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Jordan Mullins

Hi! My name is Jordan Rae Mullins (But you can just call me Jordan).

After four years of college and a degree in Psychology, I have discovered that my passions are people and words. I am an avid believer in the power of vulnerability and sharing, even when it's super uncomfortable. I adore pretty much anything to do with Disney, I wear my hair in a messy bun 99.9% of the time, and I like to think I'm a pretty relatable human.

I'm also a newlywed! (The real surprise is me not misspelling that.) Alongside my husband, Nathan Mullins, I am pursuing a ministry internship at Virginia Tech with the organization Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. This is a pretty big stretch for us, as this is a position that relies solely on fundraising, rather than a paid salary. The "next" portion of our career path is still uncertain, though we hope to have a better idea of where we're going in the next month!

Through all my in-person work with the ministry and here in the beautiful depths of the online world, I seek to speak life into women especially, in the hopes that they'll begin to see life as the bountiful, beautiful gift it has every possibility of becoming.