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Niradhari Gambe

I am a self-taught Artist and Certified Yoga Instructor strategically breaking free from my Management Position (Boy, just writing that is a relief) so I can teach what I love full time. I live on beautiful Long Island in my petite apartment. When I'm not creating, I'm out on my Stand Up Paddleboard surfing the bay. I love our beaches here, the wineries on north fork, the trends happening on the south fork, and how easy it is for me to take the Long Island Rail Road to NYC. I love adventure! I also take advantage of visiting all the lovely cities and towns in the Northeast Region- thankfully my car is great on gas. Over the next two years, I am looking to expand my traveling radius to the entire country and world (hey no limits); exploring Yoga Studios and Ashrams while deepening my yoga practic. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

Being that I am a free-spirited young lady with an old soul, I am allowed to see that life is cyclical and the more knowledge I share the more I will receive in return. Since I came into this earth I have been sharing what I created and exploring new ways to go through life on this planet. My friends know me for my random art projects, experimental cooking, finding new healthier habits, refurbishing a thrift store find, developing a new chai blend, implementing new organization techniques, building on a fashion trend, testing new supplements, making salt scrub from scratch and… you get the picture. My girlfriends are always asking how I came up with these ideas or genuinely say my passion inspires them. Considering how common it is for me to share my endeavors with my immediate circle and I somehow turned into some kind of “Bohemian Renaissance Woman”, as I grow it only seems natural to open up to a broader audience. With that being said, I am very excited to be a part of the Hub community and hope to see you around again soon.

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