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Jo Anne Meekins

I am an Empowerment Publisher, Inspirational Author, Coach, and Messenger of Light and Love. My ideal client is the technology-challenged entrepreneur who desires to professionalize their online image and increase visibility, credibility, income, and influence.

I have self-published 7 of my 8 books, and provide web design, social media, and publishing services for others. For more information, visit me at

My Mission is to Empower Women to speak their truth out loud, value themselves, and BE victorious over unfavorable circumstances and situations; Assist aspiring Authors in publishing projects in excellence; and Support Entrepreneurs in creating products, documents, and promotional materials to enhance their services.

In addition, I love to praise and worship through song and dance because it nourishes my soul, stirs the joy in my heart, intimately ushers me into the presence of God, and victoriously combats spiritual warfare on my behalf.

The following quote that I once heard stated by Matt Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), "Our destinies don't come to us, they come through us," resonates true in my spirit. The essence of that broadcast and other Godsent messages culminated and implored me to decree and declare on President's Day weekend of February 14, 2009, the birth of Inspired 4 U Ministries.

I set the intention to be an inspirational presence on and the world at large, ministering healing, hope, encouragement, life, love and all that God would have me to share with the visitors, registered users, and authors of this site and beyond.

Be blessed and inspired by my poetic prayer for you:

Father, I pray for all who read my page to come to know you in more intimate ways. To be encouraged and strengthened through the experiences I share. To receive inner peace, releasing any fears. Minister to the concerns and the desires of their hearts. Reassure them that You will never leave nor depart.

Thank you: for healed bodies, minds, spirits, and souls; for returning the lost strays back into Your loving fold; for restoring communion with You and all others in our lives; for increased harmony and well-being in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.