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My name is Gary.

I have been writing off and on for a few years now, and have enjoyed communicating with others who love to write and share their lives. I have written pieces as a "Ghost Writer", as well as have participated in online marketing, and online advertisement. Additionally, I have worked with some major Advertising Agencies in writing reviews, and product manuals.

I am a suffer of Complex PTSD, and TBI, from my adventures in the Military and my post Military life. I was writing in the HubPagets platform, a while ago; almost as a religious undertaking. However, somewhere along the way, I lost interest in writing of any sort and decided after being urged by my Doctors to try and restart. So, after a 9 year break, I am back again to begin again. Recently, I have reposted some of my PTSD articles that I wrote back when I was writing regularly.. You can possibly view them and other articles I have written in my archives. Please if you find one that is interesting, that I have not reposted, let me know and I will repost them as well. Otherwise, I am back to try again and to share some new materials on my adventures and progress. I am hopeful that you will find these new articles helpful, in understanding your friends and relatives who also might be suffering from PTSD, as well as find other materials.

I will state that I will be sharing some books and items, that are sold on Amazon, as an affiliat. In those instances, I will try to let you know that such and such links are going to take you to the Amazon site and to the product that I am sharing with you. I will try not to saturate the articles, with a bunch of stuff; but you can let me know if I do in one article or another, by the review or DM me. That way I can edit the article(s) appropriately, as needed.

I do want to thank you for visiting and hopefully sharing my articles, with frriends and relatives, who might find them helpful or informative for them.

Thank You,