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TheHealthGuy LM

Thanks for visiting, I am honored you stopped by my little "hub" corner and hope you find something of interest. Unfortunately most of my hubs are suffering from a "telaportation crisis." Their formatting seems to have been disturbed while being transferred from Squidoo.

I am trying to rectify the damage acquired during the move as you read this but some of the Hubs (what were lenses at Squidoo) are almost destroyed. Huge blocks of info are missing, especially the compiled research links that were on various lenses. Please know that, usually, my work, though not what I'd call "eye candy" doesn't look or read quite so awful. The good news is ...

If you want to learn more about me there's a "hub" for that. It is called "My Childhood Memories." It has not been reformatted as yet, so beware!

I have several interests that I may begin writing about. I like to write about health issues because ...

Good health is your most precious asset, cherish it. When you don't have good health you definitely wish you did. I wish you good health and happy days.

Again, thanks for stopping by!