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Robert Webster

Robert Webster grew up in a simple town not too far from London, Britain, where he was ever the outcast. On moving to the capital for undergraduate study, he became known for his flamboyant behaviour (when slightly, ever so slightly, inebriated) and committed work ethic (when sober). He developed a passionate intrigue for history, politics and gender studies. Alongside this, skills were developed in customer service (through part-time work) and proficiencies in cooking and general gluttony (of a particular variety – he doesn’t like to share on a first meeting as it often concerns/puts others off).

Furthering his study, Webster moved to Nottingham, Britain, for a Masters in Research (American history). While there is no regret for such a decision (remember the passion?), he now realises following a career in accounting or law would have yielded a far higher income at the novice age of 25.

Anyway, a year swiftly passed. In a decision of shock to all that surrounded him, Webster moved to China (the stories are never ending; impeccable one may say), to be a teacher of sorts. He currently works (and has done for over two years) in an English training school as an English teacher and an English teacher trainer (don’t ask).

Ultimately, moving to China has resulted in Webster cohabiting with his long-term boyfriend (gender studies makes for a progressive mind, apparently), developing his knowledge of the aforementioned passion and finally, ever fuelling the greediness for food.