of these things and having them not work. So I took to the internet—as one does when they're sleepless at 2 AM and looking for relief—to see what the reviews said.

Do Klova Sleep Patches Work?

Well, yes and no. It worked well the first time, but the effects started to fade the second time I used them.

That's not to say people didn't provide great feedback and detail their experience, but it was about 50-50 between people who said these sleep patches provided them with the best night's sleep of their lives and people saying they were absolutely useless.

Klova's website boasts an impressive 90% satisfaction rate, but I found plenty of negative feedback online as well. I finally found enough good reviews that I decided to take the leap—well, that and I did the math. The package averages less than $1/patch, so it wasn't really THAT expensive.

My Experience With Klova

Now, I never sleep through the night. NEVER. I wake up 3-4 times to use the bathroom—and that's if I don't wake up because I'm thirsty, roll the wrong way in bed and hurt something, or just plain old wake up for no reason.

The first night I tried the Klova sleep patches, I woke up to my alarm clock the following day. It was honestly pretty disorienting. I remember thinking that I must have messed up my alarm, and it took me a few minutes to figure out that I had slept through the night.

The next night I slept until 5 AM or so, got up to use the bathroom, and went right back to sleep (something else I often have trouble with).

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I used to take sleeping pills in the past—the ones that work for two days before you develop a tolerance. I quickly realized that the same thing was happening with the Klova sleep patches. The 5 AM wake-ups soon became the new norm. I can't really complain, though, since I'm kind of lame and go to bed really early, so this marks the 7-8-hour mark for me.

Within a few days I noticed how much easier it was to do... well... everything. I was happier, I was more focused, and I even felt better physically. I noticed my residual aches from a recent knee surgery started to subside. It was amazing.

My ONLY complaint about Klova is the residue it leaves. It's fairly hard to scrub off—kind of like when you wear a bandage for too long, and the sticky stays on your skin. However, it doesn't hurt and doesn't seem to irritate my skin, so it seems a small price to pay for such a great life improvement.

Tips for Success With Klova Sleep Patches

Now, if the internet tells the truth, this doesn't work as well for everyone. However, there are a couple of tips and tricks I picked up that seemed to help.

1. Place the patch over areas with large blood vessels.

When applying the patch, place it over an area that has a lot of blood flow close to the surface of your skin, such as your ankle or wrist. For some reason, my ankle seemed to work better than other areas of my body. Applying the patch where those ingredients can't easily absorb through the skin and into your body can decrease its efficiency.

The patch is designed to slowly release the ingredients through the night, which is why it lasts eight hours when many other sleep aids only last two or three hours.

2. Apply the patch right before you go to sleep.

I found that the patches work best when you put them on immediately before you go to sleep—not a while beforehand. This one is more from personal experience than from reading reviews. I'm not sure what the science is behind it, but I've found I don't get as good a night's sleep if I stick it on an hour before I go to sleep rather than right before I crawl into bed.

3. Use them only when you need them.

I don't use them on weekends or any time I can do without a good night's sleep, mostly because I'm cheap and see no reason for wasting a patch on a night I don't need one. Also, because I'm still afraid I'll get used to them, and the miracle will be gone.

They have a subscription service that saves you the trouble of remembering when to reorder, or worse, running out and losing precious nights of sleep while you wait for them to come. If you don't want automatic reorders, consider getting Amazon Prime; you can get free two-day shipping that way.

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