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C L Grant

C. L. Grant lives in the United Kingdom, along with her 3 cats.

She has published several short relationship books on Amazon Kindle, which include: 30 Day No Contact Rule, The Reality of Being the Other Woman, Ex Addict, Letting Go of Breakups and Is He Cheating on You?

As individuals, she believes that one of our biggest failures is that we frequently do not acknowledge how much control we have over our own lives, feelings and destiny. It is often far easier to blame others for our unhappiness, than it is to accept responsibility for it. Maintaining the status quo is simply following the path of least resistance. Taking action and holding ourselves accountable for our lives, is the only way to achieve true fulfilment.

The author has had the good fortune not to lead a perfect life, and has made plenty of mistakes along the way. It is these life experiences that she shares with you, as open and as honestly as possible.

Knowing that she has helped someone gain an insight into their problems and hopefully a path to a solution, is what gives her the most pleasure out of writing.

"What you make of yourself and your future is entirely up to you!"