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Peter Messerschmidt

I've been a writer since I was quite small. These days, I mostly write about my life as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), and about self development, consciousness and psychology. Among other things, I write for OM Times magazine; I also keep several blogs and web sites.

I have many other articles on this web site, written under the alias "Denmarkguy." I also write about stamp collecting, and beach combing. And sometimes I even write about writing, and being a writer.

Every week, I work as a studio and production assistant at Radio Nahmaste-- a weekly radio show exploring the "fuzzy fringes" of enlightenment, self-actualization and the "New Age" field-- and I keep a related blog under the pen name "Zen Master Ted."

This particular collection of articles came about as a result of the 2014 merger between content sites Squidoo (now defunct) and HubPages. I wish we could "trade articles" between our HubPages accounts... so I could have a "psychology and self-help" site, and a "hobbies" site. But so it goes... "You can't always have what you want..."