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Marcy Bialeschki

It is not until recently that I have started to consider myself in ways outside of the obvious: wife, mother, teacher, school counselor. Currently, as a school counselor, I am still providing support to my teachers and my students. However, I find I have an excess of free time as well. It was about week-3 of self-isolation that I began seeing myself doing my passion -- writing.

I have always wanted to have a blog, but I didn't have the time. I also didn't have all the software to make it look professional, so it never happened. Then I found HubPages. I love the supportive community of writers, and I love that I can type in my information and upload my images, and HubPages makes it look gorgeous. So, for that, I am grateful to now add writer to my list of identifications.

Marcy lives in central Illinois with her husband, Vince, and is the proud mom of two adult daughters. She loves traveling, target shooting, spending time with her fur babies, and writing.