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Eric Dunbar

Eric Dunbar was born in New orleans, LA on October 10, 1951. At the early age of five Dunbar began playing the piano. His music skills developed quickly and by the time he was eight years old, Eric was playing piano and organ for local churches in the New Orleans vicinity.

Dunbar's career as a church musician lasted until he was nineteen. Eric's desire was to one day play in a R&B Band, so he traded his church musician career for a career traveling on the road playing keyboards with the City News Band. Dunbar played with such R&B greats as Joe Simon, King Floyd and Jean Knight.

Dunbar's life was filled with both joy and pain. Dunbar says the joys of life has kept him content, while the pain has made him all the wiser. "I have overcome obstacles that at times appeared as mountains," said Eric. "One such obstacle was a twelve-year addiction to crack cocaine. Those were the darkest years of my life, it was a storm that I thought would never pass. That was almost two decades ago, and still I press forward."

Dunbar said It was his addiction to crack cocaine that inspired him to become an author. Immediately after escapping his addictive behavior he began writing the chronicles of his life as an addict. "At the time it was the only thing I could do to guarantee myself that I would not once again become entrapped in my old addictive state of mind." Those notes later became Eric's first published eBook, "THE FACE OF A DEMON".

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, Dunbar said it was as if the world ended. He lost all of his possessions in the fowl floodwaters of Katrina. Dunbar and his wife Dorth spent five terror filled days matooned in New Orleans before they were finally rescued and airlifted to safety by the U.S. Army.

Dunbar is a professional blogger and is the editor of X-JOURNAL Blog. Visit Eric's personal website,