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I give my life over to creating freedom and abundance for all. In doing so, I find I get to live in freedom and abundance every day.

Inspire Publishing exists to make information available which will help people to find their own freedom and abundance - mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and financial.

I have a blog for parents who want to raise their children with an experience of freedom around money. Of course, some of the things we discuss there can be applied to all areas of life! I have posted articles to several major article directories, including and

Recently, by popular demand, we have started a website - - to help newcomers to making money online, by filling in some of the "missing pieces" that stop people from making progress - internet basics, what is wrong with the internet marketing industry, how people make money on the internet, including lots of videos and how-to articles.

I have Hub groups on Kids Money, the Goddess, Mind Power, Marketing, Religion, and (very bravely, I think) my Original Poetry.