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Rachael Lefler

Good work is made not for money or because of any external reward or validation, but because the voices told you to do it. Internal drive. I like looking for work that reflects the strong passion and internal drive of any creator, whether it be in music, art, or written storytelling.

I critique anime, games, movies, books, and more, getting to deeper levels of analysis and thought than many other critics.

I'm interested in anything that represents a change or a break from tradition in storytelling.

That could mean parodies/satire, trope subversions, and/or deconstructions. But basically, I'm interested in anything changing the game of storytelling for the time in which it was written/made.

I enjoy stories that pose philosophical, intellectual, or moral challenges to the audience.

My articles are on entertainment content that interests me, sparks my curiosity, or moves me emotionally. But I'm passionately curious about many topics. I'm also a writer and artist.

My LinkedIn is below if you're looking for an artist, designer, blogger, proofreader, copywriter, editor, ghost writer, or sensitivity reader. (Since I'm curious about a lot of topics, I've managed to educate myself about many things!)