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Christine C

I am what you'd generally call a young professional, and for a while I was continuing full-speed down the career path of a successful Electrical Engineer at a major semiconductor company. Without any warning or say on my part whatsoever, God pointed out to me that I'd been barreling through life without stopping to really smell all the roses He'd put in my path.

So now I am voluntarily unemployed and blessed to have a husband who is allowing me to explore what my original passions were in life. I am partaking in an experiment to volunteer with different organizations, learn hobbies I'd never considered before, and do the things I loved to do as a kid before I started living the life everyone else wanted me to live in the hopes that I can begin living the life I was always meant to live.

I began HubPages to document my experiences and lessons with the things I've learned and places I've been and to hopefully make money online as part of an experiment I am doing for charity.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a great place to write and be encouraged by a welcoming community to join HubPages and start writing!