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Emerald Fox

I’m a writer and full time substitute teacher. I earned my BA in creative writing at Madonna University and have done TA work at schools in both the U.S. and China. My writing often leads to dark, romantic undertones, strong feeling, and powerful wit. I favor the use of writing to reflect my thoughts on everyday life, people and travel. After being an English teacher in China for five months, and a few fall outs with the principal later, I came back to my hometown in Michigan to be with family. Later that same year, I grew restless once more, and took another leap of faith, applying to the NYU Master program for TESOL teaching. Although I did not complete the degree I stayed in NYC for five years, and my experiences there greatly impacted my work. I began to favor more of a casual style that reflected on the people and events I saw, and used it to make sense of things that kept me awake at night. I think of writing in more of a practical sense, as an evolution of thoughts and ideas that are constantly changing in this world. The art has taken a strong claim over past trauma, and major role in my personal life. It’s both a huge form of therapy for me but also my strongest mode of communication.