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Ellison Hartley

Hi there ! I'm a 33 year old horse lover. I'm dedicated to my family farm and the farm lifestyle. I was raised on a produce farm , which later transitioned to horses to fit in with our changing community. I think everyone needs to know the importance of preserving farmland.

My profession is a horse trainer and riding instructor. We also run a summer camp program as well, so I enjoy working with kids and giving them a safe introduction to horses.

I have had many different experiences in different aspects of the horse world and love to share stories and advice.

In addition , we run a petting zoo, do pony parties and pony rides ! We have all kinds of animals on our farm, and I look forward to sharing about all of them.

I believe that farm life is the best life ! and though I'm surrounded by suburbia , I'm determined to preserve what is left of our family farm.