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Linda Rogers

I'm an identical twin and love every minute of it. My twin sister is my best friend and I can't imagine life without her. We both earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychological Services.

Laura and I grew up on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. We are the youngest of five children. We lost our mother when we were only nine years old and raised by our father after she passed away. Our deep connection is not only because we're twins, but losing a mother so young made us realize how blessed we were to have eachother.

I've had a passion for writing since I was a young girl writing in a diary or spiral notebook journal. It was a way for me to express my feelings and emotions in a positive way. My journal was an extension of myself and a place I found peace and solitude, especially when life was chaotic. I took a break from writing for several years until a cancer diagnosis stirred my soul... I could no longer ignore my old friend; my passion for writing. It's a blessing that I no longer get cramps in my hand writing with a pen. This new age of technology and online writing is a true blessing for a writer.

My hubs will be pretty diverse. I'll be writing articles about mental health because of my Psychology background. I'll also write about my experiences as an identical twin. These stories will range from funny to sad, and at times, downright mysterious. I also enjoy writing short- stories and different forms of poetry.

Thank You so much for stopping in and reading my profile.

Feel free to check out my blog. It's called "Twin-Cess Diaries..."