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Leah Lefler

+Leah Lefler lives in Western New York, but was born in the warm and wonderful Newport Beach, California. Graduating from the University of California, Irvine in 1999 with a biology degree, she obtained a position as a manufacturing chemist with a biotechnology company in Ventura, California.

Outsourcing of the company led to an adventurous year in Ireland, transferring the technology to the new manufacturing site. Following this contracted year abroad, Leah and her husband transferred to the company's Western New York site.

After having two sons in the space of two years, Leah took a temporary hiatus from work to stay at home and put her energies into teaching both boys how to listen and speak. Matthew, born in 2005, had a severe speech delay and had only 2 words at the age of two-and-a-half. Nolan, born in 2007, has a severe-profound hearing loss and hears with a cochlear implant.

After pursuing intensive years of speech and auditory therapy, both boys have above-average speech and language skills.

Leah now writes freelance articles from home, in addition to working in the product development department at a small in vitro diagnostic biotechnology company.

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