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Edna Straney

I own a security guard company.I have been involved with Bay Ridge Security Service, Inc. since my father founded it in 1973. In the early days, I answered phones, assisted with scheduling and customer relations, and occasionally worked as a guard. As the business grew, so did my involvement in various aspects of it. I assisted with payroll, billing, records maintenance and general office duties.
Returning to the business in 1995, I was initially involved in dispatching and supervision of guards in the field, as well as schedule maintenance, payroll and billing. My duties evolved to include office management, financial administration, policy-making and human resources our desire is to help all the employees by helping them reach their maximum potential. We are flexible to family and schooling. We always promote from within.. Today I am involved in day-to-day operations as well as all aspects of executive planning and administration. I have several interests. Writing is one of them. I also collect dolls, garden and have pets.