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Cristina Cakes

Hello there and welcome to my corner of Hubpages. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my experience. I have an extensive background that includes multiple college degrees in Art, Psychology and Health Informatics. I am currently certified in credit, housing and student loan counseling and work as a manager for a non profit financial counseling organization.I have work experience in many areas and plenty of personal experience I have learned from as well. I am a writer, writing has always been my passion. I am a survivor, I have survived cancer, abuse, and nightmares that most wouldn’t even imagine. I am an artist, loving and experimenting in all areas of art. I am a business professional, yes I have a full time job. I am a Girl Scout Leader, doing my best to help young girls realize their potential. Most of all, I am a mom. I am a real mom just doing the things that real moms do! I have two children that my universe revolves around. Moms know that motherhood is a mix of so many things. We are never just “Mom” but so very much more and I am hoping that through my writing I can help and entertain others with my experience and knowledge.