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Rose Kolowinski

Hello everyone! I have always loved to write. I have taken several week long workshops at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa. Probably some of you have heard of it. But I never seemed to have enough time to write.. until recently. I decided there was no time like the present so I started searching the internet and chose this site to start my journey. So we'll see where this takes me. I also enjoy photography, astronomy, gardening, reading and traveling. A person should never stop learning or reaching for those dreams. I'm reaching!

HubPages is a very easy site to use and I like the community here. There is always someone willing to answer any questions you may have or to offer encouragement and thoughtful comments on your hubs. If you like to write, why not join? It only takes minutes to sign up. Sign up now and enrich your life!

My photography may also be seen at RedGage. My user name there is rosekolowinski.