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Regin St Cyr

An avid writer, no matter the time of day-

My passion for writing comes from darker days when I could not communicate verbally. Born with a cleft palate that was "fixed" with a substandard surgery, I would have to have three more operations before I could enjoy having a palate like everyone else. Each surgery set me back, having to relearn how to speak.

Writing came easy, the imagination part...I'll admit my grammar and punctuation made my hair stand on end when I came across my work in later years.

I joined Hubpages prematurely, a few years ago, with a poor grasp of what this website was all about. (Not to mention, my grammar was still pulling itself out of the depths of hell at the time.) I decided to return to Hubpages a little less than a year ago, and I have not regretted it for one minute.