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Adrian Rolla

Hi there, welcome to my profile!

I am a former certified pharmacy technician who has always been enamored about anything pertaining to health. I have also attained certification as medical office assistant and have passed medical terminology tests with flying colors.

With a pen name as the "Health Nerd," you can tell that I am on a mission to discover fascinating facts about health and how our body works.

My fascination with everything "health" started when I developed some health issues and wanted to dig deeper. Being hypocondriac by nature, gaining a deep knowledge helped me feel better.

I often left the doctor's office with many questions. This led to many doubts and no sense of closure as to why I had symptoms and what was the root cause. This has led to deep research, diving into medical journals and reputable websites.

I am not a doctor or medical specialist by any means, I just thought about sharing my findings with others who either have health phobias or just want to dig deeper on certain subjects.

My medical terminology knowledge comes handy as I can dig into medical journals and explain the subject matter in layman terms. My articles are all fruit of my deep digging and are not to be used as replacements for professional medical advice.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find my articles helpful. Follow me if you want to stay up-to-date with my content.