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I'm just an eclectic hippie child from the 70s who loves her family of four kids and 22 grandkids. Yes! it's a ready-made party with never ending journeys that are creating my legacy and golden memories to cherish.

Music is one of my biggest passions since I've been singing since I was inside my mother's womb. It blesses me to see my tribe following in those footsteps beyond my humble abilities. All of my children love music, with three out of four playing instruments and the other one loves dancing. Most of my grandchildren are learning instruments and several sing as well!

My oldest son is a prodigy musician in a band called "Horace Pickett" located in Seattle. It's happy folk type music that is easy on your mind.

Arts fascinate me and draw my ENFP personality to new dimesions every day. I am drawn to write about life and anything that may help my fellow humans.

Because of a ruptured disc and fibromyalgia I had to quit physical labor and found an online outlet for my writing passions at the start of 2009.

I also have my own blog that covers my journey of steroid cream withdrawal due to using steroids for eczema which became iatrogenic (drug induced) steroid induced disease.

I take a great amount of time to research my articles and try to follow the "Golden Rule" that my precious mother did her best to follow and instilled in me. "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You."

Peace in to all of you fellow hubbers! ~Joey~