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Elysia Valdivia

Elysia Valdivia lives in West Texas. Yoga is her passion and she enjoys camping under the stars.

Elysia is an efficacious Yoga Instructor and Online Business Manager.

As a recovering addict/alcoholic, Elysia lives by the principles of the 12 Steps. Having turned her will over to a Higher Power, made a thorough & fearless inventory, and made personal & living amends. Elysia has renewed and reconciled many of her most important relationships. She continues to share her experience, strength and hope with others.

"Comments are welcome. I love discussions. Feel free to be real with me. I don't think I know it all and I love a good challenge of thought." - Elysia

I make the commitment to Kindly, Gently, Lovingly and Supportively maintain inner-peace. - EV