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Eric Dunbar

Hello, my name is Eric Dunbar. I am passionate about faith, and what it means to have faith in God. My story is not unique, but it is inspiring. I have been a professor of faith for most of my life. Before you inquire about my credentials, let me explain. I don’t mean professor as in “teacher,” but professor as in “squatter.” I have experienced both the joys and pain associated with life. The joy of life has kept me content, while the pain has made me wiser. I have overcome obstacles that appeared as mountains. One such obstacle was a twelve-year crack cocaine addiction. Those were the darkest years of my life. I felt like I was in a storm I thought would never end. In 1993, I was delivered from my obsession with crack cocaine by the power of God.

I am the founder of Believing Faith Blog and the author of the book "Believing Faith Speaks." is my Online Ministry, through which I take the opportunity to spread the good news of the Gospel of Christ. It gives me great pleasure to help other believers to activate, feed, exercise, and speak faith because 2 Corinthians 4:13 says, "believing faith speaks."