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Nicole Forman

I am a thirty six year old female from just outside London, in the South East of England and a parent to two young children. I've always had a reasonably good job in the West End of London for financial insitutions, but since having children, decided to leave it all behind and concentrate my efforts on my children...which is easier said than done!

I've always loved reading, writing and photography, and have through the years kept diaries and took extensive photos. I enjoy writing down random thoughts and experiences in the hope that one day they may provide fodder for entertainment...I stumbled across HubPages and to my delight have found a platform on which to air random thoughts and insights from my life in the hope that they may provide entertainment to others...perhaps they do, perhaps not, but in any case, it's a good vent for me!

Please, I would love your thoughts and criticisms on my writing!

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