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Mary Hyatt

I grew up in rural South Carolina where I was blessed with parents who taught me hard work, good morals and the Golden Rule. I now live in beautiful S. Florida where I enjoy getting outside to work in my garden. I grow beautiful roses and orchids and I have written articles about them.

I like to learn new and challenging things. I am very creative. I enjoy painting in all different mediums, sewing, all crafts, gardening, playing the piano, and time with my family.

I have a very spoiled and delightful Miniature Schnauzer, named Baby. I have written several articles about her. Baby recently became blind because of Glaucoma, so I spend a lot of time with her trying to help her deal with her dark world.

I was honored to have one of my Hubs awarded Hub Of The Day in April, 2012.

I have spent time in Puerto Rico, and have written several Hubs about that Enchanted Island:

I have a degree in Medical Technology, and have had licenses in Real Estate and Insurance;