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How Eye Exercises Improved My Vision

I have researched the best way to improve my vision and keep my eyes healthy. Good vision is too important not to take seriously.

I got extremely tired of wearing my eyeglasses all the time.

I got extremely tired of wearing my eyeglasses all the time.

I don't know about you, but I got extremely tired of wearing my eyeglasses all the time. I hate having to push them up after they slide down my nose, feeling the sweat run down my nose and having big dents on the edges of my nose.

I hated wearing them, but I had no choice when my eyesight started to fail me. The sad thing was that I couldn't pass the vision section of my driver's test, so off to the optometrist I went for the exam and fitting. Of course, it was really good to see clearly again, but I never really enjoyed having to wear them everywhere I went.

After a few years, I just got fed up and started to look for ways to improve my vision. I searched the internet for advice and found many sites that could help me out. I took a course and was shocked at how much improvement there was. I then created a daily schedule that I could follow to improve my eyesight. Since then I have seen improvement each year.

I am sharing the exercises that I use on a daily basis to help keep my eyes on the path to improvement. I hope this helps you too!

Do Eye Exercises Work?

I can say that they worked extremely well for me.

When I was 51 years old I noticed that everything was getting grainy and blurry. I had always had good eyesight, so this came as a big surprise to me. I put up with this for a while but finally had to break down and get eyeglasses. I hated wearing them all day because they would slip off my nose due to my sweaty nature and were a general pain to keep track of.

After a few years, I finally decided to take control and see if I could actually improve my eyesight through exercises. I researched the internet and found many types of movements to perform that were supposed to improve my vision.

After a month I noticed a difference and after three months I no longer needed to wear my glasses all day. I still had to wear them while driving, because it said so on my driver's license.

I am going to share my daily routine of exercises with you. I encourage you to follow these for a period of three months.

My Morning Routine

During my research, I discovered that your eye muscles are like any other muscle; they have to be exercised or they become stiff and lose flexibility. I also found out that you need to get the blood flowing into these muscles.

The only way to do this is to do some exercises that actually stretch the eye muscles and make them work a little. I start my morning with these few eye exercises to get the blood flowing and start some stretching. Here's my routine.

  1. Move the eyes from full left to full right while keeping the eyes level. I do this ten times.
  2. Move the eyes from looking straight down to straight up. Do this ten times
  3. Rotate the eyes from full right in a circle around, full up, full left, full down, and back to full right. Rotate fully ten times.
  4. Do number step number three in the opposite direction ten more times
  5. Move the eyes from full down left to full up right. Do this ten times and then do ten from full down right to full up left.

These few exercises will help stretch the muscles and get the blood flowing. If you notice some pain or discomfort, don't stretch so far or cut down on the number of times for each exercise. Your eye muscles are like any other muscle; when you first start stretching them they could hurt until warmed up.

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Here I am having fun without my glasses.

Here I am having fun without my glasses.

Why Will Eye Exercise Help?

Do you know what happens anytime you don't use your body's muscles for a long period of time? Weakness sets in, and they start to get smaller and lose their flexibility. It will happen to all muscles within the body, including the muscles that cause movement in the eyes.

We all know that muscles control our arms and legs, but have you ever thought that they also control your eyes?

Perhaps you work at a computer and stare at the screen throughout the day. This means that you don't move your eyes more than half an inch all day. Because of this, your eyes barely move and the muscles get weaker every single day. Your eye muscles lose their capability to move the eye and your vision starts to deteriorate. Things will become fuzzy and blurry, and you may feel pain when you make an effort to move your eyes.

Consistency Is Key

Doing some simple movements regularly may help you strengthen the muscles that control and move your eyes. If you start an exercise program, you can recover much of the strength and flexibility that you lost.

By doing some work and having persistence, I regained much of the eye muscle tone that I lost.

Fruits, vegetables and protein may help improve your vision.

Fruits, vegetables and protein may help improve your vision.

Food Can Make a Difference

Instead of eating foods that cause inflammation in your body and eye muscles, try these foods and see if you notice any change in your vision

Be mindful of how you're going to cook this food; I recommend avoiding deep-frying it or using lard.

Daily Strain Isn't Good for Your Eyes

The worst thing we can do to our eyes is straining them. Too much mental strain and focus can actually harm your eyesight and cause permanent damage.

Bad habits start in childhood, especially once school starts. Reading with poor lighting, poor diet, holding books too close, and constantly looking at small phone screens are all things that may lead to a decrease in vision. These bad habits carry over into adulthood and may cause damage to the eyes.

Final Tips

Here are the top things to remember.

  • Do eye exercises every day.
  • Relax your eyes during the day.
  • Eat inflammation-reducing foods.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day.

I am very happy to say that after 11 years of doing my eye exercises five days a week, my vision is better than ever. Yes, it is hard to believe, but I can see better now at age 76 than I could at age 68.

There is no doubt in my mind that these exercises have made a huge difference in my life. I watch TV at night and don't need to wear my glasses. I go to a movie, and I don't need to wear my glasses. Reading a book is a breeze. In fact, I have changed to the first pair of glasses I owned over 20 years ago. My vision keeps improving, simply because I do my exercises. I'm curious about how they work for you!

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