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A lot of my articles I write are about several different types of Health Issues. I guess I think it's my calling to help others.

Check out and get information on the signs, symptoms causes and treatment options of cervical cancer and HPV. Read cancer survivor stories, see pictures of HPV warts.

I write a lot of health issue stories, but I know more than most (unfortunately). I've been around the block a few times, and If I haven't, I was close to someone who has also had unfortunae health issues. I pride myself in helping raise awareness and I do my best to cover several health situations.

My goal on here is to enlighten you on situations that unfortunately, you may experience. I can try and give you a better persepctive in knowing you're not alone.

When you go through different problems in life, It seems as if you are fighting a battle no one else understands.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any of the issues I have written about. Everything I write, I have done or experienced.

Thank you for reading about me!