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I'm Tina and find myself in the midst of midlife (if I live to be 90 that is...and I plan on it). I also find myself wanting to write. Just short and sweet. My ideas on life and relationships come only from my experience and from all the wonderful people I meet in my travels through my work, my family and my friends who so graciously share with me.

My kids are incredible people who are quickly becoming young adults. What they have experienced in their lives far outshines anything I was doing at their age. I believe in encouraging them to walk outside their comfort zone and if needed to fail in the name of success. Even though they tend to roll their eyes at me, I continue to plug along and plant positive seeds that when the conditions are right will grow and give them the courage to follow their dreams.

While my marriage has dissolved, I still believe in Love and sharing a life with someone who wants life to be simple, but NOT less....To see life's endless possibilities and is not afraid to revel in them....and who is not afraid to Love loudly and deeply.

I hope that my hubs bring smiles to faces and positive seeds to the Universe.