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My name is Pam, and I work as an editor for an educational publishing company. Because editing is not always the most creative venture, I also write and blog. I blog about online dating at Online Dating for ASSes.

I love wit, puns, and satirical humor. I have a number of hubs about writing, and many that are an attempt at humor. Check out Best Lawn and Garden Practices If You Want to Annoy Your Obnoxious Neighbors.

I also like to research things and compile information for people. I've compiled a guide about becoming a published freelance writer at How to Get Published in a Magazine: A Step by Step Guide. I've also created a Starbucks Glossary and an eBay Encyclopedia.

I have a disorder called Trichotillomania. Fun! Never heard of it? Read about it at my hub! Trichotillomania Shame: The Secret Hair-Pulling Compulsion

Oh, and for all the moms out there... if you think your child's room is a mess, you've never seen mine: Why Teenage Girls Never Clean Their Rooms