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Trehanna Huff

Hello Everyone!

My name is Trehanna. I was born in Macon, GA on July 7th, 1989. I was born 2 months premature, and as a result I have Cerebral Palsy. Due to this fact; pen, paper, solitude, nature, oneness with God, and a world of endless possibilities flooding my thoughts have been life long companions. When you are different from what the world veiws as the norm, many times people tend to judge and shun away from you rather than appreciate diversity the beautiful and what makes you unique. Writing has always been my voice; especially when tones are robbed of the opportunity to flow from my lips.

I am a former recipent of the 12 kids who care award in 2007 for channel 12 news, a former recipent of the American Youth Character Award, and the Youth of the Year for all of Northeast Florida for Boys and Girls Clubs of America 2007. I attended Edward H. White High school, from which I also graduated in 2007. I went on to attend college at Oakwood University, and walked with the class of 2012 with a Batchelors degree in English/Professional writing. Although writing in general has always been a delight for me; poetic, creative, soulful works that encourage and inspire have always been my first choice. Technical writing has more structure, but when you are born to write no matter what the challenge an overflowing power conquers. I am happily married, and I currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama.