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I am an anesthesiologist in Lake Tahoe, CA and work part-time (sometimes more part-time than others) at our hospital here and others in the area. I gave up full-time work after having my children and having several other life and health altering events.

I started writing to help explain confusing medical concepts to patients. As I spoke to more and more people, I realized that most doctors thought they did a good job explaining medical topics and most patients disagreed.

My initial ventures into writing for patients led to freelance opportunities including writing for other physicians' websites. I hope to add some of this type of information in the form of hubs, to provide good, expert-level medical information that can be trusted and understood.

Most importantly to me, I am a mother to two young boys. I love to do the "mommy thing" with school and extra-curricular events. My life is a never-ending battle of "finding balance" and feeling guilty about what I'm not doing at the moment. In fact, I had an article published in Physicians Practice Journal after winning first place in a contest writing about "Finding Balance".

And like many here in the mountains, my family and I enjoy playing at the Lake in the summer and wait for the snow to fall during our sunny Lake Tahoe winters so we can hit the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding definitely dominate life here in the winter.

I also realized that I really enjoy writing. So, I've started writing about whatever topics grab my attention at the moment.

I predominantly write on anesthesia and related subjects. I have a few hubs here about other topics. Rarely, a product seems worth writing about. For what it's worth, though, I never endorse anything here that I have not tried or bought myself.

I also consider myself a bit of an expert on ulcerative coliits. As a patient, and not a doctor, I have spent countless hours dealing with this illness. I was diagnosed with UC in 2003. Over the next years, I took every possible medication from the mild ones to prednisone to remicade infusions to suppress my immune system.

Finally, I made the decision to have surgery and had the J-pouch surgery done in 2 stage. My colon was removed (yep, the whole large intestine) and the small intestine reconstructed.

I feel very lucky to have been 'cured'. I also know what it's like to be a patient facing very scary and life-threatening illness and surgery. Despite some ongoing issues that limit me a bit, I feel very lucky overall.

I write from the perspective of both a doctor and a patient.

Feel free to follow along and if you have a medical topic you'd like to see covered, let me know and if I know enough about it, I'll see if I can write it!

Find me on Facebook too.

For professional services, you can contact me through my Linkedin account.



I had an article published in Physicians Practice Journal after winning first place in a contest writing about "Finding Balance".

My article "Common Anesthesia Side Effects" won a HubNuggets Award!

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