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Tayler A Rich

I have been so blessed to get to spend parts of my life with my two beautiful children. My rainbow after the storm, Grayson James. And my angel in heaven, Mila Rose. As her mother it is my job to honor her memory, and keep her story alive. She lived her little life as my whole world, and it was tragically and suddenly cut short due to a rare type of bacterial meningitis. Hopefully, some of my writing can comfort others who are grieving and inspire other mamas. It has become a good outlet for me as a mom living without one of her children. Most recently I have begun hosting a podcast for mamas called Grace, Coffee, and Empty Cups it is currently streaming on Spotify-i Have provided the link. I release new episodes every Tuesday. My newest and most exciting venture has been writing a children's book for Rainbow babies like my Gray. With lots of prayer and luck I'm hoping it hits shelves in 2021 and provides a new way to honor our lost angels as well as guide our rainbows through the loss of a sibling they haven't met.