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Kyler J Falk

Kyler J. Falk is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a myriad of topics ranging from the inconsequential playing of video games to the hard-hitting pieces of politics and social issues. There isn't a time in Kyler's life when he wanted to be doing anything except for writing, but that didn't stop the world from trying to keep him away from it. Equal to the world in its attempts to keep him away from his desires, was his fiery passion pushing him back toward the pen.

When Kyler isn't writing he is playing, "Mr. Mom," to his wonderful son Lucien and doing all sorts of outdoor activities. He feels most at home in a mountain forest, or on a sunny beach in Southern California charging the surf. If you can compete in it, there is a good chance that Kyler has a story to tell about it.

Growing up, Kyler was abused severely by his family and friends; this led to the development of multiple disorders. As such, Kyler prefers to take a fair and impartial approach to most of the subjects he writes about, often opting to take the perspective of others over offering his own take on a topic. He lives by what he preaches, and believes love and acceptance are the way to a brighter future.

Kyler aspires to publish a graphic novel series in a fantasy universe of his own creation. Using content such as "Mass Effect" and "Warhammer 40,000" as a way to inspire his own creations, he is quickly seeing his work come together in a way that promises untold fame and wealth. Fame and wealth are the least of his concerns, however, as he just wants a universe to immerse in where everyone gets to control their stories.

Looking at the world, Kyler wants to know if you'll be joining him on his way to success, or if you would rather watch from the nose-bleeds? Either way, he says he loves you and accepts your choices!