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Elizandra Nara

My name is Elizandra Nara, and I am a writer. I strive to create articles that will inform my readers and maybe even help them understand something they didn't quite understand before. Most of my articles will be about things that I have encountered in my real life, and I will do extensive research before posting anything. Keep in mind, however, that some of my articles will have my opinions along with some solid facts. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, so it's okay if you disagree with me.

Now, a little bit about me. My name is Eliza and I am a young woman trying to find her way in this big world. I enjoy writing very much, and hope to become a published author. In my free time I enjoy drawing, reading, or maybe just watching TV. I tend to be lazy, but I am working on that trait. I have two cats, and three dogs. I live at home with my family. I am not an outdoor person, but I do enjoy nature from time to time. I love to take photos and edit them myself. I also love to sing and dance, but I am horrible at both. I can cook, but I prefer to bake.

I am always open to questions or constructive critisism. I hope my articles can help people and entertain them as well. I currently have no theme for my articles, and will be writing whatever peaks my interest. I like doing research, and when I really like a topic I will go all out to learn everything I can about it.

I hope you enjoy my articles and learn something new from them!