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Thanks for dropping by.. no one here is a stranger.. just a friend I haven't met yet! I have studied everything from Sociology, Spanish, to Literature and earned a BS in Pre Law.  I work in the fields of human services and as a paralegal. 

I am the mother of four children.

My interests range from poetry, literature, music, relationships, animals, animal rights, photography, sociology, psychology, parenting, Celtic and British Literature, Astrology, Fairies, and the Paranormal. I have a very warped sense of humor as you will see.

I love Hub pages because I enjoy being connected with others and humanity. I think we all have so much to share and teach eachother.


2012 Hubbie Award- 100 Items You Can Buy For/ With A Dollar

2011 Hub Nugget Winner for Toys, Games, and Hobbies:


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