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Patricia Scott

Welcome to my pages. A snapshot of who I am is...retired ....former teacher of 42 years....lived and learned for my first eighteen years in a small coastal town in Virginia. After I graduated from college my parents moved us to Florida and that is where I call home now and have many of my adult years. When I married I moved to Japan for four years and what an amazing experience that was.

You will read about much of my life's experiences here on HubPages. You will learn of: my love for reading and words and books from my earliest years.

You will read too of my love for my family and the journey we have taken and continue to take in search of answers for horrid diseases.

You will read some of my recipes that pplare favorites and maybe even try some of them.

Hopefully you will come back often so that we can become friends via this highway known as the internet.

Angels are on the way to you today will see that often if I come to your pages to read. These Angels are earthly Angels...those lovelies who come to listen and help and befriend you on a daily basis.....And then there are the Celestial Angels---the ones that are divine in nature and will bring you comfort and HOPE if you be still and listen and feel...they are there for sure.

Hoping to get to know you. We may find we have a lot in common.