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MaryBeth Walz

I grew up and still live in Maine with my husband and 2 daughters (19 and 25). I've been writing since Jr. High.

I was really lucky to spend some summers with my Aunt and Uncle outside of Paris and and travel with them to Paris, Corsica, Italy and Greece.

The year after college I traveled by train around Europe with my friend and backpack. After 2 months, she left and I stayed for the rest of that year.

Much of my writing is about those trips.

I write a lot about an old house my parents owned, we called it "the farm". There was no running water or furnace in the winters!

I also have a website, ParisMadeSimple, a Facebook page, and my own blog ZutAlors! since I love France and especially Paris!

I love topics about health and the hub I'm most proud of is about a rare and difficult to diagnose syndrome that I have.